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August 12, 2017 18:08

mounted on a wooden floor tiles Technology


  • 1 Preparation floor
  • 2 Align the zero floor surface using plywood OSB
  • 3 floor alignment method ties on plywood OSB
  • 4 Laying tiles on gypsum fiber board
  • 5 Steps tile

Ceramic tile on a wood floor is the ideal solution in a very humid environment, for example, such as a bathroom or kitchen.But what if the base - wooden floor, and though it is not mounted on a reinforced concrete slab?But, as practice shows, it is possible, but then can you put the tiles on gypsum fiber board or plywood OSB.And the answer is simple and unambiguously positive, because these materials have a high technical indicators.

Tiles in the kitchen

tile in the kitchen

The technical considerations laying tiles on a wooden floor is not desirable or feasible.The wooden floor is prone to permanent deformation in the course of its lifetime.Each board may undergo neighboring relatively small movements that lead to cracking of the adhesive layer and deterioration of the ceramic coating.In this article we will discuss how to lay tile on gypsum fiber board and plywood, and at the same time, the coating is durable and reliable.

Wood as a natural material, is prone to constant expansion and contraction.While this is happening in all directions.In addition, it is prone to rotting and debate leading to its destruction during the operation with a lack of ventilation and constantly humid environment.But even these factors do not confuse people the urge to lay tiles on a wooden base.But then on this floor, in general, anything you can not put waterproof.But do not despair, because the ceramic tiles on the plywood can be laid in the same way as in the reinforced concrete base, if you follow the technology and prepare the surface properly.Today, there are several ways to tile laying on the wooden floor.But the most common is the laying of tiles on the floor or GVL tiling on OSB.Because these two materials have excellent strength and elasticity parameters.But before you put a tile, you should familiarize yourself with the correct surface alignment technology.

wood floor tiles device

wooden floor tiles device

Preparation floor

Today, many technologies are known tile laying on a wooden floor, each of which has its pluses and minuses.Although stacking process anyway and the same standard, topped with a thin layer of the adhesive composition with a notched trowel and level tile is glued to it.Preparation of the wooden floor under the tile can be done in two ways:

  • dry;
  • wet.

But no matter what method is leveled surface for tile installation, in the process of preparation are common operations.These include:

Diagnosis of the old floor

Diagnostics old floor

  • Thorough diagnostics and examination of the existing floor and all elements (boards, logs, substrate, etc.).In identifying suspicious floor components must be replaced.After replacing all the wooden elements should be thoroughly antiseptic process to prevent the formation of mold, fungi, and, hence, the destruction of the wood structure.
  • underfloor space is recommended to warm, but it should be done so that the remained air gap of a few centimeters under the sub-floor by planks.Wood during his lifetime should be well ventilated through-air duct.As the insulation is better to use glass fiber material, for example, mineral wool or glass wool.It is guaranteed not to zavedutsya parasites rodents.
  • Laying tiles on a wooden floor requires a well-ventilated base, so the rough floorboards should be laid with a gap.If you do not, then it requires special nasverlovka holes in boards with a specific step in the whole area.
Design floor lag

lag Design floor

all, after all these manipulations can be declare a rough base ready for further work.

Align the zero plane of the floor using OSB

plywood Can I put a tile on Osby?You can, but you must meet certain conditions.One of the most reliable ways of floor leveling for laying ceramic tiles on wooden base is plywood OSB.It is a slab of focused orientation and pressed sized chip.This material has sufficient strength and capable of withstanding high bending stress.There was widespread sheets of thickness 12 and 20 mm.To plate advantages are primarily:

  • high fire resistance.Stove is impregnated with a special compound that is poorly lit, and in the absence of a catalyst did not flammable.
  • Plate OSB well repels water.Due to the strong and solid soaking moisture can not be absorbed into the material, thereby preserving it from what is underneath.Ceramic tiles on OSB will lie firmly and not be deformed, which is usually observed in the shock-absorbing surfaces.

so.We go back to the technology of how to put the tiles on a wooden floor in the bathroom.Stacking OSB can be carried out directly on the ceiling, but the distance between them should not exceed 50 cm. Plates can be placed not only on the joists and ceiling.In the case of a careful processing and complete prevention of rough plank floor can be laid directly on the old board.

OSB boards mount technology

Mount Technology OSB

is important to know that it is better to use already to lie down, but very sturdy floorboards, because they are less prone to shrinkage and deformation when the temperature and humidity.

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At this stage, the maximum base alignment method by putting a plastic substrate in the required places.As the floor leveling plates for fastening OSB shingles can be made in places where it is required to raise the level.Plus, some distance between roughing planks and boards will be a passage for ventilation of both the boards and sheets of OSB.In addition, it is recommended to improve ventilated nasverlit holes in a uniform step boards.This condition can confidently answer the question of whether you can put tile on the OSB.

technology tiling on OSB requires a solid foundation, so the slabs must be laid in two layers.While each outer bottom must cover 50% shift in both directions.This arrangement will provide the desired sheet strength of the floor in all respects:

  • will withstand the point loads well;
  • base perfectly resist to exert a force over a wide area.

double layer OSB plywood provides a solid surface for the installation of ceramic tile, and thus will not interfere with the free movement of the boards subfloor.

important to remember!To put the tiles on OSB quality, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of thermal expansion.Therefore, between the sheets should retreat a certain distance (3-4 mm) to provide a free opportunity to change their plates geometrical dimensions under the influence of temperature.This space must be filled shock-absorbing compound, for this is well suited sealant.Similarly, the distance should retreat and all the walls around the perimeter.

Laying tiles on gypsum fiber board

Laying tiles on gypsum fiber board

After fastening plate screws can begin to the process of tile installation.But at the same time for laying tiles on the wooden floor need not simple cement-sand glue and two-component adhesive, which hardens when has a certain elasticity, which will provide a solid mounting ceramic on the floor of the OSB.

Laying tiles on OSB

Laying tiles on OSB

For greater reliability and durability of wooden flooring, surface before laying the tiles should be primed with high penetration and allow to dry thoroughly.Video for laying tiles on the floor.

floor screed alignment method for plywood OSB

If you want to align the base of the significant differences in the level, the above-described technology tile laying on the wooden floor will be a perfect solution.But ties have to perform live layer of waterproofing.As it may be a common polyethylene film at least 150 microns thick.To lay tiles on a wooden floor with high quality and under the base of the tie was no formation of mold, the film must be placed with overlapping at least 15 cm, followed by a mandatory sizing durable seams with tape, as well as on the walls need to do the same lap.The thickness of the screed must be in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 cm. Less and is no longer recommended.

Thinner become a weak link in the design, Bole will be thick enough cold.

Laying tiles on gypsum fiber board

now becoming increasingly popular GVL - gypsum boards with wood fiber as filler.The resulting material has better properties than a conventional plasterboard:

  • more durable due to the reinforcement structure of the wood fibers.Also, the material becomes elastic, which is not the drywall.
  • Through the use of the same natural materials, gypsum fiber is an environmentally friendly product.
  • Able to stand much longer in wet environments without changing its parameters.
Stacking sheets of gypsum fiber board

Stacking sheets

GVL GVL plates or sheets are available in two variations:

  • single sheet thickness of 12 mm, then laying them on the floor will need to use two layers of plates.Laying tiles on gypsum fiber board will provide you with a solid and reliable foundation for years to come.
  • double sheets with a shift lower, and along the edges to form a lock for stronger connections between the elements are.

is also recommended to use a strip cut from the material attached to the floor with galvanized screws In the case of floor leveling using gypsum fiber board as substrates.Between the sheets is recommended as in the case of OSB with plywood, to leave a distance of 3 mm for temperature compensation.The gap is filled with sealant.

Stages tile

Laying tiles on gypsum fiber boards can be performed in a conventional tile adhesive.When this solution is recommended to spread a thin layer of a toothed spatula across the surface.Each tile must be carefully laid vymeryat level, and between the tiles in the seam must be inserted all your favorite tic.After installing the tile grouting can be carried out any fugue.Calculate the amount of grout for joints online calculator.

Glutinous mixture for laying of tile

Glutinous mixture tiling

Laying tiles on the prepared base is no different from the process on the concrete floor, therefore, begins with a markup.Tiles on the wooden floor can be laid as smoothly and diagonally, but you first need to mark the starting position of the first line.After applying the graphical layout and an indicative figure in the case of a multi-colored tiles, all tiles should try (to lay over the whole area, in accordance with a pattern) to pre-cut the necessary pieces and make holes in the ground floor of the outlet pipe.

Adhesive solution is best applied to several bars, it will allow much faster to carry out laying tile with simultaneous alignment.

important to remember that the tiles can be shifted from a place only in the first few minutes after placing, at the end of this time, under the effect of a violation will proiskhoditm already scrapie layer.

In addition, this manual will introduce the video, how to put the tiles on a wooden floor.Here is another technology laying tiles on the plywood decking.After reading this article, everyone will be able to answer the question whether it is possible to lay the tiles on a wooden floor?