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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design features hipped roof truss system

Design features hipped roof truss system

hipped roof Rafter system has its own design features, which distinguish it from other types of roof systems used in the construction of houses with different number of storeys.

Generally, this type of roof is one of the most secure facilities, which can effectively protect the building from various external influences.

Driving a roof truss system is arranged in a specific sequence truss supports and other structural elements, which can be additionally equipped with a loft or bay windows.

important aspect in the design of the roof is hipped figure, which should be made by all the rules and take into account all design elements.

also at the stage of designing the structure and type directly hipped roof should be calculated, which will take into account the load on the bearing elements of trusses and other structural components.

Building construction hipped roof, with the proviso that there is a correct calculation and the related drawing can be carried out with their own hands, and in more detail about this process can be seen on the video, which is available below.



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device roof gambrel type

Forin order to build their own hands hipped roof, you need to thoroughly understand its structure.

Regardless of the design of the roof truss system, first settling mauerlat.

It is this element assumes all the main load of the roof and distributes it on the perimeter walls.

also to the roof was solid and strong, before arrange mauerlat, must also be equipped with the perimeter walls of the reinforcing belt.


This important element will add strength to the structure and help to strengthen the bearing capacity of the erected walls of the house.

At arrangement of the reinforcing belts and mauerlat important to observe the horizontal evenness around the perimeter of the house, as only in this case, all the roof support structure will be evenly distributed between them all the external load.

Also, before starting work should be defined and the type of ramps being built, as well as their design features.

schematic diagram

With the construction of hipped roof is usually used several different types of trusses.

So, it will be necessary to equip the diagonal, corner and central rafters, each of which will subsequently take various types of loads, the calculation of which is made at a preliminary stage.

In turn, the future calculation of the height of the roof and the angles of inclination is made taking into account the average wind speed, the estimated amount of rainfall, as well as the selected roofing material.

All nodes hipped roof system type is collected from the roof beams of a certain size.

For this purpose, better to use wood of coniferous species with a minimum number of branches, pre-treated with special protective structures.

Driving a roof made taking into account a variety of factors, which to some extent can influence its design.

Some hip roof can be seen on the photos, which are placed below.


Design features

Popularity hip roof can be explained by the fact that it has high strength characteristics and durabilityand original appearance.

Many choose this design in mind its specific configuration, which gives an interesting look of the structure.

In addition, this form of the roof makes it possible to additionally equip in the attic of a comfortable room, including residential.

Due to the fact that the hipped roof structure is made streamlined shape, it perfectly withstands wind loads, and her horse has a reliable protection even in strong gusts.

Classical design a roof consists of four separate rays, which have a slope on each side of the house.

In this case of taking two slope side, and the other two are located directly therebetween.

This roof has two separate peaks, which are connected to each other by means of the ridge.

have two such roof slope are performed in the correct form of a trapezoid directly on the long diagonal, which in turn, that pass over the face have the shape of a triangle.

Any hipped roof necessarily consists of a number of elements.

It comprises a ridge beam, which serves as the carrier axis and is the uppermost point of the roof.

Also any hipped roofs are angled rafters, which are the main load-bearing elements, which are rigidly connected to each other all the corners of the structure and the horse.

addition to the roof structure includes a short truss elements based directly on mauerlat, as well as the so-called ordinary frame, the number of which always has the same value equal to six.

Every single hipped roof elements type has its functional purpose, except that each of them carried out individual calculation of load capacity.

In the photo below you can see the classic version hipped roof of the house.

hip roof

Species hipped roof type

Like any other types of roofs, hipped can be of various shapes and forms.

So if its construction ends slightly above the location of the lateral ramps, it is called the Dutch or Danish.

This variant of the roof is quite rare due to their complex design features.

most common form of this type of roof is a hipped roof.In this case, the rays have the same shape, and the side members are completely absent altogether.

Note that hipped roof may be undeveloped only if the construction has the correct square shape.

Each type hipped roof has its own characteristics, which are invariably reflected in its design, and accordingly, and the presence of certain elements.

Very often there hipped roofs in different variations, complemented by all sorts of broken lines and architectural elements for decorative purposes.

In this case, the unusual shape of the roof is obtained by the use of rays with different geometric dimensions and positioned at different angles.

These roofs perform quite difficult to design concept, however, they have an effective and original appearance.

load calculation on the elements of such roofs is to be done as accurately as possible, because in this case is difficult to predict the impact of various external parameters.

Broken hipped roof type without relevant experience to collect their own hands is quite difficult.

In the photo below you can see the performance of roofs gambrel type.


necessary calculations

If you decide to do the roof gambrel type, it is necessary to correct their own hands to calculate all itscomponents.

primarily selected angle of each slope, which should take into account the load on the wind and snow.In addition, separately calculated ridge height and the length of the ramp.

should also calculate the parameters trusses hipped, and with maximum accuracy.

Only after will be correctly counted these parameters, you can proceed to the drafting, as well as carry out the calculation of the total area of ​​the roof, which will help get an idea of ​​the amount of work required for the material.

Calculate the total area of ​​the roof can be used only if the relevant parameters are known hips themselves, as well as ramps, trapezoids.


All this is calculated mathematically, what you need to remember high-school geometry.

obtained all the necessary values ​​and adding them together, it will be possible to know the total area being built roof.

conduct these calculations should be mandatory, as this will help to design the structure of the roof frame and found the amount of material that will be required when carrying out the relevant work.

Mounting roof system

Good examining device hipped roof truss system, to prepare a draft and all the necessary material for its construction, you can start carrying out their own hands the construction work.

first step is to install the truss beams over mauerlat.Next is marked and fitted skate, thus it is necessary to make it stand the most stringent.

After that installation is carried out all Plait adornments rafters.These

rafters must be exhibited maximally smoothly, both in the horizontal and vertical direction.

In turn, in order to collect the diagonal rafters have to splice together multiple boards.

Note that the frame of rafters should go a little beyond the house walls.In the video, which is available below, you can see how calculated rafter system for the gambrel roof.


Particular attention should be given to installing the intermediate rafters.These rafters gather together according to certain rules in the form of a special design.

Total intermediate rafters is calculated taking into account the total length of the building.An important aspect is also the compound of the rafters directly on the ridge batten.

At the final stage the assembly of corner rafters.All truss system should be strengthened with additional elements.

To stiffen the rafters exposed horizontal rack.For details on how to collect the truss system for hip roofs, described in the video, which is available below.