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Children's Room Design

August 12, 2017 18:07

Cots in the interior photo

emergence of a new man - a solemn event and welcome.Our children we dream to give only the best, so before you go shopping for baby furniture - cots , should think over all.

cradle or cradle

The question of which is better: basket-cradle or a bed-cradle difficult.A wide range of products from various manufacturers puts many parents to a standstill.But in any case, the chosen model should not only be stylish, but also comfortable and safe for the child.Children grow quickly, so it's better to buy the crib with the expectation that this furniture will last for three years.

Cot for baby photo
Cot photo

Well, if the bed can be converted into a cot-bed, with storage compartment underneath for toys and children's items.Always have to be left out, which will not allow the baby to fall.And if these bumpers can be lowered, mom can easily fill the bed and get out of her child.The best types of beds from oak, pine and birch.

Photo crib for baby
Photo crib for baby

basket cradle of a very cozy, suitable for children under one year, has special handles for carrying, which can be washed in the machine.Many kids love it is the cradle in which they feel comfortable.

Bed for baby photo
Bed for baby photo

It is important to correctly determine a suitable location for a cot.Most likely, in the next year or two it will stand in the parents' bedroom.The place should be light, well ventilated, but in any case not near a window or batteries.Over bed should not hang any shelves, cabinets or paintings.

Choosing a mattress for a cot

When choosing a mattress is important to pay attention to two parts: the convenience and ortopedichnost.The mattress must fit the child's bed, its density should not be too hard or too soft.Not allowed bedsores and dents.

Mattress for Baby cots photo
Mattress for Baby beds photo

Choice mattresses today is huge.Models of wool, spring, with felt filled with sea grass and bast - choose, do not want to.All of them are good in their own way, as long as the baby spine to stay straight on this mattress.

MATTRESS should firmly take its place, well prostiryvatsya and protect the mattress from getting wet oilcloth-lining or medical oilcloth.

Cot for baby photo
Cot photo

Bedding for baby

main requirement for children's bedclothes - a natural material.Cotton, flannel or Maher are the most optimal.And, of course, the child will enjoy colorful drawings, the original delicate patterns, animal motifs.

Bed linen for baby photo
Bedding for baby photo

About a pillow and blanket

Prior year kids do not recommend sleeping on the pillow, it is harmful to the spine still not strong.The best blanket for the child will be fine wool or light comforters.

Cot for baby photo
Cot photo

toys cot

Toys should not be too much.You can hang them on pegs on the side of the bed.They will move or make a pleasant melody, it will distract and soothe baby.Material of toys should be safe for the child and the size adequate to the baby could not swallow them.

Children's toys photo

closet baby clothes

For a child is better to allocate a separate locker in which to store his belongings.

Children's locker photo

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