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August 12, 2017 18:06

Eliminating irregularities by grinding the floor with their hands

Eliminating irregularities by grinding the floor with their hands

Floor Sanding - recently introduced in the market of technology services, allowing to restore the wooden flooring and the filler.

In the process, removed the old layer of paint material, and endowed with a smooth surface structure, suitable for re-decoration.


  • devices for grinding floor
  • Features sanding wooden floor
  • How to grind the surface of the decking?
  • Features grinding concrete floor
  • Features grinding and polishing marble bases

devices for grinding floor

buy equipment for polishing the floor with your hands at the moment can be in specialized stores.

You need to know that this type of device is available in two categories.

The first category includes equipment for professional use, the second - is a home-use tool.

course, leaders in quality and efficiency of grinding work are professional devices.

Their design is equipped with satellite discs equipped with diamond tips.

During operation, the machine drives and auxiliary elements moving in opposite directions, due to what is possible to achieve perfect flatness and smoothness of the treated surface.

additional advantage of using professional tools is the ability to control the operating speed, dust, fence and water supply function.

The high cost of this unit does not allow to buy it for household purposes, and is considered the largest and perhaps the only drawback.


Therefore, at home to carry out gender learned polishing grinder, which have each host.

convenient tool for working in hard to reach places, which are not held grinder.The acts grinding wheel or diamond cup as his work item.

grinders can grind both concrete and wooden floor surface.From the grinding wheel diameter depends on the load, which can withstand the unit.

grinder to work carefully, because the tool is not safe and attachment could fly off.

Features sanding wooden floor

deciding to make a major overhaul of the wooden floor instead of replacing it with a new material, it is possible to apply to the grinding technology and the subsequent polishing surface.

In the case of mounting a new floor, pine decking, also can not do without the grinder.

necessary to carry out preparatory work prior to grinding.

primarily reserved the right tools, you will need:

  • sanding machine;
  • emery paper;
  • timber for grinding;
  • manual cycle;
  • hammer.

Since during the operation of the wood flooring it can povyskakivali nail heads, which recorded the board, it is recommended to inspect the entire floor and prostukat hammer protruding cap.

need to call the application in the special machine equipped with sanding belt, which during operation can damage the nails.

The tool for polishing the floor

This fact it is recommended to take into account when laying new wooden floor from the decking.

material is fixed with screws, but not in front of the parts, because it is not only spoil the appearance of the floor, but also adversely affect the work of LSM.

If, however, the screws are screwed into the front part of the decking, you must make sure that the head of each fastening element has recessed well.

In addition, during the preparation of wood flooring to sanding, it is recommended to rid the surface of the gaps with their own hands.

Large gaps sealed by applying strips with the appropriate size, which is installed in the slot.

Planck treated with glue for wood, placed in the slot, and rap with a mallet.

Thus it should go so that her plane slightly above the floor level.

then the excess glue removed.When the adhesive substance is completely dry, the surface is leveled plane.

Small gaps remove the wooden surface, using specially prepared for filling cracks.

For this 1x1 mixed plaster and sawdust, water is added until a thick wet mass.If the composition

supplemented minimal amount of citric acid (0.5 tsp 1/3 water), wood chips become more amenable to use.

Using a spatula overwritten crack boardwalk, dried out surface is polished with sandpaper.


How to grind the surface of the decking?

sanding floors made of wood begins with the preparation of the machine - its large drum equipped with an emery abrasive tape.

Before connecting to the power supply, the unit is tilted back to the abrasive does not touch the floor.

Once inserted the plug into the socket, the instrument slowly returned to a stable position and allow it to move in this direction.

plane floor sanded diagonally (across the board), in such a way that at the turn of the strip overlap.

order not to spoil the floor strong grooves, it is not recommended during the grinding stand still.When you turn the machine back a little upset, she will serve as support wheels.

At the end of the floor sanding large abrasive dust cleaning is carried out using a vacuum cleaner.After that, the machine is equipped with medium-grained sandpaper tape for processing the floor along the wood fibers.

then equip the machine with his hands with fine sandpaper, with final polishing technology is used the first stage of works.

for processing hard to reach areas, use of sex manual edge-tool, sand bar and cycle.To supplement the above material will allow thematic video.


Features grinding concrete floor

grinding concrete floor can be performed at a draft, and at the finish coating covering, equipment called "helicopter".

This technology is self-leveling floor screeds grinding provides high-quality adhesive properties of the stacking materials.

It is worth noting the fact that grinding does not adjust the horizontal plane of the floor of the inlet, and the absence of undulating gradients should be provided even when it is pouring.

Grinding equipment moves on the surface of the close ties, with an accuracy repeats its shape.

In the process of grinding the concrete base with their own hands is recommended to use a dry grinding method, which is carried out in three stages:

  1. surface screed leveled grinding tool.Eliminates shrinkage expansion joints, potholes and cracks;
  2. To remove the existing irregularities, apply epoxy mastic, with its application control plane on which subsequently has to go through without any problems grinder "helicopter";
  3. At the final stage of their hands perform grinding screed.

Detail sanding the filler concrete floor looks like this:

  • With trowels-grinder "helicopter" is first treated with a working surface with an abrasive circles 40;
  • Then, to harden the concrete screed, apply a special composition, due to which the binder is formed on the surface of the film that covers the pores in the concrete;
  • after performing grinding concrete floor discs grit 400 and above, which allows the base to give stability to the high mechanical stress;
  • At the final stage of the floor is polished with an abrasive circles from 1500 to 3000, resulting in the surface of the screed gets a glossy look.


Features grinding and polishing marble bases

Polishing marble floor runs at the loss of the original species of decorative surface, when the surface of the marble slabs became muddy or worn.

sequence of grinding work:

  1. alignment.The process of alignment represents a gross marble grinding, applied immediately after installation or marble slabs in the floor restoration, lost the polishing layer of the factory;
  2. Elimination of defects.It is sure to follow if damaged marble by sealing cracks, scratches and chips more than 3 mm.The constituent components putty means includes a polyester adhesive.It can give a hint of using the tinting paste suitable for the tone of the marble coating;
  3. Restoration joints.If the mortar joints between the tiles had deteriorated, the old rasshivku removed and perform new.All this is done before the processing of marble grinding machine;
  4. grinding surface.Its application allows you to remove scratches that are the result of the alignment of marble;
  5. polishing marble.The final phase of the restoration work, provides a floor surface of the mirror image.

by chemical means is executed polishing and crystallization of marble, leaving a thin polishing layer is endowed with long service life.

At the final stage of the marble surface is covered with a protective polymer composition, which will protect the flooring from accidental spills.

At the end of the article recommend reviewing the thematic video material.