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August 12, 2017 18:06

Solving problems with a device septic tank with his own hands for a detached house

Solving problems with a device septic tank with his own hands for a detached house

owners of cottages and country real estate is often enough to face the problem of sewage discharge of sewage, and in this case, the way out can be a septic tank arrangement with his own hands for a private home.

Currently the toilet and the water in a private home is the necessary amenities, but do not always have the opportunity to make their connection to central sewer system.

For many years, under the removal of sewage were built cesspools, but this particular structure did not add comfort.

Cesspools had to be cleaned regularly, the surrounding area has come into disrepair, and in addition to this, near the house is constantly present unpleasant and pungent smell.

In recent years, more and more owners of country houses prefer the septic tank, which is to do with your hands can be in almost any soil.

This engineering structure has certain design features that allow it to operate for many years.

modern septic tank scheme is a defined structure, which is composed of several tanks in a special way connected to each other and drainage.

How to install a septic tank for a private house with his own hands, a more detailed account on the video in the article.


  • Features septic tank
  • Species septic
  • Site Selection
  • Construction septic
  • Tips and tricks

Features septic tank

Earlier solve the problem of diversion of sewage from private homes allowed constructioncesspit, then now is the engineering structure is not able to successfully carry out its functions.

First of all, in recent years significantly increased the number of sewage.

The people in the houses there were hot tubs, washing machines and dishwashers, as well as other benefits of civilization, which consume large amounts of water.

In such circumstances, pit latrines will have to pump several times a month, and the cost is not cheap.

Besides, any design feature of the sump is a complete absence of the bottom, which means that all the dirt from the sewage goes directly into the soil through the drainage that can lead to serious soil contamination at the site.

drain Arrangement

Note and unpleasant smell that constantly goes from this engineering structure.To cope with all these problems will enable the construction of their own hands functional septic tank.

scheme of any septic tank is a specific sealed design that eliminates the penetration of impurities into the soil and odor in the area.

It includes several chambers, each of which has a specific functionality.

So, the first tank through the sewer pipe connected directly to the home, and serves as the main sump.

This is where all incoming substances are separated on the basis of their weight - namely heavy sink to the bottom and the lighter rise to the surface.Next

liquid settles a certain time, and through a special overflow device flows into the next tank.It

ottsezhivanie made even smaller elements and various impurities.Further, the liquid goes into a special filter well, which has a drainage.

septic operation scheme, regardless of its design and construction materials is always the same.

Species septic

device septic tank in a private home can be very different, depending on which scheme is selected and used a building material.

In any case, do it properly and in accordance with standard technology can with his hands each.

First of all, before a septic tank for a private house, with the amount determined by the camera.


The most common option - a two-chambered device that has a special drainage.The material of construction of a septic tank can serve as concrete rings, of which satisfied the wells.

In this case, the rings are collected the required number of tanks, and a certain way connect them with each other.It is also possible to do a septic tank made of bricks.

This embodiment is one of the most labor-intensive, however, such an arrangement would have a high strength and durability.

can build a septic tank on the monolithic principle.In this case, the entire construction of the device is constructed of concrete.To start rummaging the desired shape and size of the pit, and then exposed formwork.

Further there is reinforcement and grouting.Such a septic tank in addition to the high reliability and durability, and will have a good seal, which is important for the device.

The best option - is to equip a septic tank for a private house with the help of plastic containers, which are called evrokuby.

Make it possible with their hands fast enough, and the connection diagram does not require the use of any specific materials or devices.

Septic tank of the rings

In any case structurally septic private houses must have several separate tanks and drainage, whereby liquid removal is carried out.

For more information on how to build a septic tank for a private house with his own hands, is told in the video posted above.

Site Selection

Despite the fact that septic design for a private house has a high degree of protection against ingress of all kinds of sewage into the ground, a place for its arrangement it is necessary to determine correctly.

This unit should be located away from residential buildings.

Moreover, next to him must not occur close to groundwater.It is better if the septic tank will be constructed on an open flat area, located in a corner of the site.

Septic tank of concrete rings

size and depth of the excavation under the septic tank depends mainly on the structure itself, and of its volume.Pre must correctly calculate the required amount of future septic tank.

It should be roughly estimated to determine the amount of sewage that will be generated in a private home.

tanks should easily accommodate a three-day volume of liquid.Keep in mind the fact that the maximum amount of sewage will be in the first tank.

decide on the venue construction and the volume of the device, it is recommended to make a rough plan and scheme of work.One embodiment of a septic tank, designed for private houses can be seen in the photo below.

is followed to make the marks on the ground, and in accordance with previously conducted calculations, dig a pit.

also simultaneously digs a trench for a sewer pipe that will go directly from a private house to the septic tank first.

bottom and walls of the pit under the septic tank should be mandatory to align and strengthen the good.Keep in mind that one of the containers have to have the appropriate drainage.

All of these actions should be carried out regardless of what material will be used for septic tanks.

For more information about how to equip a septic tank for a private house, you can see in the video, which is available below.


Construction septic

After preparing the pit, regardless of the design of the device, you need to fill and waterproof bottom.To do this, first settling the corresponding cushion of crushed stone and sand.

Then poured a thin layer of cement mortar, it should not be forgotten that part of the pit should be mandatory to have drainage.

After the concrete dries well and get up, you can proceed to the arrangement of the sewer device.

In the case where it would have a monolithic structure, the casing should be set, which will be made by pouring the walls and webs.

If you decide to do a septic tank for a private house made of bricks, then using this material form the walls of tanks and bridges.

further settling and drainage constructions are connecting to the sewer pipe that runs from the private home.

best and most simple option to do a septic tank for a private house - is to use a concrete ring or evrokuby.

The device of the septic tank of cubic

In this case, concrete rings formed reservoirs, all seams are waterproofed and sealed with cement mortar.

In the case of plastic containers, they should be installed in a pit previously rigidly interconnected.

further settling and drainage connection is made to the general sewerage system going out of the house.Regardless of the design of the device, special attention should be paid to the ventilation system.

It is better to use special valves.Also it is necessary to ensure free access to the device in case of an emergency and the need to carry out repair work.

At the final stage of the work is done underground tanks bedding.To learn how to build the device yourself to a private house, described in the video below.

Tips and tricks

When designing a septic tank for the house should be possible to correctly determine its working volume.

In the event that over time can increase the amount of sewage, it is recommended to make a small margin on its volume.

This will then avoid overloading the unit and its failure.Also it is necessary from time to time to check the operation of the device and to clean chambers of accumulated sediment in them.

Otherwise, it may lose its effectiveness and cease to function properly.

In the operation of the device is recommended to use special biological agents that accelerate the process of disintegration of sewage.

also need to ensure that the sewage system of a private house did not get all sorts of foreign objects, which may lead to clogging and failure of the entire system.


not skimp on materials for the septic tank, as it can lead to irreversible consequences and the need to do all the work from scratch.

The best option would be to plan the construction of a septic tank at the stage of designing the house.This will take into account all the nuances and subtleties, and avoid all kinds of emergencies.

In any case, correctly designed and constructed a septic tank will ensure the normal operation of the sewage system in a private home.