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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of electromechanical lock for wicket

Installation of electromechanical lock for wicket

Electromechanical lock for the gate can be installed by hand.

locking device of this type has a number of advantages over the usual bolt or latch.

Each manor owner need a reliable and easy-to-use line of defense against unauthorized access.

To ensure such protection, you can install a comprehensive security system, which includes intercom and lock with remote control.

system should ensure a timely and rapid opening of the door when the control signal.And just cause a mechanism in operation, when the door is securely fixed in the locked state.


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  • Installation lock his hands
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castle design

on the market today, you can select and buy the most modern andadvanced system protection and manor houses in general.

the installation and maintenance of such systems by specialized companies.While much can be done with their own hands.

Electromechanical lock for the gate is similar to a conventional mechanical lock and externally and the internal mechanism.The main difference between this device is the presence of an electrical component.

Electric lock control mechanism provides a variety of ways.You can unlock the lock key, magnetic card or by using the keypad to dial a code word.

mechanism of the lock is simple and visual.In many designs bolt position control is performed using solenoid.

When the control signal, the solenoid pulls the locking bolt from the response of the castle.The bolt is fixed in this position by a retainer.

Thus, the door "moves" in the open sostoyanie.Esli go second signal or the voltage is turned off, it will cease to hold the latch bolt and he was under the influence of the spring will return to the "closed" position.

The video shows how the electro-mechanical locking device.


Inside the lock can be opened by pressing the button.Outside - the usual key.

Today the market offers two types of electromechanical locks:

  1. mortise;
  2. note.

first lock type can be set not only at the gate, but also on the doors in the house.It is inserted into the inner cavity of the door.

You can open it with a key or by a control signal.Exterior Surface product is no different from the usual lock.

Inside the device is opened by pressing a button, and the outside with the key or the feed with the transmitter signal.When buying a castle complete with any type of model applied fasteners, mate and keys.


When it became necessary to purchase and installation of electromechanical lock, it is desirable to address this problem without fuss and speshki.Praktika shows that the market offers locks, locking systems for all occasions.

To spend money for nothing, and to choose a suitable mechanism in the parameters, you need to carefully read the technical and operational characteristics of the product.

electromechanical lock is convenient to use.If necessary, it can be locked from the inside and the outside even if the "native" key to open it will not be possible.

Electromechanical locks are highly reliable and can last many years without replacement.This is important when installing the gate latch on the street with his hands.

At the entrance to the estate, many owners install video intercom.It is used as one of the main elements of the security system.

in the same system, and provides a connection of the castle.

involved in a single circuit elements allow to provide round the clock monitoring of the adjacent territory, and the ability to open and close the locks with the help of a remote control system.

Castle on the gate can be installed horizontally or vertically.

When choosing a particular type of electromechanical lock should be familiar with other designs that are offered to customers.

Depending on what method is performed lock and unlock the locking mechanism locks are divided into the following types:

  • elektroblokiruyuschie;
  • solenoid;
  • motor;
  • Electric strike.

to any model connects intercom.All the mechanisms are in working order in the absence of electricity, with the exception of the solenoid.

So lock can only be used with a reliable electricity supply throughout the house and the estate.In the video you can see the packaging and the device lock, which is installed on the gate.


Setting his hands castle

Before installing waybill lock on the gate, you need to carefully examine and evaluate the quality of the gate as a whole.

The gate should not be skewed and must be closed and opened, without requiring a lot of effort, smoothly and without squeaking.

Under such conditions, the installation of the lock with your own hands can handle any man who can handle a screwdriver and an electric drill.

Pre should examine the installation instructions.If you later lock and intercom system will be switched into one complex, it is necessary to consider the way their switching and connection to the mains.

first step is to schedule the installation space on the canvas at the gate and the gate frame.To this end, the lock is applied to the point of attachment and the marker indicates the point at which you want to drill the holes.

distance between the lock and the mating portion which will be attached to the frame, shall not exceed 5 mm.After all the holes are drilled, the castle is set in place and fastened with screws.

Likewise fastened mate lock on the gate frame.The next step is to check the accuracy of the installation of the lock.The gate should also be closed, and the dead bolt is free to enter into a mate.

next step needs to be fixed on the lock the keyboard or code reader with the card.Then pulled the cable from the electrical panel and connected to the terminals of the castle.

Wiring plan should be simple, intuitive and reliable.Once connected, you can apply voltage to zamok.Praktika it shows that this crucial stage and perform all actions with great care.

If the test connection is necessary to test the functionality of the device on the closing and opening.the cover is mounted on the lock and installation works are considered to be completed during normal operation.


Features Operating

When installing own hands input control system and access to the infield, mortise lock is rarely used.This is explained by the fact of the complexity and high labor costs for installation.

This intercom system and related elements are usually assembled by specialists.

The video clip is presented, which focuses on the security of a country house, and on the rules of configuration and maintenance.

CCTV, along with an electromechanical lock, considered the main elements of this system.

In order to keep it in working condition, you should periodically perform maintenance.

Given the fact that the electro-mechanical lock on the gate under intense attack atmospheric phenomena, it is necessary to protect and periodically inspect.

Experienced owners of the estate is fixed on a metal lock visor or hood.These simple measures can significantly increase the period of operation without inspection and prevention.

Castle inspected twice a year - spring and fall.