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August 12, 2017 18:06

Matt ceilings in the apartment

is not a secret that the ceilings to become more and more popular every year.These products gradually appears in a large number of private houses and apartments in high-rise buildings.Despite the fact that the web tension has serious disadvantages positives easily overcome them, and it must be remembered first of all.


  • modern range of suspended ceilings
  • main features matte stretch ceiling, as well as an advantage over the glossy
  • Features fabric and PVC ceiling
  • correct choice of matte stretch ceiling
  • Basic color matte stretchceilings

range of these products is expanding significantly with each year.For example, a few years ago in the sale were often the most common fabric in glossy white coloring.Now the situation has changed significantly.Most interesting is that today each owner may apply to a particular company, and order exactly the material that best suited for the particular space.For example, it may be cloth with the original pink color texture.

The main thing to look for when buying web is its quality.Unfortunately, many firms are planning just a little rich, can produce low-quality ceilings.

In this article, we will examine the basic details related to the matte tension ceilings.This product is gradually gaining huge popularity, so the matte surface details clearly be useful.

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modern range of suspended ceilings

As we have noted, there is no problem to buy exactly the suspended ceiling, which corresponds to a number of owners of the requirements for today.First of all, all of these requirements relate to the appearance of the fabric, so most manufacturers are no problems associated with the release of the product, simply does not.

With regard to product quality, everything is much more serious.People who buy suspended ceilings often are not interested in quality, so the company offering products at low cost, can easily spoil the impression of the material.

Accordingly, experts recommend that in such circumstances to make a choice in favor of those producers who have already proven themselves in the market.Fortunately, in the CIS expanse, you can find hundreds of companies that are engaged in these products more than ten years, which means that we are more likely to get high-quality fabric.

Even after we have chosen a reputable manufacturer, you can safely make a choice in favor of one or another product.In this case, it depends directly on the tastes and preferences of the owners.

main features matte stretch ceiling, as well as an advantage over the glossy

is not a secret that it is often used in homes is glossy ceilings, but dull and have numerous positive aspects:

  • price question.Most often, matte stretch ceiling slightly cheaper glossy.This is due to the specifics of production.Accordingly, people who want to save on similar materials, have such an opportunity.Moreover, if the dwelling is too large, matte material will be economically viable.
  • Moisture resistance.Often matte stretch ceiling is more water resistant than the glossy.This indicates that the material can be safely used in the bathroom and in the kitchen.Despite this, the material still can not be considered invincible, so a certain solicitude using all the same should be exercised.Do not install the suspended ceiling in the rooms, which are in very harsh conditions.
  • Appearance.On the outer part of matte stretch ceiling is possible to speak a lot.Despite the fact that the mat material is just a thin layer of vinyl film (usually) has a feeling that a monolithic surface.Of course, such a glossy surface feeling arises.Smooth surface - a huge advantage, allowing to hide even the toughest of the main disadvantages of the ceiling.It should be borne in mind that the installation of such a fabric is a more effective solution than the restoration of the main ceiling surface.It is necessary to remember all the owners who live in older homes.

have matte stretch ceilings there are still many small advantages that uniquely become visible in various conditions.Most importantly - learn all the necessary information from the consultant to those or other characteristics of the material does not come as a surprise.

Disadvantages matte stretch ceiling:

  • material damage.Like the glossy stretch ceiling, matt incredibly easy to damage, especially if the ceiling in the home are at a low enough altitude.In this scenario, in the room where the suspended ceiling is installed, should behave with maximum caution.Even if you accidentally toss an object, it's for matte surface can become a big problem.In that case, if the ceiling is still damaged, it can easily be replaced, but this additional financial expenses.It should be noted that on the matte surface any noticeable damage much better than the glossy canvas.
  • Fragility (PVC material).Of course, the fragility of a stretch ceiling - a big problem.At low temperatures, the material often starts to crack.However, at the same time we should not forget that in order to achieve this, the room temperature must be minus.Accordingly, faced with this nuisance will be able to not all.If the room temperature is too low, use heaters and other appliances to keep an acceptable fabric temperature conditions.
  • cleaning surface.Given that the surface tension ceiling is prone to damage, material cleaning should be carried out with maximum caution.Many owners do not know about it, we cleaned the surface with a brush, which is why it became a matte painting or unpresentable appearance, or simply appear serious damage.When buying material should clarify the question of cleaning the surface tension consultants.Most often, they do offer special tools for the job, however, to recognize this, unimportant information at first glance, it is still necessary.

often matte paintings installed in private homes, where there are huge rooms and high ceilings.In this scenario, the above disadvantages constitute a serious threat not too, but on the surface of the cleaning should still take care.


Features fabric and PVC ceiling

To date, the sale can be found only 2 kinds of matte stretch ceilings, then we will look at the most important features of these options products.

  • PVC ceilings.Such surfaces represent usual film which has many serious disadvantages mentioned above.Of course, the thin film is prone to damage, especially if the low ceiling of the apartment.Moreover, when mounting material is necessary to produce welding of the webs, since the original dimensions of PVC fabric rather modest even for small rooms.Furthermore, when mounting such ceilings heat gun should be used, which increases the temperature in the room.Regarding the strengths of such material, the film is able to retain large amounts of water (from the upper floors), which could simply flood the room.Of course, when the material becomes unusable, but the room is still intact.
  • Fabric ceilings.This material is not the best way to interact with moisture.The web may start to deteriorate or deform if the liquid gets on it.In addition, the tissue surface rather difficult to clean, especially if it appears any spots or stains.In some cases it is easier to change a web than be cleaned.The strengths of the material include its large size, so do not need to make any spike.Also, the fabric material is highly durable and resistant to low temperatures.Many manufacturers emphasize that the fabric material "breathes" and is a great advantage for owners of wooden houses.

choice between the above-mentioned types of stretch matte surface is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.Thus, the choice should be made on the basis of existing housing space, and its main features.


correct choice of matte stretch ceiling

If you do opt for a matte material tension, it means that your intention is to create a single design style in the house, or at least, trying to implement a small idea.

I must say that most of this material is used in homes with a classic interior design.Accordingly, in such a space can be nothing progressive and modern, but the matte stretch ceiling create a warm and suitable atmosphere.In addition, the stretch ceiling surface, as already mentioned, is perfectly flat.In this case, it would seem that the surface is solid.

Indeed, for many people, matte stretch ceiling is an analogue of the ordinary whitewashed surface of the base ceiling.For those who are accustomed to a low-key style of premises, is the best option.

Matte painting does not reflect light, and this is most important.

As for the choice of materials, first of all, we should examine the major manufacturers that have proved themselves from the best side.Moreover, the high price does not always mean its excellent product quality.During the selection of the tension of the material to be externally examine products for the presence of any defects or flaws.Most often at this stage it is clear that the material is not the best quality.

We would like to note the fact that manufacturers often provide a full range of services associated with suspended ceilings.The essence of these ideas is that when buying the material, we can just pay the producer a certain amount and receive a full service, right up to delivery of the material and its installation.In this scenario, we also get warranty service, which will allow not to panic even in the most serious problems associated with the material.Unfortunately, not always the owners decided on such a service, as is often the expense may be too large.But at the same time we should not forget that the installation of a stretch ceiling - a serious matter, and the beginner it can not hold.

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Basic color matte stretch ceilings

This coloring material is most interested in people who want to purchase a suspended ceiling.And there is nothing strange, because the owners are thinking about how to transform the existing space.

Accordingly, sales often have the following product options:

  • White.This option, as we have said, is ideally combined with virtually any interior options.Here the most important thing - to the room itself, which sets the ceiling, was executed in bright colors.Despite its haze, the surface will still be visually increase the space.
  • colorful ceiling.In that case, if there is the idea to create a multi-level ceiling, we can safely use a variety of colors.In this scenario, the designers often use bright "flashy" colors that uniquely pleasing hosts its liveliness.However, this is only the case if the space is large enough.
  • Neutral colors (blue, light green).Due to the neutral colors can not only emphasize a particular aspect of the available space, but also create a soothing and homely atmosphere.Of course, it depends directly on the magnitude and specificity of the room.

The matte stretch ceiling can safely incorporate a variety of lamps, as they will only decorate the room and the ceiling surface directly.Along with the lamps can be used and various design attributes that underline the specificity equip the space.