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August 12, 2017 18:06

We repair linoleum with a hole

We repair linoleum with a hole

If your apartment is damaged linoleum, do not rush to throw it away and re-coating, because to repair the linoleum is not so difficult, and it can be done without assistance and completely for little money.

Damage on the linoleum can be very different: in the use of it can crack, swell in some places, or to receive other defects.

But in most cases, you can restore the coating without the need for its full replacement.

In this article you'll learn about the most common injuries and how to deal with them, and video works will help you deal with them independently.


  • Swelling and shrinkage of the material
  • peeling edges and corners and repair scratches
  • Replacement of damaged areas covering

Swelling and shrinkage of the material

Bloating Linoleum - one of the most vexing problems.However, to eliminate it much easier than working with other types of damage.

To remove it, you need to make a cut in a part of the sexes, where the material is swollen, and squeeze out from under him trapped air.

After that, you'll need a liquid glue: it is necessary to dilute, to dial into the syringe and fill the cut occurred.

embedding the cut

Once you have pasted the deformed portion, the top floor is necessary to lay the plywood with a heavy load on it and leave it in this position for a few days.

This method is suitable only if the linoleum swelled to some particular area.If the deformed cover all, it will have to change completely, becauserecovery will be impossible.

After removing it makes sense to do waterproofing wooden floors - linoleum is often blown up precisely because of the fact that it was done properly.

Perform waterproofing correctly you will help video - after you've fixed the problem, you can re-plank floors.


It also happens that the linoleum shrinks: the material cracks, and if nothing is done, it can be completely separate.To correct this problem by using wax, which is poured into the cracks of linoleum.

Thereafter, on-site deformation seam is supposed to be, who will speak on the surface.That it did not spoil the appearance of the coating, it is better to clean using poorly sharpened knives, so as not to damage the surface of the material itself.

then wipe the treated area should be ordinary cloth - then it is equal to the surface and will be virtually unnoticeable.

peeling edges and corners and repair scratches

It often happens that after the glueing cover, edges and corners of linoleum depart or bent, or it occurs during the operation.

In any case, the problem must be removed to prevent further deformation of the coating.Here to repair you will need a special glue, or you can use the cold welding.

done glue is simple: a piece of foam is placed under the damaged portion of the cover, and on top of it is applied to a few drops of acetone.

Make sure that the mixture is distributed over the entire surface of the material tightly clutched.

After the foam melts, it is necessary to press the edge of the floor, and set on top of some goods that will not allow them to depart.

This is a classic method.A more modern version involves the use of cold welding to seal holes.

With the cold welding repairs can be made of different types of coverage: how recently the cut linoleum and old coatings.

cold welding method is effective because the material is very dense and can effectively fill them as large and small cut material.


Although plus cold welding repair is obvious, to work with this material very carefully and make sure that he did not get to open the skin becausewash it afterwards without adverse effects does not work.

Repairing scratches and holes - one of the most common problems with linoleum.

Since the material is soft, they can come from almost any strong impact, be it animal claws, traces of the movement of furniture or even from sharp particles that you could bring to the shoes.

Wipe small scratches where the linoleum has retained its color, you can use wax crayons, or just rub the wax coating to make a scratch on it less noticeable.

deep cut close up will be somewhat more complicated.Here, you will likely need a special mastic or putty for linoleum, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Apply mastic on the floor covering is simple, the main thing - is to choose the right color to further distinguish not a scratch on the background of linoleum.

It is best to see how it will look on an inconspicuous area, and then apply the damaged portion of the coating.

selection of color

Make a paste and can be their own hands, for that you need to use adhesive for cold welding of linoleum and add to it a colorless nail polish.

To get the chip, which is necessary to complete a cut, rub the linoleum knife.Thus, there is no doubt that the vehicle will be exactly fit the color of the coating.

However, a homemade paste must first apply to the invisible portion, and only then to carry out its putty scratches and holes.

Replacement of damaged areas covering

It so happens that the damage on the linoleum too ambitious, and remove part of the coating is easier than removing it to engage holes.

repave produced in three stages: first you need to cut a piece corresponding to the size of the damage, then prepare the base and remove minor surface damage.

To cut the material properly, you need to put a piece that will be cut in the patch, already roofed top cover.Ensure that the patterns of linoleum and patches to match, if any.


Once you have a properly fitted material, you need to cut it with a knife on the line - best to use a specialized tool for flooring.

necessary to cut through both layers of the coating, and then remove the damaged portion of the web.

Then you need to start preparing the floors for laying the material.It is necessary to clean the base, removing the old glue and debris that has accumulated under the material.

Once cleaned the floor, it should be primed and leave for a while to dry.After that must be applied to the surface of the floor and the inner side of the adhesive patch.

Before bonding to soak for about 5 minutes, and then set the piece of material into place, making sure that the patterns match.

After installing the patch, you need to put it on the press, which is usually mounted on a piece of plywood, which cover closes.

can also further propressovat flooring, walk through a rubber roller before laying the plywood.

Whatever linoleum repair their own hands, you did not, after it necessarily thoroughly wash coating.

To wash, do not use too much hot water, it is better to wash the coating with warm and clean water.Wipe clean linoleum better on twice, the second changing not only water, but also the very rag.

If you want to wash the floor was easier, add soap to the water.

Other products and substances, which can wash coating, especially soda, should be avoided becausethey can damage the finish, it will quickly fade and lose their luster.

Repair holes

If linoleum were noticeable smudges which it is impossible to wash with plain water, use turpentine solution or chalk powder.

From matt spots will help you paste with the addition of turpentine, which is produced for parquet floors.

Do not forget that quality care will increase the life of your linoleum and resort to repair, maybe not at all necessary.