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August 12, 2017 18:06

Put the tiles on the wall in the bathroom and in the kitchen

Put the tiles on the wall in the bathroom and in the kitchen

If you want to spend an independent repair in the bathroom, without the knowledge of how to put the tiles on the wall, you can not do.

Tile - the most popular material for walls in the bathroom and toilet.

Select it more often for these facilities because it has all the necessary characteristics to serve for a long time it is in conditions of high humidity, as well as the effects of cleaning chemicals.

Add to this a wide range of design options, it is no wonder why so tile is often used for decoration of bathrooms.

From the article you will learn how to choose the right coverage, how to prepare a wall to spray and how to lay tile to make it look worse than after the repair made by a professional.

Video guide will help you in your work.


  • How to choose a tile?
  • Preparing walls
  • Laying tiles

How to choose a tile?

Ceramic tiles can be met not only in the bathroom or the toilet, but also in the work area in the kitchen, as this material is very easy to use: it is easy to clean, does not contribute to the development of mold and mildew, does not emit any harmful substances and is safe for humans,as well as durable and resistant to chemical cleaners.

And in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and the toilet can put tile, differing only in the decorative properties.


The general performance requirements of material similar toany premises.

understand how the coating quality can have on visual inspection: it is not necessary to choose the uneven tile with cleaved edges or other deformations.

In the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilet is better pokleit material having a high wear resistance, because the tiles will often be exposed to chemicals and it is important that its cover has not lost its shape and does not start to break down.

wear resistance levels should be at least III - this value can be found out by the manufacturer or look on the packaging when shopping.

If you choose the floor tiles, it is good if the surface is rough, becausein this case the floor will be more secure.

For wall tile is better to choose a glossy finish - it looks better, and is easier to clean.

When buying, pay attention to how strong the material - in this case it will be more difficult to cut, but its service life will be significantly higher, and you do not have in a short time again to make repairs.

tile design depends on how you want your final interior, but there are some tips that should be followed in order to cover for it was easier to care for.

For example, it is not necessary to pick up the work area in the kitchen too bright tiles, asit will often fall splashes and dirt that will be very noticeable.

The toilet, on the contrary, you can put as much as possible without pattern light tiles to visually enlarge the space.

For bathroom tiles are selected based on the size of the room - if it is small, it is better to choose the cover without large patterns, instead of experimenting with the methods of installation.

The larger bathroom walls can be covered with bright tiles, a material with a large pattern.

addition to drawing and it is important to choose the method of installation.For example, it is possible to lay the tiles in a mosaic - it looks original and does not require much effort.

in addition to laying the mosaic, there are other ways that you can see in the photo.

Water absorption - another important characteristic which must meet the wall tiles.

And in the bathroom and in the kitchen material will continuously interact with the water, it is important that this value was not less than 10%.There are other characteristics of the tiles, such as frost.

But in the apartment where the temperature never drops below zero, the value is not so important and it is important, rather, to select a finishing material for exterior walls.

Preparing walls

correctly laid tile and the walls will help you prepare a video in the article.This step is not as important as the direct tiling with his own hands, so you need to treat it with the utmost seriousness.

Before you lay the tile in the kitchen, in the bathroom or the toilet, it is necessary to remove from the premises all the plumbing and other furniture.

you have to remove the old paint if it is a film or a wallpaper, you can remove it with a spatula, if on the walls of the old tile, you will need a hammer and a chisel.

starting work with his own hands, it is better to protect your hands, eyes and respiratory tract, aswork quite dirty and dusty.

Once you have removed the old coating, should also be thoroughly clean off the glue residue on which it was held that the wall has become more or less flat.But

likely uneven walls in the room and immediately laid on the tiles they will be impossible.

therefore need to further align the wall, as well as to improve its adhesion to the new coating, the tile is well kept, and did not depart from the walls.

After removing the cover you need to assess the quality of plaster, which is located underneath.If the material is swollen or moves away from the wall, you need to remove it and, again using a chisel and hammer.

To measure the wall and to assess whether it is flat, you can use the plumb line.Make it possible with their own hands, simply by attaching a load to the cord.

To check the verticality of the walls by means of this device, you need to unwind the string height of the room and fix it near the ceiling so that it rests against the wall.

way you can determine whether the passage of the wall is in the way, and how great it is.

If this figure exceeds 3-5 mm, after lining coating is clearly uneven, so the surface must first be leveled, before you put the tile on the wall.

Align concrete, plaster and brick wall under cover usually through a sand and cement mortar.


First, it is applied in the most rugged sections of the wall, rubbing in a circular motion into the wall.Thus the whole surface treated.

Better watch the video before you start to do the work of their own hands.After alignment, you have to get a uniform coating layer.

Do not forget to check its horizontal position using the water level to be applied uniformly leveling compound.

All these steps, you can see in the video and repeat in your kitchen, in the toilet or bathroom.

Laying tiles

Laying tiles on the wall begins with the preparation of glue.

You can buy ready-made solution, and then cook the mixture with your hands, adding it to the water and gradually stirring with a special mixer.

therefore need to bring the mixture to a consistency reminiscent of jelly, but not very thick, so you can easily distribute it on the desired surface and the liquid, so that it is not on the glass wall.

After preparing the adhesive can begin to lay the lining on the walls.Putting the material begins from the bottom up.The first layer must be laid with the help of rails to obtain a clean it.

rake, you need to align the level so that it is flat.

To put exactly next series, you can also use slats that are nailed at the corners, and then aligned to the plumb line.

bottom tile is laid, leaving a missing sincethere will be possible to pour the solution for laying of tile on the floor.

right start to lay tile in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen should be circumcised with details, if you understand that it is impossible to place whole tiles.

To do this, make measurement and to determine the amount of tiles required, and whether it will be cut before laying the material.


After that start to lay it so that at the very inconspicuous corner parts were cut, and the mind - the whole.

After fixing tiles, it is necessary to whack all sides with special rubber hammer so that it is better to stay, then check with the level that the material lies flat.

check should be not only a full range, but every 2-3 tiles to make sure that they are not only horizontally but also at the same height.

to the joints between the materials turned out smooth, do not forget after fixing each tile insert cross.

They must be removed no more than an hour after the laying, otherwise it completely hardens and will not be able to remove it.

you do not have time to put all the putty plaster or other wall tiles in one day with their own hands.

In this case, after completion of the work necessary to remove all the crosses, and the next day back to work.

To properly lay out the coating at the corners, use the blue trim - a special plastic strips that make the angle more aesthetic.

Stack Trim need so that it rests not only to the wall, but also to the flooring.

Once you have finished with the tiling of the walls with his own hands, we must leave them for a while, so the glue has dried, and then treated with the sealant joints.

sealant Remains should be carefully removed with a conventional dry-seek.Thanks to this material the appearance of tiles will be better, and the joints between them are more reliable.

Lay the tile can be different.Many people choose a mosaic, becauseit is easy to implement with their own hands and looks attractive.

To learn how to lay out the mosaic, as well as how to glue the tiles on the wall in other ways, see the video - it will help you not only to properly perform all the work, but also to choose the design and the method of packing material.