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August 12, 2017 18:06

We provide ceiling illumination LED ribbon

We provide ceiling illumination LED ribbon

Conduct ceiling lighting LED ribbon with your hands - is to follow the rapid development of lighting technology.

Such decoration square above his head to visually adjust the amount of room.Beautifully arrange the room itself and can be right now, just by updating the lighting.

To do backlight LED charge devices 4 varieties.

on any choice and taste, there are linear type lamps, ceiling lamps, LED-projector type emitters and tapes are equipped with controllers.

Special LED strip that demonstrated in the photo used to create special effects in the interior color.



  • Reflection tape connecting nuances with LEDs
  • How to perform the installationLED strip with your hands?
  • selection and installation of the ceiling illuminated

Reflection tape nuances connection with LEDs

about how it will look like the ceiling with LED ribbon in the general interior of the house, thinking in advance.

should think about the best bands the wiring and installation on the ceiling.

If the room area of ​​17 square meters.meters and less, the ceiling lighting is easy to organize with their own hands.

first need to identify the places where not enough light to exactly where to place the ribbon of LEDs.Having determined this, decide which model to choose.

Then watch how long you will need a LED strip.Be sure to take into account the fact that it can be cut to 5 cm.

After that, pick up power supply suitable parameters tapes, and a controller for controlling its operation.Their selection is very important.

Calculate the parameters of lighting chains and understand the connection is also quite easy.It is enough to read carefully the instructions supplied with the purchased goods.


What you need to take, determined to build a LED lighting, tell as presented in the video section.

And then you can start to fix the tape to the ceiling with his hands.

How to perform the installation of LED tape with your hands?

first step that needs to be done - to carry out the installation area LED power supply cables.LED strip is connected to a separate switch.

If the installation of lighting involves fastening tape diodes of different colors, which is sold together with the control unit, to do something special switch is not necessary.

Such illumination can be controlled remotely by pressing the remote button.

Now came an hour to install the heaviest items of equipment, ie power supply and control unit.They are sealed in plastic cages and have grooves for fastening.

They need to embed their own hands with the help of dowels and only in those places where they are invisible.

There wizard, which is preferable to attach the unit to the adhesive, rather than screws.

But it is better to abandon this method of installation, because if at some point you will need to change this device, then it will have to pull together to finish building.


Then it's time to perform the installation of LED strip itself.Its base is almost always self-adhesive, protected millimeter paper layer.

Tidy up the outer shell does not need time to wait on this.

First zone, which is planned to glue a strip of LEDs, it is necessary to wipe off dirt and grease.

Then we have to wait drying of the plane, as raw spot LED strip for illumination of ceilings may stick badly.

begin the process of bonding, remove the protective layer of only half a meter tape.This fragment is bonded to the ceiling.

Likewise act further upper shell little tack tape.

When you reach the edge of the ceiling, do not rush to cut the excess piece of tape.We must not forget that every LED strip under the suspended ceiling divided into sections with 3-5 LEDs.

If you trim the band in the middle of the area where a certain number of connected diodes, you spoil all the work done.Remaining on the tape diodes will fail.

therefore their own hands to make installation, remember that you need to make a cut in the place indicated by the perpendicular.

When the scissors already set aside, the entire length of the belt should go hand tightly pressed to the plane of the tape.


time to move to a direct connection.If the LED ribbon on a new ceiling, that is, one-piece, never before did not use it, connect to just the lighting.

device designer to consider how it is easier to connect devices to each other.Plugs are inserted into sockets, in which all stated.

little longer it will take to connect the power supply.You can go two ways.Alternatively, you can install the socket.True, it would be too cumbersome.

And you can do otherwise and elementary to cut off the power supply plug, bared wires to solder together the torsions.

If you chose the second sentence, it is better to solder wire combinations.This will ensure reliability and safety.

need to consider and ways to solve such problems as the lack of slots.There will have to learn to use the soldering tool.

At the end of all the tracks LED strip has a portion for connection of wires.They are marked with plus and minus signs.

swap them when connecting cables to the power supply - a big and serious mistake.

Inattentive approach to this is fraught with the fact that the LEDs do not light up or even worse - break.

To LED strip for illumination of ceilings to work, you need to buy in the store the necessary connectors and solder them to the band of the diodes.

wire red corresponds to positive, and the other - minus.Then you need to proceed as described above.

Mounting made carelessly and improperly, can cause unpleasant situations.Never under any pretext is not necessary to remove the power supply and control module away in the ceiling depth.

equipment can simply burn out and pull it out without damaging the structure of the ceiling, it is impossible.

This video will help to learn how to perform the installation of your hands so that the LED ribbon under the suspended ceiling was installed on all the rules.


selection and installation of the ceiling illuminated

huge range of materials and the development of new technologies led to the fact that the ceiling with LED strip can be installed as soon as you want to your imagination.

Therefore, in the interior of the house is possible to realize the most daring ideas.

In addition, modern materials are easy to use, so you can build with their own hands, even the ceiling with lighting and thus to experiment in the interior.

should tell you about the most common options, which you can navigate, making the selection of the construction of a stretch ceiling.

popular option in the interior of the room - plasterboard in two levels with backlighting.In this type of ceiling mounting is required in two floors plasterboard boxes.

Inside the frame, usually mounted ceiling.Design, complemented by lighting, gives a stunning result.

most successful construction height of plasterboard - 20 cm, width - 0.5 m, and more - is very rare.

The box for the tape

First floor box is mounted using drywall metal profile, departing from the ceiling about 10 cm. The next floor is mounted as a niche with the rim, placing it under the light source.

If carried backlight brushed the ceiling, then make an open niche, extending the edges of the drywall first tier boxes.

But when the ceiling surface is reflective, secure the niche inside the box.That is a side to push open a niche space center a few centimeters.

And if the closed design, the rim recess mounted parallel to the first tier.

When assembling his hands goes to this stage, it is necessary to bring to the construction of plasterboard wires to connect LED strip.

Like this tape will be pasted - is also very important.When it is attached to an open niche directing diodes in the ceiling will create a smooth effect lighting, flowing along the ceiling slab.

If LEDs will look deeper into the niche, the more light will be soft and diffused.

No less known variant in the interior - an opaque stretch ceiling with lighting.With this construction, assembly strip with LEDs produce a ceiling plinth.Its

fixed to a wall at a distance of 2 to 10 cm below the ceiling.Installation should be done firmly, so that the construction did not feel the weight of power and the backlight unit.

LED strip is glued to the plane or in a designated hole.The light effect will also depend on how diodes arranged relative to the ceiling.

In the modern interior is no less popular and the clear-suspended ceiling panels.He highlighted inside the structure.You can also take a translucent fabric tension.


If it is with photo printing, the light can be simulated landscapes.

ceiling can be built on the basis of the drywall, and you can do without this material.

band with diodes mounted with their hands in the last stage of the ceiling frame device, but before you pull the canvas.

To properly understand the construction of the ceiling illuminated with his hands, watch the video lesson above.