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August 12, 2017 18:06

What does make a homemade concrete mixer with your hands ?

What does make a homemade concrete mixer with your hands ?

Mixer with their own hands - a great idea for the construction work, which will require concrete.

Many may think that the person to do it is simply impossible without relevant experience, but it is not so.

Mixer collected from any available material, and in a relatively short time period.

Such a device can be made from ordinary barrels, jars, and even from the inside of the old Soviet even a washing machine.

All that is required - is to be patient, be smart and have all the necessary tools at hand.

Homemade concrete mixer can be manual and electric, which will be arranged and a motor and gearbox.

To make a concrete mixer with forced rotation of the electric current, the motor will need, but in this case we can find a way out and take it, for example, on the washing machine.

Homemade mini concrete mixer is perfect not only for the production of small amounts of concrete, but also for the production of arbolita.

Engine for concrete mixers

about how to make the mixer with their hands, explained in detail in the video posted below.


  • Features concrete mixers
  • Concrete Mixer for manual drive
  • Production of concrete mixers of the washing machine
  • Build professional mixer
  • Tips and tricks

Features concrete mixers

general mixers are considered to be a professional builder's hardware.They are widely used on almost any construction site.

It is in this device is made of cement mortar mixing and arbolita, and bringing them up to a certain consistency.

All the necessary components are put into the order of priority and proportions set in a special tank-like drum that rotates and provides the required state of mortar or arbolita.

In turn, the barrel rotation gearbox ensures connected through the pulley with the engine.

As is known, virtually any concrete may settle, and this negatively affects all its properties.

course, the liquid solution can be an ordinary kneading using shovels, but this does not give the desired effect.

Therefore, for mixing mortar or arbolita best use of the mixer, the more so that it can produce and own.

Homemade mixer cranking can be seen in the photo posted below.


course, if assumed to be large-scale construction work, such as building a house from scratch, when you need a huge amount of cement mortar mixerbetter to get a professional.

But if you need to prepare a solution or arbolita occurs periodically and it is required in small amounts, you can try to do it yourself from all barrels, jars or even a washing machine.

Mixer with their own hands - this is the best choice for gardeners who regularly feel the need for kneading mortar or arbolita.

Today there are a variety of drawings, concrete mixers, both compulsory and hand.Before making a concrete mixer, should think twice what it is for, and how often it will be used.

In addition, you must decide which of this unit will be assembled, that of the components is available, and that will have to buy.

Concrete Mixer for manual drive

If you regularly require kneading a small amount of the solution or arbolita, but to do this manually, there is no desire, it will be very handy manual concrete mixer, make that not be easy.

In this case, it is necessary to consider the device well, using the available drawings, to get all the necessary materials and tools.

Manual concrete mixer

In ordinary building drums can be used as a mixer drum.Suitable unnecessary old barrel, having sufficient strength and reliability.

Typically, such a self-made machine will be able to produce at one time to one hundred and fifty liters of mortar or arbolita.

First we need to be at both ends of the barrel to make small holes for fastening flanges, as well as for the working shaft.

Next on the front of the drums should be carefully cut rectangular hole, which will be used for the filling mixture.

The following piece of sheet steel to make the lid opening, which should be slightly larger than the window, and to close it with a slight overlap.

Attach it should be on the loops that are welded to the cover itself, and directly to the barrel in the desired location.

After that you can start making manual type drive.For

of this water pipe is thin shaft, which is attached to the barrel itself through special flanges by welding or by bolts.

now be set inside the barrel of the comb, which will ensure maximum mixing components of a solution among themselves.

themselves combs can be made from ordinary corner, in turn teeth easiest to do from construction nails.Attachment combs

the inner surface of the barrel either carried through bolts or by welding.

At the final stage of going to the rack, which are then hung herself with a pen barrel.In the photo below you can see the hand-mixer type, collected independently.


Production of concrete mixers of the washing machine

Most of us in a garage or a shed there is an old unnecessary washingmachine, remaining from the Soviet era.If desired it is possible to independently produce enough efficient mixer.

This will require:

  • machine itself;
  • Bulgarian;
  • welding;
  • small soldering iron;
  • electric drill;
  • wheel;
  • unnecessary scrap.

In the first step should be to do a base manufacturer, which should be as strong and stable.recommended timber with a square section for the purpose.

between the bars should be a staple in the compound of the spike.For greater stability, you can use self-tapping screws.

In addition, to make the ground under the concrete mixer can be and with the help of metal parts.

Between them they are joined by welding, besides wheels mounted on them subsequently to the unit can be easily moved from place to place.

should also think about the device pivoting mechanism, which can be conveniently operated drum.

homemade concrete mixer

Next, from an old washing machine motor to dismantle it.In the place where it was installed, you must secure the appropriate size shaft.

inside the washing machine tank has a thread, which will need to be attached by means of special brackets nuts with symmetrical lobes are best made from sheet metal.

also need to be sealed to the drain device that is at each of the washing machine.At the final stage, the machine should be carefully attach to the rigid base.

If the work is done correctly, you get a compulsory concrete mixer, which has its own engine.

course, performance in this unit will be low, but the chores at the cottage is suitable.

Build professional mixer

in when coming quite voluminous construction works with a large number of cement mortar, it is necessary to do a professional manufacturer nearly forced action mixer, which will have its own motor.

work on it should start with the production of so-called pear.

certain size sheet of metal is required for this purpose.It will be necessary to construct three components total capacity individually, two of which are made in the form of a truncated cone.

Thereafter, all the parts are interconnected by welding.The weld must be of high quality and as airtight as possible.

Inside pears will be necessary to strengthen the two blades, which will provide the necessary mixing of the solution.The following is to collect the body of the future of the unit and for this purpose it is best to use metal corners.

collecting base, do not forget about the stiffeners, which will provide the necessary stability running mixer.

is followed by all parts of the mixer to gather in a single unit.

to start at the base through a shaft with bearings mounted pear.Then, set the gearbox and the engine, which are connected by a pulley.

choosing to unit motor, gear and pulley, should consider not only the weight of pears and speed, but also the expected load.

pulley connecting between the engine and a gearbox must be strong in tension and thus should not be strongly attenuated.

installing and carefully strengthening all the constituent elements on the substrate, there should be a test switch and make sure that the cranking concrete mixer working properly - no rattle and failures.

thus collected will allow the unit to work with large volumes of solution and perform almost any work related to the concrete.

For more information on how to build your own mixer, described in the video posted below.


Tips and tricks

collecting mixer alone should control all of its connection strength and reliability.

If not use welding machine, it is possible to produce a connection between the elements by means of bolts.It is worth noting that the bolting virtually nothing inferior weld.

Particular attention should be paid to the assembly of the unit fastening the engine and gearbox.Also it is necessary to control the tightness of the barrels in which the mixing of solution components will be produced.

Recommended barrels angle in working order is thirty-five degrees from the ground.

Do not forget about the lubrication of all moving parts of the mixer, as well as its rotary mechanism.This will prolong the life of the unit and ensure its trouble-free operation.

Mixer is one of the most important units at the construction site.Very often, this device is required, and a private courtyard.

The best way to get own a concrete mixer - do it with their hands, especially since not everyone there will be extra money for the purchase of prefabricated devices.