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August 12, 2017 18:07

Removing the toilet - have to act brutally and decisively

How to dismantle the toilet if it is the first time?

That's the long-awaited repair, the turn to the bathroom, but there you are met by a sullen inhabitant, which was mounted on the conscience of many years ago, and maybe even with the construction of the times at home.Then, removal and installation of the toilet will be quite troublesome task, but doing it yourself, you will understand exactly in his unit, and the repair will not cause more trouble.

most difficult option that can meet you, - a Soviet toilet, because it was mounted on a century, and the toilet itself is quite peculiar structure.For this reason, most likely, you will not be able to save the whole.Inspect the floor next to the toilet, vote way to mount.If the object is mounted on a cement pad, you'll have to knock chisel layer up to 3 cm. The panel found the buildings the option to install the base of the bowl on a wooden box, which is specially provided for the project.And it was fixed so that the tear will be almost impossible.That this is the main difficulty.

Next problem that can encounter, especially if you intend to re-use the toilet, for example, in the country, - is disconnection discharge of sewage .Again, if the construction and installation of communication were in Soviet times, the leak was done first class, with a few exceptions.The joints are so obscure solution is now carefully knock it down without damaging the drainage pipe or drain, do not work.

Removing the toilet with his hands

assess the situation and armed with a hammer, a chisel and a crowbar, you can start to work.To begin to free up space in the work area, remove everything up to the rugs and ensure the inactive sewerage work, that is, not only to enjoy the water itself, but also to prevent the neighbors from the top, so that for a time to refrain from water treatment.

Now close the access of water to the reservoir and remove the water hose from the pipe.The next step may be dismantling tank , so removing the toilet with it will be heavier at least physically.Drain the water last, disconnect the hose from the tank, open the cover.There are no particular difficulties can be found mounting.If the tank is fixed to the wall and hanging on its hinges, it can be to try and remove without breaking.When the tank is small, and you do not want to waste time on this operation, and it can be skipped.

Next you need to unlock the Base .Even if the toilet near the beautifully laid tile, then it will have to beat.Also comes with a cement pad.But if you got the most difficult option, where mounting fastened to the wooden board, the dismantling of the toilet with their own hands will be traumatic for the plumbing.We'll have to just fight off the bottom to mount left in the floor together with the base, and then to get it separately when finished dismantling.

How to dismantle the toilet from the sewer pipe

Now your toilet is connected only with a cast-iron sewer pipes, detach from which it can be several ways.These methods are different degrees of destruction, for simplicity, do not try to maintain the integrity of plumbing.

The first way is to destroy.Slugger tap, blow the toilet, and then just clean the socket of ceramic residues and solution.You can simply break off the tap if the toilet is not fixed to the floor as much as possible, clean the joint of the pipe and discharge of the solution, lift it and pull up.It will only have to knock out the remnants of the pipe, not to damage the sewer pipe.

Try not clog drains fragments, better than ever to plug the hole (eg cloths).

can try a more humane way, when an attempt is made to preserve the integrity.Prior to the smallest remnants of clean pipe joint with toilet from the solution, sealant and other impurities.Lift the object, look at how he began to move freely in the tube.Slowly rocking and scroll outlet, pull it out of the tube, parallel to the passage of the scrubbing solution residues.If you managed to get a bowl, then clean the pipe for installation.This completes disassembly of the toilet, on the subject video must answer remaining questions on how to disassemble the toilet.