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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gable roof with his hands

Installation mauerlat

construction works begin with the roof mauerlat installation, horizontal bar.At the same time outside the construction is necessary to lay the bricks.All load coming onto the roof, to be transmitted mauerlat.For this purpose, the roofing element should be located at 3.2 cm above the upper surface of the brick.

Gable roof with his hands

Installing beams and floorboards

next step gable roof construction involves the installation of ceiling beams, t. E. Timber.For their reliable fastening of the nails used in the 150. First it is necessary to fix the extreme beams.Assembly is then carried out long and short bars.

After installation is complete, all the beams, it is necessary to proceed to the deck boards.Many will say: "And why bother to install the board?" The answer is extremely simple.Boards need to ensure that they can be used to walk.This will facilitate the process of roof construction.

Gable roof with his hands

Securing the ridge beam

The next step is construction of a gable roof ridge beam installation is carried out.First mount racks of boards, which are fixed temporary struts.After the completion of the construction of the entire truss, intermediate racks, you can safely clean and on the second floor to equip living rooms.

assembling trusses and installing

racks should then proceed with the installation of the rafters.To this end support for the roofing is applied to the beam and the end of the ridge beam.First you need to fix two strapila protivoplozhnyh with all design.To ensure a reliable installation system uses all the same nails on 150.

next step - installing racks and Regel.If construction means a mansard roof, the strut will act as side walls of the frame.Rigel while getting beamed ceilings.

After installation is complete, you need to do truss gables.To do this, you need to do additional racks.Do not forget about the window opening.Thus, only after the completion of work with a frame, you can sheathe gable dyuymovka.

Gable roof with his hands

Filing cornice boards

In the manufacture of gable roofs need to carry out binder cornice boards.Another no less important point - installation of drainage system.For these purposes the chute metal holders.Note that it is best to hold the gutter installation in this process step.If you miss the right moment, in the future there will be many problems associated with the installation of drainage system.If you want to see the video of the installation of a gable roof with his hands and then proceed to its crate.

to use staple gun for fastening waterproofing film.For convenience, around the perimeter of the construction set of the forest.This is to a large extent facilitate finishing work.Also to the rafters still need to beat kontrobreshetki rail and do not forget to leave room for waterproofing.And only after that the entire surface is covered kontrobreshtkoy.Do not forget to set the gables and eaves ebb.That's all - gable roof is made with their own hands!