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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to seal the crack in the wall

How to seal the crack in the wall photos

How and what to remove the crack in the wall correctly.

One of the most important problems of apartment buildings and private houses are cracks in the walls.Because of these cracks are very often begins to crack and peel off the paint, peel off wallpaper, as well as other troubles occur, from which I would like to get rid of.But cracks occur not only because the builders - this may be the same, and because of the many natural phenomena such as earthquakes, land and other sediment.It is necessary to understand that nothing eternal does not exist, and the problem is solved as it becomes available.However, cracks can be very different - whether it is the initial stage or some serious damage.But the conclusion should be drawn one - you need to seal the crack in the wall as soon as possible, so you do not have to invest more manpower and resources to eliminate this problem.It is better to cover and seal the "the first couple" than to make repairs in the apartment.

How and what to remove the crack in the wall

you may encounter a completely different fissures on the size and origin.Perhaps you just cracked plaster or plaster, but if the crack has given itself the brickwork, it's a serious problem.Still, with the first and second embodiment can cope, you just need to know how to do everything, that's all.Let's try to learn some techniques that will help you get rid of already appeared cracks in the wall or a hole in the wall.

Putty Net photo

Putty grid will help to eliminate the crack in the wall.

If your wall formed small cracks that resemble cobweb , then in order to gloss over it, you will need a primer (see how to select the primer) and surface finishing grid.But remember, this option may be appropriate only if the cracks do not diverge and the wall has only minor damage.So, down to business.First of all you need to clean off the wall all the old materials and all kinds of trash, which is available on the surface.It is important that the wall was perfectly clean.Now that you have done this work should be primed wall primer deep penetration.Then glue the reinforced plastering mesh across the wall area.Remember that the grid should be covered the whole place cracked walls.After you have done to the grid must be on top of a thin layer of fluff filler surface.After complete drying of the wall should be sanded, then you are ready for painting or wallpapering.Thus repaired crack in the wall is easy and fast.

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If you encounter this problem when small cracks went on the outside wall, then you should do the same work as in the previous version to get rid of the cracks, butyet here there is a caveat - to choose the means of putty Ceresit CT29.This coat is designed specifically for outdoor use and does not require sanding, since it itself is reinforced.Moreover, this coat is very resistant to weathering, as it has in its composition a special adhesive additives.

Metal mesh for plaster photo

Metal net for a photo plaster.

If your wall went significant cracks not only in plaster, but also bricklaying , there is recourse to another embodiment of a repaired crack in the wall, as this problem has more serious than in previous versions.First and foremost you need to be completely removed from the wall, all the old plaster.Once you have cleared the wall, you need to tie it to a special metal mesh for plaster, and only then apply a new layer of cement-sand plaster.But it is important to remember that the net has to be screwed over the entire surface, thus it will not blurred new plaster, after which it will be possible to putty, paint and so on.

How to pull the crack metal plates Photo But should begin to take drastic measures in the event that a crack in the wall of the beginning is a little at odds .In this case, you have to pull the wall to each other in order to she did not diverge further.Pulls together a crack need special metal plates.But before you bring down all the old plaster from the wall.Plaster can not shoot down with the entire surface, and only two feet on either side of the crack, because the metal plate is usually mounted on the one meter.Once you shot down the plaster crack must be cleaned from mortar and other debris, then fill it with foam.You can now mount plate.But there is an important point - when choosing a plate should definitely pay attention to the fact that she could not easily bend, the more it should not be bent by hand - this is important.It is necessary to choose a plate that is made of thick and high-quality metal.

cracks in the wall should pull together in three places, and is only a minimum.If possible, you can do four or five ties.But if you choose the first option, the binding sites are ties:

1. From above, while departing little space from the ceiling.
2. From below, gently stepping back from the floor.
3. middle.

plates you can fasten on the most common screws, dowels previously hammered and can stick them on the bolts with nut, plate breaking through.Once you have made tie, can cheat a special metal mesh and see how things are done correctly plaster walls with his own hands with a video example, and if you are familiar with this, respectively down to business, because now you tell me you do not know how to close up cracksin the wall.Good luck!