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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sculptural carpets in the interior : the manufacture and maintenance features

code once considered a luxury to have a house big carpet with intricate ornaments.In everyday life were ordinary woven track.Today, almost every apartment has more than one rug. And it is perceived as the norm.Some are moving away from this stereotype and are exempt from the luxury, while others are looking for more interesting options that emphasize comfort and bring a special warmth of home.It is for the second category sculpted carpets have been developed.What they are is produced and how to care for them - all this you will learn from our today's article on the website "Dream House."

Sculptural carpets

Sculptural carpets

What carpets called sculptural

sculptural called carpets, which have raised pattern extending in height from the base coat.This effect is achieved by a special vystrizhkoy cloth.

Relief carpets can have all sorts of shapes and all sizes.Their use not only the room (living room) is limited.They also look great in the bathroom, child and, importantly, can decorate the wall, although today this method of decoration has been used very rarely.

carpet with a relief pattern

Carpet with relief pattern

Volume sculptural carpet photos

Volume sculptural carpet photo

The sculptural carpet with a relief pattern

sculptural carpet with a relief pattern

Sculptural carpets in the bathroom

Sculptural carpets in the bathroom

Despite the fact that the relief rugs in the countryCIS were relatively recently, their existence dates back several centuries.There is a version that the creators of such works of art were Chinese.In the 17th century, is embossed carpet has become popular in Europe, and in the 20th year of the last century that conquered America.And for the last few years carpets with relief pattern successfully conquer the CIS countries.

production technology sculptured carpets and their cost

There are several options for the manufacture of sculptured carpets:

  • machine method - such products are usually made up of synthetic fibers and have a simple relief pattern;
  • author's work - this carpet is made from a sketch by the designer of the very best materials.As a rule, it is made in a single copy as a picture of the artist;
  • order - to your house comes a designer, interior photographs, which is supposed to put the sculptural carpet, floor space measures.

In the manufacture of carpets to order take into account all your wishes!You might want to have your carpet repeated pattern used in stucco or on the curtains.Or will your desire to make a bright accent in a calm color scheme for the room on the carpet.If the place for the relief of the carpet in the nursery, it can mimic the turf, with short vystrizhku, and thus providing a massage effect on the baby's legs.In general, in this case are not limited to your imagination!

Create sculptural carpet - is a complex and lengthy process, and all because the wizard uses a hand tufting technique.Specialist fills thread basis with a hand gun, reinforces the pile latex covers its lining.Then clean the carpet, polished, and after all of these procedures, the fun begins - vystrizhka.Thus, to create a masterpiece such leaves more than two months.But fans of the handmade and exclusive sketch willing to wait longer.

Machine sculptured carpets are relatively inexpensive, the cost is about $ 300This price is due to the fact that these carpets have a blurred image, not rich colors and a simple pattern: mostly geometric shapes.

Carpet with relief pattern Photo

Carpet with relief pattern Photo

Carpet with relief pattern for bathroom

Carpet with relief pattern for bathroom

If you want to decorate your home with exclusive embossed carpet, you will have to part with about 500u.e.for 1kv.m.Also it is necessary to understand that the individual tailoring requires time-consuming.

Sculptural fluffy white carpet

Sculpture fluffy white carpet

Terrain carpet photos

embossed carpet photo

Composition embossed carpets

most expensive sculptured carpets are considered to be made from the wool of the Tibetan sheep.For them, all the conditions that the animals were most happy and comfortable life.With this in sheep wool homogeneous, smooth throughout.

In most cases, for the production of embossed carpet using wool of New Zealand sheep.The geographical location of the country allows the animal to eat all year round clean green grass.

Another component of the carpet material is silk, but it is increasingly being used in small decorative elements.

acrylic and nylon - these high quality synthetic fibers to touch virtually indistinguishable from natural materials.

Using the carpet a few textures, the wizard can make the surface of the grain, fluffy and even look like real fur.

Embossed Photo carpets

Relief carpets photo

Sculptural carpets photo

Sculptural carpets photo

Features care sculptural carpet

As we wrote above, one of the manufacturing stages of the carpet with a relief pattern undergoes special treatment, so a ready-made product to handle specialmeans for carpet during use is not necessary.It is recommended to clean the carpet by hand, at the same time to help the brushes are soft and non-aggressive water with soap.If the carpet is stained with wine or something else, it is best to call a specialist.

Mole virtually harmless to the sculptural carpets.If you always use the carpet and watch its condition, this insect never dwelt therein.

And more!Try to get on your carpet is not standing furniture, because the legs by selling it or leave an indelible "trace".

Carpet with relief pattern: additional opportunities

Design Design sculptural carpet can be varied, and the height of the pile as high as 15cm.By the way, and the basic tone can have multiple colors.For example, there are the mosaic carpets.They consist of fragments of different colors.A hot rolling - a special technique that allows you to turn all these pieces into one.

Some carpets using a cable - optical fiber and light engine.Thanks to him, the carpet will be flashing in the darkness.

Besides the beauty, the carpet is able to give an extra sound insulation, to reduce the amount of dust in the house, to reduce the possibility of injury and to add heat to the atmosphere at home.Therefore, if you have not got this beautiful cover, then go shopping, see what sculptured carpets have in stock.And if you hit on the idea to make a carpet on an individual thumbnail, then go ahead and put it into practice!

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