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August 12, 2017 18:06

The increase in usable space due to the basement in a private house with his own hands

The increase in usable space due to the basement in a private house with his own hands

Previously, no one even thought to use a basement in a private house, made with his own hands as living quarters.

However, due to the emergence of a variety of materials, this possibility began to consider and implement.

Just the owners of private buildings tend to increase the useful area of ​​the dwelling.

Generally cellar in the country can be used in many ways, despite what the purpose set itself the owner.Fitted under the floor is unlikely to be empty.

By appointment distinguish the following types of basement:

  • cellar for storage of vegetables, pieces, fruit.Almost all owners of private homes have gardens, where vegetables are planted in the ridge.Therefore, you can make a basement cellar to store the annual harvest;
  • basement as a workshop.There's a working place furniture and installed shelves for tools;
  • basement with spare rooms.Usually at the bottom of the house make a small bar for relaxing or comfortable seating.But there is no restriction, can be arranged in the basement and a bedroom;
  • basement with garage.If the house territory is small, it is a wise decision.In the basement, you can leave personal vehicles and spare parts to it;
  • Basement with a swimming pool or sauna.If the right to draft and build a room of bath procedures, it will be a favorite place of rest;
  • cellar under the boiler or other communications.


  • instructions on the construction of the basement
  • platform construction durable watertight walls
  • floor device
  • Creating ventilation
  • Insulation of basement rooms

instructions on the construction of the basement platform

the planned construction of the basement under thehome, be sure to make him drawings.Introduction of key points on paper can help you make the correct calculations.

is important to build on the depth of freezing ground, and take into account the impact of groundwater.They can gradually destroy the basement, and thus make it worthless.

Laying the foundation, no matter what is a cellar in the country - for the storage of vegetables or parking in the garage, it must be carried out correctly.

Drawing at home with basement

1 - foundation;2 - basement floor;3 - waterproofing;4 - basement walls;5 - blind area;6 - the exterior walls;7 - internal walls;8 - intercommunication overlap;9 - septum;10 - stairs;11 - the rafters;12 - roofing;13 - attic floor

Naturally, the construction of the basement foundation requires a moat.The pit should be dug to a depth of one and a half or two meters.

his wall desirable ram, lest the land went down.At the base of the pit is put layers of gravel and sand, which need to be compressed.

certainly need the design of specific formation for the construction of foundation.Firstly, the necessary waterproofing of home platform.

She does not admit that the ground water leaked inside the house, in the basement.waterproof cushion includes compact 10-centimeter layer of gravel.

If groundwater flow close to the surface, the top layer of gravel is poured clay.After that, pour the hot bitumen layer.

per square meter takes 5 kg of bitumen.With this cushion groundwater will not spoil the structure of the house.

If you plan to house the formation of the foundation of reinforced concrete, it is necessary to make the casing of the boards.

When the platform of the concrete hardens, it is covered with roofing material.Along the edges of the basement should be done allowances of 10 cm.

How to cellar in the country, prompt drawings.


construction durable watertight walls

Then you can proceed to the construction of walls made of bricks.They are building one brick thick.

Building basement obliged to plaster the walls with cement composition, process mastic asphalt and paste 3-4 layers of roofing material.

outer layer of the walls and sinuses, built of red brick, not coated with sand and clay.The first material does not prevent the penetration of water through the surface of the brick.

And the exterior walls of the basement to protect from moisture.

most common methods to prevent, to the cellar is not leaked closely spaced groundwater - is:

  • painted waterproofing;
  • lining hydraulic seals.

In the first method, you will need a primer, which is a mixture of bitumen and gasoline brewed.

This waterproofing material is sold in stores, it is not necessary to specially produce.He smeared face on the wall from the bottom to the blind area in a refrigerated state.

Priming is performed by two different methods:

  • On the front side of the ready-made blocks of brick primer can be applied by spray.It allows you to deal more quickly and ensures excellent results.If available only brush the wall coated with the solution twice;The walls are covered
  • primer before installing them in the intended place.solution Painted brick walls is lowered into the pit by crane.Units connect concrete solution to the proportions of cement and sand 1 to 4. The grooves between the blocks are aligned, and after complete drying of the primer coated.

easily count the latter method because the process of brick blocks on the site, that is, the depth of the pit dug, not so comfortable.

Lower brick layer, which is at the top of the foundation, too, must be protected from water.Therefore, under the bottom of the first row of masonry roofing underlay should be better, if the two layers.


units are attached to the insulating material of the foundation grout.The groove between the masonry and brick platform should also be treated with a primer.

Raising the cellar with their hands, you can make the walls lining hydraulic seals.The protective material is not only roofing material, but also Brizol and Akvaizol.

Suitable ordinary cement plaster.

floor device

If the floor construction to begin in the basement after the construction of the wall, then fill the air cushion is made of concrete.formwork construction is not required.

first examine the soil and the depth of the ditch, if insufficient, excess layer of soil is removed.

Further work is to carry out waterproofing the floor from getting close to him located the underground water.

Cellar under part of the house

elementary way to avoid that penetrate into the ground water - use a special thick film, sold in DIY stores.

This substance has a unique strength, its properties do not deteriorate for many years.

In a private house or a country house is always required for a thorough floor insulation.

thermal insulation layer comprises extruded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene and other materials.Plates of these matters on the trail itself film.

To produce insulation of the foundation correctly, you need to put a layer of insulation with a thickness of 5 cm. So the heat will be stored in a private home is much better.

Then again, you need to cover the floor waterproofing layer.Then put down the reinforced frame.The required grid thickness - 3 mm.

The device in the home cellar

last thing you want to do for the insulation of the foundation in the country -. Pour the concrete floor, and the height of its layer should be 10 cm

After hardening of the concrete surface are transferred to the interior decoration of the floor, ie the trail ceramics or floorboards.

Creating ventilation

to the country, which became the basement garage or bath, was comfortable atmosphere and was carried out ventilation, make the ventilation system.

This is especially important in the garage when it is required to eliminate the odors of gasoline or engine oil, which can climb into the house.


A staging under the floor at the cottage in the sauna or swimming pool, ventilation can be achieved drying wet rooms.

most common type of ventilation to the basement with a garage or cellar for storage of products from the garden - supply and exhaust.It creates a natural flow of air masses.

ventilation to work properly, it must consist of a tube through which air enters from the outside, and extracts, through which air is drawn from the room.

first in a garage or other indoor basement mounted chimney.It is fastened to the ceiling and is expelled through the roof.When the bottom of the fireplace there is a channel, the hood can be put near it.

This will only increase the possibility of ventilation in the basement of the cottage.Better to chimney towered over all the buildings located next to the garage or sauna at the cottage.

And inflow pipe made to establish in the other side of the basement, which is opposite the wall with hatch.It is mounted at the level of half a meter from the floor.Ventilation tube in the garage is also cleaned up - on the roof.


Insulation of basement rooms

clear that the basement is the coldest place in the house.

When it was a garage, and it is planned to leave the car in the winter, it was not necessary for a long time to warm up the engine, it is necessary to insulate the floor and the ceiling.

Maybe there was a need not in the garage and room for food storage.

Then place the bottom of the home needs more insulation to vegetables and other food is not chilled in the cold and covered with mold from condensation in the hot season.

On the basement floor, as mentioned above, when the putty dries, for waterproofing, lay sheets of polystyrene glued on resinous or solid bitumen.On this layer trail asbestos boards.


At the top of the basement, that is, on the ceiling in the garage is attached, using the liquid nails or adhesives, also layers of expanded polystyrene.

instead allowed to use mineral wool, it is mounted in a crate made of wood and metal profiles.

for insulation of the ceiling above the garage suitable foam.It is simply glued to the top by means of an adhesive.

Procedure, which are guided by thinking how to build a basement, is fully described.

It remained for the small - to issue internal decoration of the basement, which is dominated by only one owner of the house.


What would not want the owners of cottages - down to the bar or spend time in the cozy living room with upholstered furniture, basement finishing dependsonly on their preferences.

In any case it is very popular to make out the lower space in the form of brickwork, often in the interior of the added elements of the old and aged furniture and accessories.

With the main part of the house the basement stairs and connect convenient hatch.