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August 12, 2017 18:06

What is suspended ceiling is better to choose ?

What is suspended ceiling is better to choose ?

Choice stretch ceiling Housing is often complicated for the consumer, because to understand what the ceilings is better, is not so simple - it depends on many factors, including finishing and design in your apartment.

article we will examine what are ceilings, how to select them for different rooms apartments, as well as highlight some of the nuances of their installation and operation.

Photo suspended ceilings will help you understand how they look and design suited to your apartment and will help to choose the material that will look best.


  • Stretch ceilings for bathrooms
  • Stretch ceilings for
  • kitchens Ceilings for rooms

Stretch ceilings for bathrooms

Rooms apartments, where there is high humidity, temperature extremes or high riskceiling soiling, can be called the complex premises - often it is typical for the bathroom.

Consequently, coverage for these facilities should be resistant to moisture, to serve you as long as possible and to eliminate newly renovated soon.

Of suspended ceilings have similar properties of PVC model, and better use their bathroom.PVC - durable and easy to care for, and make a suspended ceiling is no more difficult than any other.

As is the case with other types of suspended ceilings, PVC models can make the design of different levels.


Stretch PVC ceilings have the following advantages:

  • they help to create a perfectly flat surface, even if the ceiling is rough swings;
  • have quite an impressive service life (at least 7 years) without the need for repair;
  • not sag and does not fade;
  • provide ample opportunities for the design of experiments, both in the ceiling lighting, and its decoration;
  • PVC does not draw on its surface dust and static, because caring for them is very simple - the usual detergent can be used for it.

In addition, the PVC material will cost you less than fabric ceilings, which can also serve as a quite noticeable plus in his favor.

minus at PVC ceilings are only two - is the risk of deformation, if the room temperature drops below zero (which is very unlikely for the bathroom) and the risk of sagging, if the surface becomes too hot (this can be avoided by using the right lamp for suspended ceilings).

Separate matte and glossy PVC material, and he and the other is suitable for placement in the bathroom, and the choice depends on the style that you want to create in the room, as well as its shape.

How are the different kinds of stretch ceiling, you can see in the photo above.

Glossy ceilings

If the size of a small bathroom, for example, it is divided with a toilet, it is best to choose a glossy finish, asit can visually enlarge the space, as long as you pick up the right lighting.

With glossy surface, you can experiment, for example, give your ceiling a starry sky effect.It is created by placing the material for the lamps and not from outside.

Matt ceiling is more suitable for living rooms - a bedroom or nursery, but can also be used in the bathroom, if you figure out how to effectively fit it into the interior.

Matt ceiling

Types PVC ceiling bathroom are very diverse: they can be of different colors and designs, but the most popular continues to be white.

However good look in the bathroom, and quiet pastel shades - they also help to increase the space.

Dark colors are best used only if the size of the room allows, otherwise the bathroom the room will seem very small.

best not to use dark colors for low ceilings, becausethey will make the ceiling is even lower, and the result will be the bathroom is like a box.

Before selecting the material better pick up a few design options a stretch ceiling photo, before embarking on a repair and installation space.

Stretch ceilings for kitchen

PVC material is quite suitable for the kitchen, especially considering that in this room there is always a risk of splash placing something in the cooking process.

One of the advantages of glossy PVC ceiling kitchen can mention the fact that they reflect light and can make a room visually more than that for small apartments rather overdue.


In addition, they are cleaned much easier,fabric than the model.If you want the kitchen ceiling attracted attention - it can be done with the help of the figure, which is very easy to apply on PVC material.

As already mentioned, the color palette of these ceilings is quite wide - has about 150 shades, so choose an option for the kitchen will be easy, even with the unusual interior.

Matt ceiling will make the kitchen more comfortable - it scatters light, thanks to the properties of the material, it will not be any glare.

Satin ceiling in appearance quite similar to matte, but has a light reflection property, so for a small kitchen is better to choose this type, becausethe reflection of light helps to increase the space of the room.

satin stretch ceiling - the best solution for kitchens, becauseit is more dense than the matte material, and includes properties and matte and glossy variants: it does not absorb all of the light as opposed to opaque, and can reflect it almost as well as a glossy finish.

Suitable for the kitchen and the art suspended ceiling.

Most often patterned fabric make the ceilings, but the material for the kitchen is better not to use becauseit can easily get dirty, and it is not possible to remove dirt.

Today you can order the ceiling with drawing pictures on PVC material or satin ceiling, while you can use any image: both the catalog and the one that you like.

even drawing with 3D effect can be applied to the material, although it will be somewhat more expensive.

choose colors for the kitchen ceiling should be guided by the overall design.

As for the bathroom, popular shades of white - they are neutral and are suitable for any interior, as well as help to visually enlarge the room.


If kitchen ceilings are high, it's good to usewarm or dark colors, dark but not get involved if the coating of the walls is the same.

colorful or patterned ceiling is also a good option, provided that the size of the kitchen is quite large - for example, it is combined with the living room.

If you do not know which is better to choose the suspended ceiling, use the photo: finish options will help you to understand and choose what is right good for your kitchen.

Ceilings for rooms

for living rooms - bedrooms and children - can use fabric ceilings.Visual their distinction from other variants of suspended ceilings, you can see in the photo.


The properties are not much inferior to ceilingsPVC or satin.

Fabric ceilings are resistant to temperature changes and does not lose its properties even at temperatures below freezing in the room, strong enough to withstand minor damage and have good sound insulating properties and teplosohranyayuschimi.

In addition, fabric ceilings are installed easier than PVC material and have a long service life - not less than 10 years.

From minuses of such ceilings - poor resistance to moisture, making them undesirable placement in the bathroom and kitchen areas, the inability to repair the damage and the complexity of care - fabric ceilings can not be cleaned, and can be cleaned only with a dry cloth, aswhen a divorce remove them will be impossible.

Fabric ceilings - a recent guest on the Russian market, so at the moment the highest quality is a foreign material - the most popular among consumers, German and Belgian ceilings.

buying this, there is no doubt that the web material will meet all international standards.

In addition, the Belgian and German ceilings impregnated with a special solution, which makes the fabric breathable, while the fake material may contain harmful impurities that would adversely affect human health.

Types of fabric ceilings a bit less limited in comparison with other models, but I'll try, we can choose this for any room of the apartment.

There are, for example, fabric ceilings with photo printing, plus their is that you can use absolutely any photo what you want.


However correlate selection of images from the area of ​​the premises:too many pictures at the low ceilings make the room a little, while the smaller pattern will look quite organically.

can choose an ordinary ceiling monochrome colors - this will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort that is perfectly suited for the bedroom.

Fabric ceilings are not the cheapest - the usual stuff will cost about 350 rubles per m2, and for causing him photo price increase.

installation of the ceiling is about 300 rubles per m2, but may be higher or lower depending on the region you live.

In general, all kinds of ceilings can be used in any room in your house, and what the ceiling is best to choose depends on your desires: you can set the same everywhere ceilings, or different types - with proper installation, proper design and furnish all of them willlook attractive and harmoniously fit into the interior of your apartment.