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August 12, 2017 18:06

Removing scratches on laminate materials at hand

Removing scratches on laminate materials at hand

In this article we will discuss the topical issue of concern to many: how to remove scratches on the laminate?

Laminate - a popular type of coverage, which can now be found in almost every home.It is cheaper than a parquet, is not inferior to him in the external properties.

But over time, the owners are often faced with the unpleasant discovery - in some places there are scratches on the laminate.

And it not only spoils the aesthetic properties of the coating, but also reduces its quality, becauseif the scratches are not removed, then over time they become deeper and this reduces the resistance of the coating to water.

Scratches appear imperceptible, and their cause is tiny sharp particles that get into the house on shoes.

damage the coating can also be a toy or pet claws.

In this article you will learn how to get rid of this problem and restore the original appearance of the coating.A laminate for the restoration of the video will help you with this.

Means for removing scratches

cope with problem can be coated by various means.

The most radical way to fix this problem is to replace the laminate coating the damaged portion.

However, this method has its drawbacks - to find the exact same color material is not so simple.Moreover, scratches on the laminate are quite often, and every time to make such repairs will be expensive.

If the damage is minor, it is better to try to cover them and make less visible, so they do not spoil the appearance of the coating.

Firstly, you can paint the damaged area using wax crayons.They are available in many colors, so finding the right shade for your laminate is not too difficult.

Before removing scratches need to thoroughly clean the surface to remove dust accumulated on the laminate or debris.It is best to do it with a vacuum cleaner, then wipe with dry cloth.

Then you need to cover the damaged area of ​​small, moving along the shallow scratches.

You will see that it is quickly painted over, but in its place will be a clear imprint of chalk, which is also necessary to remove and make invisible.

For this treat the injury woolen cloth, but do not rub too hard, or erase the chalk, and a scratch on the floor again to be seen.

Chalk for laminate

This method is suitable only superficial damage, if more obvious deformation, it is better to carry out repairs using a special paste - it is produced in the form of pellets or in a viscous consistency.

Just as chalk paste is necessary to choose the color of the laminate.It is better to take the part of the floor to the store - there you will be able to attach to it a paste and see how well they fit.

most often to cover up a scratch, it takes several pastes of different color, but you can do the same in some cases.

Just as you would with a shallow, laminate surface should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust and make sure that it was dry.

To remove scratches, use a special stack of plastic or metal.The material is first applied to him, and then uniformly applied to the laminate, observing the direction of the fibers of the material.

Paste scratch

After the procedure is completed, place the sponge treat damage - it will remove the remnants of the material and protects the surface from new damage.

If you chose the pasta liquid consistency, then as a means of drawing, use a spatula instead of the stack - they need to level the material, and lightly push on the place where lies the scratch - the surface at the same time should get a flat.

At the end you need to wipe the place a little scratch dampened sponge or cloth and leave to dry for a couple of hours.Then you can start to use the laminate again.

putty - is another means by which you can get rid of small dents and scratches on the floor.

It also has the possibility to choose the color, although the choice is more limited than if using paste.

repair damaged coatings is possible only through the molten mixture, so first you need to heat it well using a special vysokoplavitelya - it may be a gas or a battery.

Removing scratches

molten mixture is applied in a similar manner as the paste, but any excess putty should be removed immediately, before it froze, otherwise you will get an uneven floor.

When the mixture hardens, cover the place you need to be sanded.

putty best to help restore the cover and remove even a fairly large scratches, it is most often used for the repair of wooden flooring.

If the scratch is too deep and wide, has developed into a crack or chips appeared, it may not attempt to patch up - will have to change the cover.

Well, if your laminate has a lock connection - only one board can be changed in this case, and the repair will be cheaper than if you shoot all the coverage.


Operating Rules laminate

If you are from the outset will be to use simple operation laminate rules, the risk of cracking can be avoided, or at least significantly reduced.

The simplest thing you can do - lay a carpet surface.

You can lay a small rug in the hallway, where the greatest risk of damage borne particles from the street, as well as to buy a carpet in the nursery, becausetoys - one of the most frequent causes of scratches on the laminate.

Another common cause - the constant movement of furniture, so it is best to protect the surface and out of it.

makes sense to lay a mat if you are using a computer chair or coffee table on wheels.

on larger furniture can paste special stickers and tips that will not let the legs of furniture to scratch the surface.

Tip for furniture

This applies to objects that move very often, but very massive objects (cabinets, sofas, tables, etc.) with the change in the situation may significantly damage the surface.

No less important and constant care for coating, cleaning it from appearing dirt, dust and sand - the main enemy of the laminate.

doormat greatly help you avoid the sand throughout the apartment.Do not forget to vacuum or sweep the surface of at least not less than 3-4 times a week.

If you have a steam cleaner in the house, do not rush to apply it to a laminate without knowing first type.

If this cover class 32,33,34, then you can use a steam cleaner, becauseThis coating is resistant to water.

However, the treatment still should not be given a continuous flow of steam - it is better to use a pulse method, pressing the button on the machine intermittently to steam acted irregularly.

But washing should not get involved.Laminate - Sustainable water coverage, but if it is too much, then there is a chance that it will fall on the laminate joints and eventually zatechet under it.

This greatly shorten its life, and in some cases, and deforms the surface.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth laminate quite a couple of times a week, and use the wet vacuum on the surface and not at all worth it.

order after cleaning the floor in the laminate was left divorces, wipe the surface along the plates, rather than across, and often change the water.

Making laminate shine, you can use vinegar or lemon juice - add them to the water, when you come to wash floors.Laminate is not hurt, but it will improve the appearance.

laminate Wash

also "polish" the surface is possible by means of felt slippers - they will rub the laminate when you move around the house.

If the laminate is stained, it is better to get rid of them as quickly as possible.You can do this by using window cleaners containing alcohol.

This will help remove the "hard" spots - for example, from the pen or ink.

Dried stains can be removed with a scraper, but very carefully so as not to damage the surface and liquid water stains or dirt brought from the street, better to soak the sponge, and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

These easy-care will prevent, or at least relegated possible cover repairs.If, however, there were small scratches on the laminate - remove them immediately.

Do not put off the repair, because otherwise scratches grow into cracks and repair the coating is no longer possible.