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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a niche in the wall plasterboard with their hands - step by step instructions , photos and videos

This volume element decor allows without destroying the foundations to remove a lot of household problems.When assembling niche plasterboard with fastening on the walls (it is more correct definition of the essence of the work) pursued different goals - arrangement of space for storage of toys (if children), installation of home appliances, optimization of storage space that allows you to more efficiently accommodate indoor furniture items, accessoriesroom decoration or other.

consider all the options there is no need, as the specifics of cutting and fastening drywall (and recess being built with his own hands, GCR - the best material) remains unchanged, regardless of the ongoing master plans.If the reader will understand all the characteristics of each stage of the process, he will be able without any difficulty to make a niche of plasterboard with their hands in their same drawings - of any size and configuration.The nuances of the design and assembly of the box - the theme of the present article.



drawing Drawing

work "blindly" no one will.So you need to choose the place and to carry out all necessary measurements with volume niche and convenience of attaching to the wall of her carcass, not only with their hands, but also with the help of available tools in the house.Especially for a single work to acquire, for example, the "grinders" the owner of a city apartment is hardly reasonable.

n- 5 Residues of material after cutting - it is usually unnecessary costs.A useful if in the profile cutting economy, strips or small pieces of plasterboard - is unknown and unlikely.All necessary household niche manufacturing materials are sold in the form of pieces of standard size.

To reduce the amount of waste it is desirable to correlate with the size of the place where you want to install the structure, thus optimizing costs.Therefore, design characteristics depend on the articles (samples) that are intended to buy.By the way, this nuance is often not taken into account, unless something is done in the house with his own hands.

compartments Dimensions niche in those places where you want to install on the shelf appliances (eg, television) should be somewhat larger than the technique.This is due to the need for natural refrigeration equipment in operation.Otherwise, overheating and damage equipment are inevitable.

choice of materials for the frame

n w option for a little niche - wood or metal profile.From the standpoint of practicality, the tree is best avoided, regardless of the specifics of the room.The main reason - it gradually rassyhaetsya, and fluctuations in humidity and temperature affect.As a result - the entire structure over time "lead."

And since, by definition, drywall - a material rather fragile, the long recess, the frame of which is made up of wooden slats, no downtime.

Metal profiles for gypsum board is different, and it is wise to stop the election on the aluminum - and less weight, and harvesting is cheaper, and easier processing (as the material - soft).

For plating

niche for sale there are several varieties of drywall.One thing is certain - it is necessary to choose the products 'water-resistant' category in recess.But the thickness should be guided not only on the shape and dimensions of the box, but also on the destination shelf.If they are not supposed to put something massive, it is enough drywall arch.Its thickness is less than the ceiling and wall analogues (about 6 mm), respectively, and lower cost.

Procedure facilities niche

Partitioning wall

Nothing complicated - it is projected compiled drawing (including the scale).

niche - for - TV - of - drywall - 2

Substrate preparation

About her care can not speak, because the niche will close all the flaws.But in order to appreciate the convenience of fixing in this place should be attached to a wall rail profile and see how it fits tightly and there are no significant distortions.If necessary, we will have to produce at least partial alignment.The technique is selected depending on the magnitude of the defect.

Convexity easy to knock down (+ chisel hammer) into the recess to close up a solution.In some cases, giving the correct position profile wedges can be used in the process of mounting, pads and the like.

Laying e / wiring

If you decide to make a niche lighting, the lighting of the connection method, you need to think in advance.

Recommendation - not to hammer away at the wall by cutting grooves, can be a major part of the line to put under the baseboard.By the way, plastic products just designed for secret pads wired (cable) communications.Comfortable and modern.

frame assembly

Specificity of work depends on the size of a future niche.

If the box is small, but the basis for fixing flat enough, it is more convenient to gather first frame, and then fix it on the wall.

What to take into account - at the box skeleton assembly building level one can not do.To verify the niche frame geometry is desirable to use and square.It is easy to make yourself, and the length of the "rays" of this device should be commensurate with the smallest side-mounted volume form.Then, the total value of the inevitable measurement errors will be reduced to a minimum.

Niche impressive size is mounted in parts, as well as any team structure.On attached profiles generated markup carriers.They also act as guides.On how accurately (in the drawing) and they are firmly fixed to the wall, the appearance depends niche and its stability under load.

n- 10 recommendation - if the niche is so designed that reaches the floor, it should not be limited to wall mount racks.At the bottom, they must all be "strapped" (if possible), and also to the floorboards.This installation will give the entire assembly of additional stability.

All that remains - to collect frame niches of individual parts (segments of metal sheets) and check the geometry and resistance to deformation.

Sheathing plasterboard

Fragments necessary dimensions and geometry are prepared in advance.Immediately after cutting should be done at the place of fitting each of its installation.If necessary - adjust to the desired size.At the same stage, and drilling holes for the screws.

What to consider when plating

  • heads of fasteners niche should be recessed into the drywall sheet.Therefore, necessarily made the chamfer drill a larger diameter.
  • As will be finishing niche.Accordingly, the method determines the need and sealing joints at the corners of the sheets.Variants of this work somewhat.Since cutting perfect to do with their hands is unlikely to succeed, it can be removed along the edges of the gypsum (in the form of a chamfer).After docking fragments GCR seams formed on the surface of the recess, it is easy to fill with putty, leveled and sanded.Additionally, it is recommended to stick the tape on top-serpyanku and paint over with a thin layer.

n- 11


niche On this point the recommendation to give meaningless - everyone decides for himself, in accordance with the circumstances.But some preliminary activities indicate costs.

If the niche is expected to paint to match the walls, then the surface should be prepared.First, the paint on the "clean" drywall will fall ill, and secondly, it is partially absorbed in the plaster, and the sheet swell.Therefore, it is advisable to first process the whole box finishing putty.Unlike its counterparts is that all of the solid fraction in the mixture - microscopic.After leveling of the coating it is ground very fine sandpaper.

For all other types of finishes (eg wallpapering) all parties to the niche should be treated soil composition.It will significantly increase the adhesion surfaces and provide stronger adhesion lining.

n- 14

Useful tips

If you want to equip in a particular niche compartment lighting, it is better to use the LED strip (cords).Installing spotlights - the process is more complicated.Firstly, it is necessary to drill the drywall.Second, calculate the optimum power light bulbs.In addition, the tape can shift at any time, change the lighting and room design.With the lights do not turn out to experiment, except by disabling one or more of them.

When using fixtures with bulbs must be fed through a step-down circuit Tr (36, 24 or 12).The higher the voltage, taking into account that the metal frame of the niche, is not recommended.

not be afraid to experiment At arrangement of niches with their own hands.What is a standard for such prefabricated structures do not exist.If desired, the individual compartments can be swing open or sliding doors.

Recommendations and photos in this article - only hints that as the author hopes, will help the reader to transform his home as he seems to be more comfortable and more beautiful.Good luck!