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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a fence of slab with his own hands

A fence made of slabs with their hands

fence slabs with their hands

fence slabs?Easily!
Bliss feel when we leave on a country site.The air is clean, the smell of flowers, the nightingale warbling.All is good, only the neighbors something to frequent.And all because the plot "naked".Fence is not.And what he needed, when it is not the house is worth, and the hut?Concrete can not put, and put - people laughed.Besides, he does not fit into the surrounding landscape.Mesh netting to buy - expensive.A couple of years will be covered with rust.The climate is not suitable for such a fence.And besides, you can not hide behind it.Near grid plant wild grapes?How many have to wait for the krone close your possession from prying eyes.
How to choose an attractive in appearance, practical and durable, yet inexpensive material for the fence to be affordable for any family, even the pensioners?Today it is - slab.

Slab: advantages in simplicity.
Slab - affordable and environmentally friendly natural material, which is easy to make a fence.It is cheap.Not scarce.Each sawmill can be found.

Slab is of two types: business and wood.Wood Burning is used as fuel.Business sheathe sheds, fences built from it, doing formwork attic floor and walls in the temporary sheds.The advantages of this material are obvious: low cost, ease of use, reliability, durability (with proper processing) and naturalness.

Fence from slab photo

Fence from slab photo

fence croaker - build yourself!
you purchased slabs, purchased nails.We completed the design of your fence and started to implement their dreams.Themselves without the involvement of laborers.Your first step.Look croaker, sort.Substandard board set aside.With high-quality slabs, remove the crust.Required.This is done so that the bark beetle is not settled in the tree and destroy wood.It is necessary to know.The
remove the bark?Shoot need a shovel with a sharpened blade.Carpenter ax is also nice.You can walk and Skobelev.Choose what you prefer and what is at hand.

When this work is completed, it is necessary to sand and cover slab 2-3 layers of antiseptic for durability.Do not be lazy to do it in good faith.

Qualitative pillars - an integral part of your fence
Slab ready.The next stage of your fence - posts.Pillars of metal can be used to support your fence.To acquire this pipe diameter 70-80 mm, wall thickness - 3.5 mm.They should be welded plates, which are horizontally mounted wooden girders.By the way, runs can also be made of slabs, sawn it along.
Wooden poles?Why not!
Wooden poles are also perfectly suited to your fence.For the pillars preferably choose a wood of oak, pine or larch.The diameter of the pillars of the barrel must be at least 20 cm, and length -. 230 cm
before they dig in the ground, you need to do some work with them.The first step is to remove the bark.Burn in the fire.A little to lie down.Then cover the post hot tar or paint.Coating resin to a few times, but it will save in the ground part of the column from rotting.

And only after the poles are completely dry, they can dig in, dropping to the ground treated with lacquer or resin part.

By the way, if the girders are made of slabs, the distance between the supports of the fence will depend on its total length.On average, it is necessary to comply with step 200-250 cm

properly dug poles -. A pledge of strong fences.We have come to such a stage, how to dig in the pillars.If your fence will be on the loamy soil, the columns can be driven directly into the ground without any additional fortifications.To do this, you need only to drill holes using the drill.Usually it takes a garden drill, but it is better to take a drill designed for fishing.Insert the pole, put on the end of a flat board and begin to beat with a sledgehammer on a pole.

If the site that you want to enclose a fence, is located on the sand or black earth, here it is necessary to work for the glory.Dig a hole for each post.Pits pillars need to dig a depth of 60 cm and their width must be twice larger than the diameter of the installed column.At the bottom of the pit pour a 10 cm gravel.All ram.In the center of the hole to put the pole (treated side should be in the ground), fill the gravel on the perimeter.Do not forget to
with a plumb or level of the building, to check if a column mounted vertically.Ram graviy.Tolko then you can proceed to the next stage fixing pillar.
That completed the preparatory work.It remains the final stage of your business.You are in love and happy to look at the established pillars, slabs prepared and looking forward to the early completion of construction.

Fence made with their own hands, what could be nicer!
you had to work hard.You experience not only pleasant fatigue, but also the joy of that soon-soon your fence, made of slabs, will delight not only you but also your friends.Neighbors certainly will envy.And some of them will come to you, to you for sharing your experience.And you will be pleased to know yourself that you have saved so much money for the family.These funds will be able to purchase additional equipment for their summer residences.
But now remains the least nail the slab to the beam.Have you decided how you are going to beat him - horizontally or vertically?
To croaker nail horizontal bar 5x3 cm is attached to the support poles on both sides, then it using screws or nails attach overlapping slabs.Fit butt hard.It is preferable to use for this nails 150, smeared with varnish.
vertical paneling is done in a different way.For vertical cladding, slabs sawn lengthwise.Sawn slabs fastened to the joists inside the convex side.Between croaker leave a gap in the 4-5 cm. Are subsequently closed the rest of the slab, which has already secured the convex side to the outside.
Design fence and painting: Beauty Without Borders.
On the design of your fence need to think ahead to the stage of processing slabs.If you fancy brims over, your fence will look stunning.The top of the fence, you can align or make the figure, sawed off those extra centimeters.
your fence is ready, it can be painted or walk varnish or lacquer.Or you can draw a landscape, if you know how.Invite the artist to exercise it graffiti.It is new and exclusive.

fence slabs.Its advantages.
Fence from slab perfect, environmentally-clean and attractive fencing option for the country house.
For the construction of the fence of the slab does not require special knowledge and skills.

Due to its low cost - this option is available to everyone.

Wood perfectly protects against noise and dust.
If you fence "breathes", it reduces the wind speed.If the slab is put "a deaf impassable wall", it protects you from the wind.
Fence from slab will protect against unwanted guests, the evil eye.
And, finally, is the creation of your hands.And if this creation is made at a high aesthetic level, it will continue to raise the spirits not only you but also others, a beneficial effect on your mood and health.After all, you have fulfilled their task as "excellent".