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August 12, 2017 18:07

What to prepare for Easter 2015 and how to decorate the Easter table

In 2015, the most important Christian holiday Easter is celebrated on the 12th day of April.This holiday sings the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which was the lightest and awesome event in the history of mankind.To understand and feel the atmosphere of Easter Sunday, do not necessarily have to be a deeply religious man , which keep everything the dogma of Christianity, because the holiday symbolizes the brightest side of our world: the victory of good over evil, of faith over force, of life over death.Perhaps everyone would like to know about Easter traditions and attributes of the holiday, as well as to plan the menu for Easter 2015 and beautifully decorate the Easter table.This "House of Dreams" took its readers the most interesting information.

What to prepare for Easter 2015

What to prepare for Easter 2015

main Easter traditions

Preparation for Easter begins 48 days before the holiday.It lasts as Lent, the aim of which is not so much in the physical as in the spiritual purification.At that time, Christians should pray earnestly, begging as their own, and the sins of others, reflect on the meaning of life and to work hard.The most serious is considered to be the last week of Lent, called Holy Week.According to legend, this time from a man alienated guardian angels, leaving him alone with the worldly temptations, and only depends on the person, whether he will be able to overcome the temptations encountered.

Active Easter preparations come with the arrival of Pure Thursday - the day when taken up before sunrise to wash, thereby securing the purity of their intentions.Believers on Maundy Thursday communion and confession, and then go home, where they spend time cleaning, cooking cakes and egg painting.Also, many decorate the house for Easter flowers, branches and all kinds of Easter decor.

Easter traditions

Easter traditions

Traditions of Orthodox Easter

traditions of Orthodox Easter

What should be at the traditional Easter table Easter table

is a mandatory attribute of the festive day.According to tradition, on Easter table should be 48 dishes, embodying seven-week post.The most important dish Easter table - this is, of course, Easter Sunday, Easter cakes and colored eggs.Easter dough is kneaded on Maundy Thursday, leaving it to infuse overnight.Cottage cheese cakes, Easter eggs and other dishes prepared in Holy Thursday, but you can not try them until Fitr.

addition to the main dishes on the Easter table must exist meat, fish and vegetable food.But interestingly, in the traditional version of the Easter table does not imply the presence of hot snacks.According to the features of this holiday, the day of the Easter table should be covered with from dawn to dusk, so that everyone could come to your house and to be treated with a pleasing dish.

What should be on the Easter table

What should be on the Easter table

Dishes on the table Easter 2015 photo

Dishes on Easter table 2015

Easter cake and colored eggs

Easter cake and colored eggs

cake and Easter - the "heart" Easter table

Each dish Easter table has itseigenvalue and represents a particular aspect of life.Easter is the first food for breaking the fast at the same time represents the bread and the body of the Lord.As stated in the Old Testament tradition, during the Last Supper, Jesus broke the unleavened bread and said it was his body, which he sacrificed in the name of humanity.

For each family prepare cakes similar to the sacrament.Knead the dough for the Easter bread is necessary manually.In addition to the basic ingredients - flour, water, eggs, yeast, milk, oil and sugar in the dough Easter, you can add raisins, candied fruits and nuts, as a symbol of the fact that Christ's sufferings were not in vain.

Tradition Easter table

Traditions Easter table

Decorating Easter table - Easter cakes and eggs

Decorating Easter table - Easter cakes and eggs

Cakes for the Easter table photo

cakes for the Easter table photo

Easter cake and Easter eggs on the table

Easter cake and Easter eggs on

table Easter cottage cheese symbolizes the sweetness of paradise.In the traditional version, it should be done in the form of a truncated pyramid, repeating the shape of a coffin, which was the resurrection of Christ.That is why on one side of the curd Easter plotted letters "XB" (Christ is risen).

Curd Easter photos

Curd Easter photo

Curd Easter eggs and flowers - pictures

Curd Easter eggs and flowers - pictures

Easter curd photo

Easter curd photo

How to make Easter in the form of cottage cheese

How to make cottage cheese passover in the form

Why do we paint eggs for Easter

Painted eggs or Krashenki - another invariable symbol of Easter day.We are used to dye Easter Krashenki in all known colors, striking patterns on them and pictures, but the tradition of Easter eggs should be painted in red color, as a symbol of the spilled blood of Jesus Christ.According to the most popular legend, the day of the return of Jesus Christ from the dead, Mary Magdalene hastened to announce this good news to the Emperor of Rome.Faced with the emperor, she handed him a chicken egg with a cry of: "Christ is Risen", but the emperor said that he believes that the news only when the eggshell red.After his words the egg in the hands of Mary Magdalene zaalelo bloody color.

Why paint eggs for Easter in red

Why paint eggs for Easter red

Easter basket in Krashenki

Easter Krashenki in a basket

Easter eggs painted with a pattern

Easter eggs painted with a pattern

Painted eggs at Easter 2015 photo

Painted eggs at Easter 2015 photo

What to prepare for Easter 2015: main menu

addition to cakes, Easter Sunday and Easter table krashenok complemented by several dishes of meat.Baked ham, jelly, homemade sausage, meat rolls and snacks are symbols of joy and life force.

Also on Easter table must be present vegetable dishes and cereals, which represent the infinity of human life.

what to cook for Easter 2015

What to prepare for Easter 2015

Meat dishes for the Easter table

meat dishes for the Easter table

Before starting the festive meal entrees should sanctify.In addition, the table is assumed to sprinkle holy water, then made to pray for those who have already left this world.

how to decorate the Easter table

How to decorate the Easter table

Decor Ideas Easter table 2015

has long been on the day of Easter people wanted to fill your home with a warm atmosphere and comfort of spring awakening.House for this holiday purely washed out and decorated with fresh flowers and Palm branches.In addition, there are some important rules about decorating and serving Easter table.

Easter table was covered with a light and a new tablecloth.It is best if the cloth for this holiday will be created from natural materials.

serve an table, the hostess must necessarily leave one space for unexpected guests, putting on a plate piece of cake and lit easter egg.

Easter table decoration

Beautiful decoration Easter table photo

Easter table serving

Easter table serving

Beautiful Easter table photo

Beautiful Easter table photo

Easter table image

Easter table beautiful pictures

In the center of the holiday table are put Easter, Easter cakes and colored eggs.Traditionally, these dishes are set in wicker Easter basket , next to which is given a place for clear vases with fresh flowers or a bowl of sprouted grains of wheat.The presence of particles of wildlife on the holiday table is another symbol of the rebirth of life, fertility and prosperity.

In addition, to complement the holiday atmosphere can be a variety of attributes of Easter, which include this Easter decor as chickens figures, chickens and rabbits, the composition of the willow branches, painted Krashenki, napkins with thematic patterns, etc.

According to tradition, if the house is a girl of marriageable age, about her dish needed to put a bouquet with pink flowers.If home owners dream of a child, should decorate the Easter table primroses, figurines of angels and chickens.

Late in the afternoon on Easter table decided to light candles as a sign of gratitude to Christ for his wisdom and mercy.

Easter table decor 2015 photo

Decor Easter table 2015 photo

Decorating Easter table with flowers Photo

Decorating Easter table with flowers Photo

Bright and beautifully decorated Easter table image

Bright and beautifully decorated Easter table

wish you successfully prepare for Easter 2015 to prepare delicious dishes for the Easter table and happily notethis holiday!

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