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August 12, 2017 18:07

Stretch ceilings in the hall : installation instructions

Stretch ceilings are used in virtually all areas.To date, the characteristics of the tension fabric resistant to virtually any influences.Accordingly, this allows to use the material in a bathroom where there is high humidity and low temperature conditions.It is safe to predict that in a few years will be actively ceilings installed in a large number of apartments.And all because the suspended ceiling is extremely practical and versatile.


However, not allpeople know that the tension fabric looks great in any room, as most of it is set in the living room.Recently, there was a tendency, which is based on the installation of suspended ceilings right in the bathroom.This excellent solution that makes the representation space is very attractive.

In the present article we will talk about how to install suspended ceilings in the hall.Again, many people believe that the hall is hardly the suspended ceiling will look good.We must say in advance that the probability of creating a not very attractive design really is, but with proper approach all have to happen, and it is in the hall, guests will pay the most attention.

main features of using a stretch ceiling in the hallway

First of all, we should understand that the entrance hall is the "face" of the entire apartment.Of course, it was her first of all pay attention to the guests home.Accordingly, the suspended ceiling focuses on attention, and ultimately it is this element of a general impression of space.

In addition, as we have said, to create an unattractive hallway design on the basis of a stretch ceiling is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

In such a situation, first of all, you need to pay attention to the texture of the surface tension ceiling:

  • glossy canvas.This, of course, the most popular option, which is not only a mirror properties, but also a visual extension of the space.This is exactly what you need in the hallway, where there is often a small enough space.Especially good if the selected stretch ceiling is combined with the color of the walls.However, the subtleties that allow you to visually expand the space, in fact, very much, and all of them need to be explored.This will be discussed further.
  • matte canvas.This option is most often used in those passers-by, where there are high ceilings.In this scenario, the room will look really attractive and solidly.You should also know that Matt ceilings often used it in a classic design, where there are no too ambiguous experimental solutions.At the same ceiling can safely place the lamp, which will give comfort room.


fabric types

Much depends on the type of material tension.We must bear in mind that quite often appear on the market new solutions related to the type of fabric, so quite difficult to keep up with variations of the original product.

It is worth noting stretch fabric on the basis of tissue.This good surface that is ideal in terms of classical interiors.Something reminiscent of such material silk, and that is what captivates consumers.However, such ceilings frequently used for large areas, as based only on this web can make seamless fabric surface texture.We should not forget that the fabric ceilings significantly more expensive than film, so perhaps it makes sense to think about a good choice.On the positive side of the tissue tension of the material, we can note its impeccable environmental friendliness.This is positive news for those who are related to new materials with caution.You can also celebrate the fact that the installation of fabric material is much simpler than the film.

film web can be very diverse.Almost every year on the market there are more options for this material, and all of them look good in certain areas.

color composition

Choice fabric color is very important.Hall - that's exactly what the room where you can use almost any color.However, the need and approach to this question is reasonable.The most commonly used neutral solutions that are harmonious look with the other interior components.For example, to visually expand the space you want to use light and bright colors of the web.

Quite often the whole apartment is a design composition, and therefore color should be about the same.everything is quite simple in this scenario.

Dark colors can also emphasize the elegant style of the home, but it should be understood that the black cloth can visually reduce the already modest space, so such decisions should be treated with caution.

Well, in the end we should say a few words about printing.This solution allows you to transfer almost any drawings on the ceiling.However, for such registration should be resorted to only in the event that this corresponds to the overall design of the room.Most often stretched canvas applied various abstract images that engage the attention.


Lighting the anteroom

When it comes to choosing a stretch ceiling for hall, it is necessary to pay special attention and coverage.Often it turns out that the equipped poorly lighting makes the space uncomfortable.To avoid this, of course, refer to the help of experts who are well versed such things.In fact, everything is simple enough.

First of all, we must bear in mind that too much light in the hallway - not the best solution.This is particularly bad if this room has a small size.In large rooms, you can easily hang a large chandelier, which is easily illuminate the entire space.

main problem we face - is the creation of high-grade lighting, which is enough for the whole hallway.For this purpose, for example, one can take a large lamp, as well as several point light sources.Thus it is necessary to arrange with the mind all these components.The most successful is a solution in which a large lamp is located in the middle of the room and spot lamps mounted on the perimeter.If the ceiling is glossy, it is necessary to see to it that there is not too much glare from the light.This is a common problem, which is very difficult to avoid.The design of the lamp must be such that the light was not directed onto the web and on the floor.It not only looks beautiful, but also much safer.Lamp produces heat which may easily damage the ceiling.In this regard, the most safe conventional lamps in which the light sources are located at some distance from the ceiling.If the ceiling is low, it is necessary to control that light does not become a problem.

Spotlights are used in all areas where there are ceilings.The thing is that they decorate the room, especially if located around the light source original rims.

stretch - ceiling - to - vestibule ( 4 )

Construction backlight

To emphasize the refined style of the room, of course, will not prevent set quality illumination.To date, a variety of such products simply enormous.This is the most serious problem, as they often choose something most suitable is very difficult.

A highlight of suspended ceilings are the following:

  • hidden;
  • decorative;
  • color.

Also it should be mentioned that recently often used LED ribbon.It is easy enough to install on the ceiling surface.

must be said that often the backlight is used only in cases where the ceiling has several levels.Thus, it is possible without any problems to focus on a particular sector of a stretch ceiling.If the ceiling is composed exclusively of the ceiling paintings, the light, is likely to be a bit superfluous.

Hidden backlight simply hiding under the elements of the web.It is as if a light source and does not have anywhere else.To install these items will need the help of experts, as the case fairly subtle.

Colored lighting appropriate in those cases where we have the suspended ceiling with original colors.It may just be a bright image, or a juicy colors.If the combination would be really good, the ceiling will captivate the attention of visitors.

most common lighting installed above the doors.This kind of highlighting areas, which allows you to find the desired object, even if the main light is turned off.But first of all it is still a decorative element that uniquely attracts attention.

is also very important to make the lights perfectly combined with the basic lighting of the room.If the hallway is too narrow, it will provide will be difficult, so you should choose something one.In some cases, the need for full coverage may not be in this situation need to get high-power LED lighting, so you can even navigate in space.Also do not forget that the hall could be exposed to light from other rooms, which substantially simplifies the situation.In addition, the lamp can be placed directly on the wall.

1390762810_potolok - 2

The installation of stretch ceiling in the hallway

By and large stretch ceiling installation in the hall is very similar to the process in the living room or kitchen.However, here all have a place to be some of the subtleties, which have the meaning of a few words.

First of all it should be noted that often the hallways are narrow room in which it is difficult to carry out the repair process.Of course, he and the suspended ceiling is not so easy to install.For in such a situation no problem, you must seek professional help.Also, do not forget that you need to install the web to heat it to a certain temperature.In this narrow space, there may be some problems.

The rest of the process is about the following items:

  • At the very beginning held ceiling layout.To do this, use an ordinary pencil, but as a device that will indicate the correct level of the laser device is activated.In an extreme case, it is possible to restrict the usual spirit level.Along with this need to produce measurement space angles.
  • Now it's time for the perimeter of the room to mount the retaining profile.Here the most important thing - is to make an accurate setting, and this will come in handy recently held markup.Profile Mounting takes place on the basis of dowels.
  • Next, we need heat gun, which will increase the air temperature in the room.At this stage it is necessary to do so in the hallway temperature reached 40 degrees.It should be borne in mind that it is important to be careful in this process, since too high temperatures can damage the fabric.
  • Now we need to start fixing the tension of the web.To do this, use an ordinary trowel.At the same time, you can activate a heat gun and heat the air up to 60 degrees.Thus, any traces disappear bubbles or unevenness.However, in this case it is important not to overdo it, as too high temperatures also have a negative impact on the quality of the ceiling covering.
  • At the same time it is possible to carry out the installation of lighting systems, but you must first take care of the traverse should be performed.

Within a few days you can not allow any changes in temperature in the hallway.Then you can use the room as usual.