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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tile in oriental style - add exoticism to your interior

What is special tile in oriental style?

This is the option of finishing gives the opportunity to move to an exotic place, to relax and feel like a real royals.The main difference between the eastern variant of tiles - unusual patterns ornament is completely devoid of any natural motifs, is arranged in a certain order geometric shapes.Ranked tiles create an incredible visual illusion and particularly impressive look at the pure-tone walls.

choosing this option of registration, you can forget about the extra little things, tiles will attract everyone's attention and tell about an extraordinary taste of the owner of the apartment.Special Moroccan tiles - a material of great beauty.Made up of small parts drawing is striking in its diversity, but at the same time, integral and looks interesting.

Features east tile

As a rule, experts advise to choose the eastern Italian tile manufacturer in this country are real masterpieces.Main feature of this option finishing material - similarity with the tiles, mosaics.

No matter a person wants to decorate the material small or large room, tile east in any case will look majestic and will create a certain mood.Special differences in the composition of the preparation for the production of slabs is not, so the eastern option, even as Western, can be of different thicknesses, sizes and quality.

durability of building materials will depend on the manufacturer, as well as the quality of the work of specialists, conducting installation.It is important to look at the specialization of the material, as a rule, tiles for the bathroom and kitchen are different in composition, because in the first case, the material should be insensitive to moisture, and the second - to the effects of steam, oil and combustion products.

Naturally, for the beautiful tiles require special care.To mosaic was always bright and beautiful, to carry out its cleaning needs at least once a month, for some it can be a big disadvantage of this option finishing.

Features tile in oriental style

If people like tile for the bathroom in the Egyptian style, you need to prepare for the fact, styling that can take a little more time than you need to work with the classic version of the material. This is due to the fact that during the installation it is important to follow the folding pattern even the slightest deviation visually spoil the overall picture.

Naturally, large slabs must be installed on a wall fortified with a special solution, which is well withstand heavy loads.Before you begin, you need to check the integrity of the plates, often in the party across the defective elements, which already have scratches, chips or cracks.

To figure turned out beautiful and proper, it is reasonable to conduct a pre-calculations on paper and make sketches of the intended result.Used oriental ceramic tile can resemble mosaic leaf, in this case it is important to see to it that the material has been prepared for use.

If a large piece of drawing up of individual particles, Mezhuyev them there can be no cracks and indentations.Laying tiles is carried by the classical scheme, but if you want to create on the surface of a wall picture, can be pre-raschertit her name and sign elements.