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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying brick pillars for fence

Laying brick pillars for fence

Too many in our time carried out the installation of brick pillars for a fence with his hands, and as the section between the bricks used profiled.

Such a construction is obtained strong and durable, and looks at the same thorough and solid.

In order to perform all the work with his own hands, not only need to buy high-quality materials, but also to comply with a clear sequence of work.

Install decking is not difficult, the most difficult - is to make the brick pillars.Their gradual installation we are reviewing today.


  • work plan
  • Pouring the foundation
  • solution for posts
  • masonry pillars
  • decorating pillars of brick

work plan

Building pillars suggests a clear sequence of steps, which allows you to do all thejob quality and on their own as soon as possible:

  • to begin choose the basic material of the fence, installed between the brick pillars (usually used corrugated board), taking into account the material, calculated the amount of support;
  • Pour the foundation and set the rods;
  • Lay bricks and produce a device of protective caps.

distance between the posts do no more than 2.5 m, the material is well behaved and not warped over time.

height of the pillars themselves better to make about 2 meters and a thickness of no more than 40 cm - the size of these would be enough to build strong pillars and spend a minimal amount of material.

The pillars have to be a metal core in the form of pipes with a minimum thickness of 8 cm or more reinforcing rods.

This will make the pillars more robust design and build a long life.

Pouring the foundation

device basement with their hands begins with marking the surface, which will set the foundation.

Determine the required number of columns, note the approximate border between them, and dig in the ground for the deepening of the cores (if you want to make a strip foundation, the core should be put right during the construction of the foundation).

Building the foundation for each post comes under the scheme:

  1. Using a drill, create in a ground depression (the distance between the walls of the hole should be about 40 cm in length and width), the depth of this should not be less than1m;
  2. fall asleep on the bottom of the sand - this cushion is designed to absorb and neutralize the construction ground water;
  3. Spending Core installation for the post (if you want to increase the strength of the structure, it is possible to make the fixing belt of fixtures);
  4. Fill pit concrete solution.A method of preparation of the solution is extremely simple and it's easy to make your own hands: mix cement (1 part) and sand (2.8 parts), gravel (4.8 parts);
  5. Fill spend slowly, slowly pouring the solution and stirring it periodically in the pit with a long metal rod that was not possible within the voids, and the solution lay down as needed;
  6. fills the space in the middle of the core to the brim, and the solution was allowed to dry for about a week.

After the solution dries out before the end, you can start the construction of brick masonry.

The video below shows the entire process of pouring the foundation to the core installation for brick pillars, from start to finish.


solution for

pillars of brick masonry pillars requires a high-quality solution to the construction served for a long time and could keep the material installed between the posts.

To prepare the solution needed cement, lime and sand.

Lime makes the solution more plastic, it facilitates the clutch, and provides an opportunity to use a smaller number of other materials to the mixture, reducing thus the cost of construction.

It is important not to overdo it with lime, or between the bricks at the seams will crack after drying the solution.

To prepare the mixture with your hands, we need to take:

  • metal container in which we mix the ingredients;
  • beaker for measuring components;
  • special tool for mixing and applying the mixture (the builders used for these purposes, the mixer or blender building).

amount of material in this case depends on the number of necessary poles.First mix all the material, and only then adding water at a ratio of 1 to 1.

We should not forget that the foundation for the solution dries for a long time, and mix the bricks must be used within 1-1.5 hours, and afterthis time he begins to dry up.

masonry pillars

to masonry pillars with their hands become more economical, of solid bricks can be put only 3 of the first row, the remaining rows can be made of bricks.

Masonry installed using special tools that can be purchased at any specialized hardware store:

  • shovel (for laying the bricks on the solution);
  • trowel (in order to be able to evenly distribute the mixture between the bricks, and remove any excess if necessary);
  • level (to be able to measure the pole mounted horizontally and vertically).

Apply the solution over a finished basement and start laying the first row of bricks.After laying

check it horizontally using a level prepared in advance, if the clutch is made is not entirely smooth, add the solution or vice versa remove it surplus.

masonry pillars

To make it easier, you can put between the bricks small sticks of wood or thin reinforcing rods in such a way that between the bricks was the same distance no greater than 1 cm.

It turns out that on the basis of the first row is four bricks (as discussedearlier post 40 to 40 cm is optimal for sampling devices), and the middle of the remaining free space around the core.

To design was strong and stable, the data space must be filled with concrete, mixed with gravel.

There is another option - you can immediately go to sleep in the rubble of space and throw it on top of the solution, which is put bricks (allow the solution to penetrate better between the gravel particles and hold them together, it must be diluted with a little water).

Similarly, all performed masonry pillars up to 2 meters in height.

It should be checked every stacking series with the level horizontally and vertically, as if the distance between the bricks will be uneven, the poles are obtained curves.

The video shows step by step laying brick pillars with explanations.


decorating pillars of brick

fence with brick pillars if you want you can decorate.It can be a combination of different colors sheeting, and decoration seams brick pillars.

consider how to carry out decoration seams:

  • To make seams elegant black color when mixing the solution it is necessary to add carbon black;
  • distance between bricks, filled with a solution can also be decorated using colored stones (both natural and fine), or glass beads.In this case, you need to think about how to choice of colors, to make sure that they are in harmony with the brick color and not distracting from the overall design.Stones in this case will look more modestly, while glass will sparkle in the sun and attract everybody's attention;
  • At the top of concrete slabs construction set (to decorate plates are used instead of concrete for garden paths, which differ in a variety of ornaments and flourishes) and caps or vane (as the material is metal, ceramics and polymers).Plates and caps not only decorate the fence, but also protect the structure from the top of the falling rain and the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

As you can see, to carry out the installation of the brick pillars of the fence it is possible in the home.A little practice and your home will be surrounded by strong and durable construction of the fence.

prepared poles