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August 12, 2017 18:06

Varieties and features brickwork clinker

Varieties and features brickwork clinker

Laying clinker requires stringent mortars, which are made with a small amount of water and have low mobility.

clinker manufacturing technology includes the addition of the raw materials (highly plastic clay refractory) metal oxide and kaolin minerals.

Due to these components in the clinker production process endowed with more strength and beautiful shades.

In addition, in the production of clinker product gets two working parties, one of which is smooth, and the second - has a rough texture.

Which one to use in the process of laying as the front, the owner decides.Each party has the aesthetic appearance and can be used for the decoration of all surfaces.

For the production of clinker products clay comes from neighboring countries, which affects the final cost of the product.

But the high quality and variety of the possibility of applying a finishing material in construction to justify all costs.

Thanks to its versatile features, masonry with clinker can decorate the facades, as well as roads and sidewalks.

Varieties and features brickwork clinker

Universal characteristics allow the use of clinker brick construction product for the cladding of buildings of various types and purposes.

In the process of using a variety of clinker produced in the form of light tiles, which gives the facade of respectability.

Laying clinker is made by applying a thin layer of the viscous solution to the surface finishing products, with subsequent pressing of the working surface of the facade, or directly to the thermal insulation.

Designated use of clinker

Prior to finishing work is carried out cleaning the surface of the carrier, it is removed from all the major foreign particles.

Calculating the number of building material is performed based on the size of the working area of ​​the facade, dividing the available number on the unit tile.

The calculation takes a greater number, as in the process of possible deformation elements.

addition to facades, clinker product can be used as road paving and building material.

For the blind area of ​​sidewalks and roads, laying produce technical clinker.At the same time there are differences clinker masonry to the carriageway and the pedestrian area.

In the first case it is necessary to put a brick on an edge that will increase the load on 1 m2 of road surface and ensure a long service life.

In the second case, clinker masonry perform a wide part up.

When qualitatively laid ground surface adequately withstand the load capacity and thus fulfills its purpose of long period of time.

Before its installation the ground is cleared of debris and compacted, the base of the future mall is filled with gravel.If

ground work area loose, his spiked soil to a certain height and carefully tamped.


With the high level of ground water and the high soil moisture is recommended construction of the drainage system.

By stormwater drainage would not be suitable to the foundation, which can cause subsidence and deformation of the surface of the base.

Exactly implement masonry paving clinker allows pre-made layout with a special cord.

optimum size of the butt joint between the bricks should not exceed 3 mm.

At the final stage of paving clinker masonry fill the seams as a placeholder using the same material as that of soil compaction.

addition to the above paving and facade clinker products, there are varieties of material, is highly resistant to moisture and the ability to withstand adverse environmental effects.

manufacture of this type of technology involves the use of clinker in the production of high temperatures, about 14500.

These products allow to simulate a brick masonry, and not inferior to it in strength.

Our technology masonry brick walls differs from the process, spread and implemented in the European construction.

First of all, thermal insulation of walls is done in an environmentally sound material, in which can be used as mineral wool.

masonry facade

mineral wool is fixed to the support base by means of metal pins or plastic bindings, and then you can put the clinker.

Avoid condensation allows laying the waterproofing layer, which fits with the distance of 50 cm from ground level.

add the above information will allow thematic video section.

Laying pavement clinker bricks with their hands

deciding to put their own clinker, is familiar with all the nuances of its styling, beginning with the preparatory work, the preparation of mortar, brick masonry and finishing and rubbing seams renovated facades.


More details about these stages of work, tells the proposed Article themed video story.We also consider how their own hands to perform masonry paving bricks.

to work need the following set of tools and materials:

  • rubber hammer and trowel;
  • rake and shovel bayonet;
  • masonry mixture borders;
  • mixture of sand and gravel;
  • clinker.


step instructions for laying paving clinker:

  1. Before laying a trail of clinker, is necessary to prepare the ground.Apply markup and remove the top layer of soil.Removed turf and other materials that may prevent high-quality masonry;
  2. beacons are installed, then create a drainage layer.As it uses an intimate mixture of gravel and sand;
  3. sand-gravel mixture is poured water, and then well-tamped with the help of available funds.Its use will prevent shrinkage of paving bricks;
  4. Mount curbs.Mortar mixture is applied with a trowel to one side of the clinker, after which the products are placed alternately, tightly connected to each other.To facilitate the process of laying can with a rubber hammer.The gaps are filled with sand;
  5. Using cord, perform layout, which will provide future horizontal masonry.Small gaps between the bricks must be carefully.Bricks inciting each other with a rubber mallet;
  6. Once the entire surface is laid out, you must go to the process of grouting.Butt joints between clinker bricks are filled with fine sand, which is easy to wake up in the gap and seal the space;
  7. Finish the surface several times held tamping device, tamping procedure should last as long as the pavement does not seem dense and perfectly flat.

Clinker products are rectangular in shape, but this fact is not an obstacle for arranging pavements with the original view.

track surface can decorate intricate ornaments and simple decorative patterns in the form of dressings "herringbone" or "parquet".