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August 12, 2017 18:06

Models hinged metal garage doors

Models hinged metal garage doors

Swing garage door - the most common type of this kind of design.

install them can be not only in garages, but also in other areas.

However, despite its simplicity, to acquire such an automatic gate is not everyone can afford, and in this case, the yield - to collect the design with their own hands.

To make automatic metal garage door, you first of all need the drawings - in the article you will get them examples of the photo, as well as instructions on how to assemble the system with their own hands.

Photo milestones will help you complete the steps in his garage, and make metal automatic swing gates are not worse than produced by professionals.

Models gate

Automatic swing structure are different - in addition to the pull-down shutters models are often equipped with additional elements: entrance doors, heaters, etc.

are four standard models of the gate.

One of the most popular - a warm swing gates made of sandwich panels.

secret of their popularity is that such systems are well retain heat, which significantly reduces the cost of heating the room where they are installed.


In addition, the use of sandwich panels securely,becausetheir metal frame and thick enough to open it and get inside it will be difficult.

When such swing gates do with their hands, then insulated with a special material inside the bars, as well as pick up a dense layer of the lining - it can be wall paneling, fiberglass plates, and other similar materials.

second type of swing gates - fire.They are made of a material that does not propagate the flame - a profile of the refractory and fire-resistant insulation.

These gates will be able to hold the heat for at least 8 hours, so this model is often chosen for installation in garages near the apartment buildings, in the event of fire, do not allow the flame to spread further.

Constructions equipped wicket will suit you if you want to ease the passage in and out of the garage without spending time every time for full disclosure of the gate.

Such models are of two types: the first feature size of the gate 1.8h0.8 m, and can have a threshold.

second type is equipped with a wicket, which is large enough to allow travel into the passenger car - are not set in a private garage, and in the shops and barns, and make them their own hands is quite difficult.


But do swing gates with a wicket yourself is not difficult - it needs to be simply cut it to one of the gate leaves.

Forged system chosen by those who prefer the beauty of convenience.Such models are often adorned with decorative elements and shapes, made of metal.

These gates look impressive (you can see in the photo above), but not very functional becausebad at keeping you warm.

downside is the cost and complexity of manufacturing their own hands.

If you want to install a similar model, it is best to order a factory model - in the end it will be cheaper than doing it yourself.

For continuous use of the best to choose a warm fire and swing gates of sandwich panels - they will protect the premises and will save on heating.

In addition, to make their own hands they are not so difficult.

best material for swing gates, of course, metal - it is durable, resistant to fire and mechanical damage, and has a long service life.

Classic Garage Doors

And if you treat the surface anticorrosive compound, the duration of such a goal would be practically unlimited.

Metal structures can be of two types: the first made of steel and canvas, the size of which is from 3 mm - these models really hope, and you should not worry that someone will climb into the garage in your absence.

Aluminium gates are cheaper and lighter but less durable.

repair it usually takes a few years, becauseBottom blade rapidly deformed rocks that fall on it at pasture car out of the garage.

Before defining the model, see their options in the photo and read the specifications - Now the gates can be painted in any color, so their aesthetic aspect will not be a problem, as long as they are durable and reliable.

gate fabrication method

automatic swing gates of sandwich panels to make their own hands is not so difficult, but there are some nuances here.

First of all you need the drawing, as well as the tools and the material from which you will make the gate.

Drawing - the most important stage, if you do construction of the sandwich panels from scratch, instead of using a ready sheet metal.

Drawings for swing gates must contain the following elements:

  • aperture size;
  • the required width of the gate;
  • distance from the frame to the wall;
  • height of the gate.

You do not have to do all the drawing on your own - you can see the finished version of the photograph.


possible to take and complete dimensions: the distance from the machine body to the frame should not be less than 30 cm, width of the garage- 2.5-3 m, the distance between the frame and the wall - 80 cm, and the required construction height - 2 meters, depending on the type of car that will stand you in the garage.

course, make automatic swing gates yourself out, if you know how to work with metal, but the good news is that if you can make the gate with their hands, that will save at least 30% of the amount you would have spent on the purchase of the factory model.

for manufacturing structures made of sandwich panels, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • several metal sheets;
  • profiles and power loop;
  • steel corners and wooden beams;
  • OSB, if you want to warm the gate.

To do woodwork, you will need:

  1. steel profile;
  2. Area;
  3. Bulgarian;
  4. level to measure the placement accuracy;
  5. welding machine.

Once the materials are bought, you can start to work: first of all, measure the width and height of the opening of the garage and enter the figures in the drawing.

Then, using a drawing, make a frame: it needs to cut corners, to put them on a level surface, put on the same level, thereby making a smooth corners.

Before welding elements, make sure that the length of the angles diagonally identical, and after the work is finished, grind every corner, and after the first treatment against corrosion.


It is best if the frames will be two - they are welded to each other, or welded into the corners of the levers, arranged vertically - making it tough and durable design, and these gates will last you much longer.

Then you need to make a sash, it needs to be corner or proftruba.

For this fix guides in the chassis and slide the alignment of the axes, the distance between the doors is not less than 1 mm.

Then check how straight turned corners and weld the frame - so you get a crate for their future structure.

next step - lining.To do this, cut out metal sheet using a drawing, and make the sash so that the web is greater than the width of the right-left 20 mm.Then, this design is welded to the frame.

Now you need to install the hinges, securing them to the top of the leaf from the outside, and the bottom - to the frame.Also, you need a bolt: it is made using vertical pins.

With them, you need to make a few holes in the floor and on the ceiling, and then weld the hinge bolt to the structure.

bolt handle for easy to make your own hands from a pipe element, and you can serve as a guide horizontal plate: they need to make holes and then attach to the corner, which was previously necessary to secure the upright on the leaf.

To lock the gate in the closed position, a spin put on the set in the concrete surface of the rod element.

Once all the elements are ready, they need to be primed, which will protect them from the effects of corrosion and paint.After that, the gate of the sandwich panels are ready to install.


First you need to put the frame and fix it on the slopes with the help of pins, the ends of which should be cut, sanded and scald.

Next hung sash and placed locks and mechanisms for closing the structure.

To make the automatic gates of the sandwich panels, it is necessary to purchase a special automation system which will make the process more convenient.

worth it is not so expensive, but it is better to buy a model of sufficient quality and avoid fakes.