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August 12, 2017 18:05


Stekloizol Building material is used as a raw material for waterproofing roofing, building structures and communications.Divided into 4th subspecies which have different base and outer layers.It is mainly used for flat roofs of garages, storage buildings, residential and commercial buildings.It has a long life.


  1. Species Stekloizol and their application
  2. Specifications Stekloizol
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  4. Video

Species Stekloizol and their application

presence in marking the letter "K" indicateson the use of raw materials as a complete roofing material.The letter "P" indicates the use of Stekloizol CCI and P HPP as a lining between the roof and the prepared roofing material.last Laying ensure the implementation of high-quality work on pitched and flat bases.

Varieties for roofing are thicker and more weight.mass index Q1.m material ranges from 3.5 to 4 kg.The raw materials used to create an additional waterproofing layer has a weight of 1 sq.m of 2.0 to 3.0 kg.All types of material, whether the destination have heat resistance of at least 80 degrees.

a basis in Stekloizol CCI and TAP applied fiberglass.It has enhanced durability and resistance to external influences, so both of these species are used for waterproofing roofs exploited.Also useful for the protection of swimming pools and underground garages.Subspecies Stekloizol HSP and HSS P have a basis of glass fiber, are therefore used for waterproofing in areas with minimal external load.

The photo material also shows the difference in the outer layers.In species CCI and HSP both sides are covered with a polymer film without the logo.The remaining subspecies of the upper part is covered with the granular, increasing their defense, but at the same time and increases the weight itself.Stekloizol sale of any type of rolls.Standard roll width is 100 cm with an accuracy of 10 mm.

Specifications Stekloizol

Advantages and disadvantages

lot of positive properties of waterproofing material does not affect the indicator value.Stekloizol is available for all customers: this is indicated by the masters reviews companies and private workers.It is not less important advantages of the web material are:

  • economical consumption due to large rolls (length from 7 to 10 m);
  • simplicity and reliability of installation (attached by fusing to the prepared surface);
  • continuous safety and fire safety (can withstand temperatures over 80 degrees for 2 hours);
  • environmentally friendly raw materials (includes only glass, asphalt, and additives are harmless).

When working with Stekloizol technical characteristics of the material allow for a qualitative overlay different objects with a minimum expenditure of time and money.Novice webmasters can verify this by examining the attached video to work with raw materials and to evaluate the results.Important when using this sealing strip is overlapping layers to create a durable coating.Therefore it is necessary to take into account the required flow rate with overlays of 5-10 cm. Weight obtained lamination, respectively, will be more in the purchase of material.

buy material can be in any hardware store.It is important when choosing to pay attention to labeling.The division into subtypes allows you to purchase raw materials with optimal performance weight gain and an outer coating.The quality and characteristics they are sufficient for reliable repair or construction work.