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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hoods for painting tanks

Hoods for painting tanks

What are and for what purpose are used for coloring the camera, what are drawing for painting tanks, and their right to choose - everything and more will be discussed in this publication.


  • What painting chamber and what is it for?
  • How to choose the hood - one or two-engine?
    • single-engine twin-engine
  • So what do you choose?

What painting chamber and what is it for?

car Painting - a procedure quite in demand today, which, in order to prevent the poisoning of workers paints, must be carried out in accordance with a wide range of different limitations and subtleties.

So, for example, in this case, the appropriate use of a special room equipped in such a way so as to ensure the safety of the painters work.

clear that to create such conditions, that is, to organize drying chambers of painting, without sufficiently capacious investment does not work, but because the safety and quality of the final work - above all!


Traditionally spray chamber understand indoors, which is made of any durable material - stainless steel, galvanized iron, etc.

In addition, it is important that in order to have multiple security mentioned above, this room was equipped with a ventilation system.

How to choose the hood - one or two-engine?

If you decide to buy a painting booth, it is on the hood of this design should pay priority attention.

There can not hurt to clarify that the drawing for painting tanks are divided into single-engine and twin-engine.


In this case, the injected air will penetrate into the chamber from above.Thus, the chamber pressure will be created, so that the mist of paint will settle down.

the bottom of this type of cameras come equipped with outlet port through which the most "colorful fog" will be removed.


principle of operation of such cameras is similar to the principle of the single-engine designs, but only then the engine will be not only the top but at the bottom, thus contributing to the most rapid removal of harmful particles from the mist of paint.

So what do you choose?

Both types of ventilation systems for painting tanks have their own advantages and disadvantages.Given this, the choice may be somewhat difficult.

To facilitate it, not immediately decide on the amount of work that you are planning to make in the chamber, ie, take into account the total expected car traffic.


will be painting the various machines and very often?Suitable only camera with a twin-engine ventilation.But for a rare painting and single-engined counterpart will be enough.