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August 12, 2017 18:07

What is the best roofing material or Bikrost ?Features Bikrost

Actual characteristics Bikrost

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components Bikrost:

  • Polyester,
  • fiberglass or fiberglass
  • bitumen impregnation

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above-mentioned elements in its structure a favorable lie on all types of hard roofing systems.Bikrost actively protects the roof from leaking, it is recommended to use for installation on the roof, and a new building for the repair of "second-hand" old.

Bikrost released in the roll packages with different metrazhnostyu factory and its production.A surprising advantage is the price of material and its features and strength.Bikrost used for construction of houses and buildings for large-scale industrial buildings.He budgets and other characteristics.

Bikrost classified into such kinds:

  • CCI
  • TAP
  • HPPP
  • HSS

not bear the meaning at first glance abbreviations.Below we consider the listed types.

Species kind Bikrost

What is meant by a species Bikrost?Referring to the construction data:

  • HPP - standard type Bikrost.Its production takes place in several stages: the bituminous layer attached to the fiberglass and it is applied to the protective plastic film.HSP is essentially a bottom layer of roofing.

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  • HSS - containing his main - fiberglass.Features are similar to the HSP.It has a layer of polyethylene and bitumen.The top layer consists of a granulate (possibly small slate), which is a reliable protective coating from the sun's harmful rays.

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  • TCH - basic in structure fiberglass cloth.The lower layer consists of a plastic layer, the upper - granulate or powder slate.TCH is used as the upper level of inversion roofs.

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  • CCI - for the most part consists of a fiberglass frame.His defining function - to serve the lower tier of the roof in cooperation with the HSS, the TAP.CCI has a polyethylene sheath.

Bikrost may have a polyester base.This form is extremely rare.

Standard Technology laying Bikrost

List of tools for laying Bikrost:

  • gas burner
  • hook made of wood or metal
  • bituminous substance

Bikrost placed on the roof with hot bitumen, this time with a gas burner.It puts the bitumen from the bottom up.

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propose to consider the step stacking components:

  1. concrete base of the roof clear from all sorts of dirt and water depositions
  2. Apply primer to the surface of the roof.Priming may consist of liquid bitumen with added gasoline Nefras, primer.Work out the top layer of the roof solution.Leave to dry
  3. Bikrost expanded perpendicular to the slope of the roof surface melt
  4. gas torch and unroll the hook.Bitumen tier promotes good interaction between the material and tie

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important to note!Just postelennuyu Bikrost not need to touch, walk on it.He should lie to dry completely.If denting, its surface may begin to break down.

  1. When completely dry you can begin the installation of the second roll.Placement is made with overlapping 100 mm
  2. Continue to follow the above scheme

Bikrost stele, to cover the roof of a soft roof, it is not difficult.The main thing - to meet the requirements.The first layer is laid without any problems, it is the basis for the second-tier stacking.

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