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August 12, 2017 18:07

Golden color in the interior: the luster and shine of gold

In times of ornate Baroque and Rococo golden color in the interior is a sign of luxury and privileged position in society.The color of the precious metal has always been associated with the royal palaces and mansions of the nobility and aristocratic rooms. Although nowadays interiors, fully decorated in gold color, is unlikely to be a sign of good taste, its moderate amount of give the room an atmosphere of celebration and honor.

If you want to dilute the gold interior, read tips "Dream House" site on how to correctly apply gold color and decor with gold in the interior design.

Golden color in the interior

golden color in the interior

3 golden rules for the use of color in the interior

There are few rules for the application of gold color in a residential interior:

1. A sense of proportion

Gold color is representative of warm colors, so that there isin the interior creates additional visual spaciousness and light.But it looks overabundance firstly too pomp, secondly, a plurality of light creates reflections, because of which lie in a room will not be very comfortable.The main rule of good design reads: gold color to be used in the interior in a ratio of 1: 3.

gold in the interior

Gold in the interior


sense of style interior in a gold color has a magic attraction, but only if this shade is present in large parts or accessories.The best solution to the use of gold in the design of the apartment or home - it is a choice of gold accessories, such as lamps, candlesticks, frames for pictures and mirrors, etc.In addition, gold looks great on furniture elements.Luxurious bed with golden backs and legs, chairs interspersed with gold on the upholstery, chests and tables with gold handles become unobtrusive symbols of wealth and aristocracy.

But if gold is present in the interior of large objects, such as furniture, it does not always look appropriate.If the owners like furniture with gold leaf, in this case it is better not to give preference to brighter shades, and a little muted, resembling the color of the aged.

gold wallpaper in the interior

Golden wallpaper in the interior

gold curtains in the interior

Golden curtains in the interior

interior in gold color

Bedroom interior in gold color

3. Unity

style in the capable hands of gold color will perfectly fit into any interior styling, whetherthe classicism and minimalism.Slightly muted, as if "frayed" shades on the elements of furniture or accessories create an atmosphere of coziness and romance inherent in style Shabby-chic.When choosing a bright, noble gold, combined with modern materials and a monochrome color scheme, it is possible to recreate the design in the style of minimalism.If the gold is present in the fanciful figurines, furniture or textiles, in combination with light or dark shades of the classic, then this interior will resemble classicism and baroque.

Interior room in the gold color

Interior living in a golden color

gold color in the interior

golden color in the interior

combination of golden color with other shades

Interior gold requires the perfect combination with other shades.Like any warm shade of gold perfectly combined with all the bright colors.In this case, it will give the room an additional shine and space.If the room is dominated by white, peach, beige or light gray shades, it is best to select multiple items in gold.It can be accessories, tableware, figurines, textile accessories, etc.

interior with gold

Interior gold picture

combination of green interior

combination of gold in the interior

combination of gold in the interior is great to strict chocolate terracotta tones.If the room there is wooden furniture, brown bedspreads or curtains, gold will give more light and shine.In this case, you can select the wallpaper or gold finish of the walls, curtains and accessories.

Golden curtains in interior photos

Golden curtains in the interior photo

however particularly stylish and catchy looks stylish black-and-gold interior.It is desirable that the duo still prevailed black.For example, if the room dark floors and light-colored walls, the atmosphere of luxury and originality will give a black set, decorated with gold accents, gold curtains and bedspreads dark interspersed with gold.This combination is beautiful in itself, so other shades must be chosen carefully enough.It is advisable to abandon in favor of eye-catching shades of pastel colors.

Wallpaper for gold in the interior

Wallpapers for gold in the interior

black and gold interior

Black and gold interior

also golden color goes well with purple, cherry, blue and turquoise shades.

gold curtains in the interior

Golden curtains in the interior

The combination of gold color in the interior

gold color combination in the interior

gold color indoors

house in different rooms of the gold used in different ways.Let's see how it will look golden interior of a bedroom, living room and bathroom.

gold in the interior bedroom

Golden shades in the bedroom will be a good addition of oriental style, baroque and art deco.For example, for the Oriental style suit abundance of gold accessories - vases, dishes, figurines, bed covers, curtains, etc.Baroque style tends to be fanciful elements, so it would be appropriate to issue gold elegant stucco ceiling, lampshades lamps, chandeliers and elements of picture frames and mirrors.Golden wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom at the same time will create a festive atmosphere and originality, which is very suitable for the style of Art Deco.

As a rule, most bedroom is made in bright colors, so its decoration fit all shades of gold.

gold bedroom Photo

gold bedroom Photo

Bedroom white gold

Bedroom white gold

Bedroom in gold tones

Bedroom in gold tones

living room interior with

gold gold color in the living room always looks appropriate and aristocratic.Wallpapers for gold in the interior of the living room will be a key design element.However, this design of the walls of the furniture should be black, brown or beige.It allowed the use of discreet gold color in accessories and decor elements.If the walls of the living room are made in bright colors or classic, then gold would be appropriate to look at the various surfaces of the furniture, lamps, vases and textile elements.

However, making out a room with various accessories, you need to remember about the rule of the golden section in the interior, which states that the most pleasant visually look asymmetrical details.For example, if one wall of the living room is decorated with paintings in gold frames, then another wall should be free.You can also use gold curtains in the interior of the living room, which will give the room an additional light and wealth.

Living in gold tones

Living in gold tones

Black and gold color in the interior of the living room

Black and gold color in the interior living

Design living in gold tones

Design living in gold tones

golden decor in the bathroom

golden color in the design of the bathroom - it is sought andaristocratic, but only if the room itself is large and bright.In small and poorly lit bathrooms have an abundance of gold items only visually narrow the space and its main feature - the luster and shine - will not be noticeable.

Very beautiful gold color looks in the bathroom plumbing items - pens, cranes, etc.But in this case it is desirable that the room was decorated in bright colors, or gold lights darkened.See also the appropriate gold tiles, lighting fixtures, and a variety of bathroom accessories.

White gold bathroom

White gold bathroom

White gold bathroom

White gold bathroom

Golden bathroom faucet

Golden faucet bathroom

gold bathroom photo

Golden Bathroom photo

golden color in the interior can be a great assistant in this difficult taskas the creation at the same time cozy, noble and original decor.The main thing to remember that the value of gold is shown in its moderation!

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