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August 12, 2017 18:06

fastening technology for metal crate on the roof

fastening technology for metal crate on the roof

Fixing metal provides a roof, sheltered beautiful and durable roofing material.

The question as to fix metal roofing, there is nothing difficult.

Therefore, to cope with the task and be able amateur.

main thing is to learn the basic concepts and terms that are used in the process of experienced roofers.

Because sometimes, when you view the master class, with the help of a photo or video materials, there are really unfamiliar words.

And at work, as is known, must be all very clearly, correctly and clearly, it is especially important for novice builders.

Lexicon roofers contains such definitions:

  • Wave - transverse row of metal.It has two parameters: a step;height;
  • series - longitudinal sheet.


  • General information about metal tile
  • basic rules of tile fixing
  • Features tile fixing in several rows
  • mount ridge strips
  • Metal straps for the roof of metal

General information about metal tile

Metal is a sheet of roofing material.Their use for manufacturing galvanized steel and polymers as a protective coating.

Currently in great demand of metal sheets with a width of 1.18 cm. As a rule, see 8 of them are taken for the formation lap, the workers remained 1.10 cm.

roofing scheme

1. Metal 2. Seal 3. Skate 4. pediment strip Cornice strip 5. 6. Endova7.Snow guard 8. Roof 9. staircase wall staircase Fire hatch 10. 11. 12. Pass the rubber pipe 13. The ventilation trim profile 14. Water drainage system

Standard metal step equals 35 cm, other sizes can be found, if necessary, on the roofing market.

For fixing metal, in addition to sheet products, roofing strips need to organize valleys, eaves and the ridge.

In addition, you must have on hand a metal flat sheet suitable for color tiles, everything for aprons.

Fixing sheet metal to the sheathing is not without cutting products.Sheets of roof tiles is adjusted for the desired size, using the tools without abrasion.

as such devices may use special scissors for cutting metal or circular saws.

addition to the above tools tinsmith, no other device to fit sheets of metal, are not recommended.

especially true grinders, which during the cutting process melts the polymer layer of shingles.

If you've ever viewed a video on roofs, then noticed how workers move cautiously on the roof, stepping only on the furring strips or trough between waves.

right will follow suit.

As for how to fix metal roofing and any fixing elements are best used by mounting plates, that this question has a significant amount of photo and video information in our article.

basic rules

tile fixing in progress mount metal screws with rubber gasket.Manufacturer of metal made sure that the fastening elements are made also an aesthetic function.

Today screws for fastening metal can be found under any color scheme products.
During screwing screws screwdriver is not necessary to be zealous.


torque tool reduced, thus reducing the intensity of the fastener tightening and not to compress the rubber gasket.

Metal with concealed fastening different installation technology.Since

place fasteners will in any case overlap each successive sheet as fasteners can be used as the above colored rubber seal with screws and simple galvanized screws.

In this interconnected sheets are attached by mounting recesses and protrusions present on the edges of products.

Such mounting technology allows perfect surface mount with absolute integrity.

Installation of metal screws is performed, in the field of bending waves, strictly perpendicular to the plane of the article.

backsheet tiles fastened to the home bar, indented screwing fasteners through the wave.

Vertical overlaps are fixed with screws short, the right to do it in the place of the wave descent that will tightly contact products.

high quality of attachment to the roof, ensures fixing tiles on the roof perimeter, where the screws are screwed into the bending waves.

remaining fasteners have on the tiles in a checkerboard pattern.If you touch the issue of the required number of screws, then the standard per 1m2 area will need 8 fasteners.

For mounting accessories used screws at the rate of 3 pieces.running 1 meter.

between a metal tile is secured on the waves, that allows us to give a holistic view of the surface and protect it from the wind load.

to longitudinal joints tightly in contact with each other, the screws are screwed to the final fixing sheets to the crate.

point overlap - vulnerable part of some type of metal.


At this point, the formation of capillary action when water gets between the tiles and does not drip down, but rather rises.

prevent trouble antikapillyarnogo allows the creation of recesses in the form of a groove on which will drain the fluid.

This stock deepening of one product must fall on the next recess.

Features tile fixing in several rows

technology tile fixing in several rows can cause the connection at one point four sheets.When the product sheets are fixed in a row, there is a bias problem.

For example, if in this case to take the 10-meter Cornice strip, the bias level will reach 30 mm.

therefore recommended to lay the sheets with a slight twist.Side turn depends on the location antikapillyarnogo recess.

If the groove is on the right, the list is rotated clockwise, and if antikapillyarnoe deepening organized with the left side of the product - make a turn counterclockwise.

further tile fixing scheme on rectangular roof perform at its discretion.

main thing is that it was convenient to work, 2.3 and subsequent sheet can be mounted on the left or right side of the fixed product.

mounting example

tile mount is better to start with the roof without bevels, you must continue laying to the side of the valley, arranged between the eaves of the roof or in a junction with a ramp.

Regardless of the geometric shape of the roof slope, metal alignment is carried out, focusing on the Cornice strip - its horizontal position.

Equipping Cornice strip, sheet products are fixed in such a way that its edge is not only closed the bar, but also go beyond it by 40-50 mm.

Then rainwater will enter the drain and not be blown by the wind on the wall of the house.Slice speaker products will not sag if the lower edge of the batten to make the thickness of 10-20 mm.

before permanently attaching the metal roofing on the crate, collect a block of 3-4 products.

Frontpage baits at the top of a screw that will allow the alignment of a number of the product to turn in the right direction.

not recommended to block out more tiles, it complicates the workflow and ensure the quality of the coating will be difficult.

If the eaves are triangular in shape, then before installation you must carry out the markup in the process of outlining the center point of the roof slope and the central axis.


The same axis is doing on metal, in the arrangement of the roof, the planned line must match.

Frontpage baits above, further securing metal scheme is carried out as a rectangular ramps.

mount ridge strips

device to the roof ridge is considered to be the final stage of the roofing.Skate Purpose is to hide the gap between the adjacent slopes of the roof.

Skate should be set correctly, then only it will be possible to eliminate leakage and provide quality ventilation gap roof space.

Skate purchased with a metal tile, coloring and texture skate fully comply with roofing sheets.

today demand following the ridge:

  • Decorative horse - is a narrow sheet, designed purely for decorative purposes.The ridge is mainly used for upgrading tent gazebos and roof type;
  • semicircular horse - has an aesthetic appearance, the end part of the ridge are fitted with special plugs;
  • Rectangular horse - the cost of such a ridge strips is significantly lower than the semi-circular ridge.For its part the end caps are not needed.

purchasing a horse, it is advisable to pay attention to the width of the shelf products.

When attaching shelves ridge lie directly on the slopes, if the product will have a width of less than 150 mm, not be able to exclude the wind blowing out snow at the roof ridge.

For the full arrangement of the roof ridge used glass wool, it lay in a small layer of the ridge groove to prevent windblown snow beneath the waves.

Mounting accessories

second important detail that should be taken into account when fixing the ridge - this is his obortovka.Skate without obortovki not receive adequate stiffness, moreover, it is not a bottom view of aesthetic.

read more about fixing the ridge strips enable the following video.

Metal straps for the roof of metal

addition to a metal ridge roof of metal, without which no hidden joints skates horizontal and inclined surfaces, apply a number of other useful elements such as snow stop, drip, wind braces, etc.

drip for the roof of metal is no different from others of its species are used for other types of roofing.


If drip choose the right color, it visually merge with the roof, and the entire surface will look like one.

drip is attached to the horizontal ledge of the roof slope, in order to protect from moisture truss system.Drip diverts water into fixed underneath the gutter.

drip can be classified as functional, additional elements with decorative properties.

Availability end or wind strips on the roof, to protect from wet end part of the roof slope.Mounting wind lath batten closes the frame edge from weathering.

In addition, the end strap complete decoration of the roof at the end face of skates.

Endova external and internal - the functional elements of the roof.

Exterior decorative valley is secured in the areas of internal oblique rays connection with the purpose to hide oblique cut tiles and protect the abutment against dust and moisture.

inner valley is attached under the roof at the connection joints inclined ramps.

snow stop performing functional and decorative purpose.


Application snow guards to prevent an avalanche of snow steep descent from the roof, that is often the cause deformation of brackets and gutters gutter system.

mount snow guard carried out on the tiles over the place bearing walls of the house under the top sheet of a wave.

snow stop is attached using an amplifier and long screws that allow to securely hold snow stop the snow load.

as reinforcing components used corners, they are fixed inside a snow guard strap from the ridge.

snow stop is mounted above windows and doorways of the house.For layered roofing installation snow guard carried on each level of the roof.

If too much length of the slope usually spend fixing additional snow guard.