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August 12, 2017 18:08

Alkyd enamel or how to reliably protect the metal ?

talk, what kind of enamel

To paint any metal elements, we probably had at least once in life.The fact that the metal is everywhere, it is quite durable, but under certain conditions is able to break down pretty quickly.One way to protect the metal from the negative effects of the environment is his painting.For this case it is perfect just the kind of paint.

It is a chemical that is made up of three main components: alcohol, acid and oil.Speaking the language of chemistry, it turns out: glycerin, phthalic anhydride, and vegetable oil.

important to know that the evaporation of the enamel does not get in large amounts in the environment and does not harm living beings, because after drying this paint does not form compounds with other chemical elements table.

consider all the "pros" and "consĀ»

enamel creates a man, so they have both disadvantages and advantages.One of the most popular is an alkyd enamel PF-115.This paint is quite universal.Actually, in order to explain its popularity go through the advantages it .

first - and perhaps most important - the universality.In addition to the metal surfaces of the enamel can be safely cover the concrete structure, cement and plaster surface structure.The second advantage - the number of colors.This paint can be purchased at one of the twenty color versions, so you can choose the shade that perfectly fit into the interior.

third plus - the field of application.The fact that this type of coating looks equally well indoors and outdoors.It just perfectly resists weathering.Also to the pluses include the formation of a glossy surface after painting.Do not forget about the expense, which is quite small, which saves you money.

Now go through the negative traits , which has a urethane alkyd enamel.To those include the undesirability of applying enamel on floor coverings.It's pretty easy to wash under constant mechanical stress, which is also not very good.This enamel must be diluted, which for some people is almost impossible, because it is just too lazy to read the instructions, bringing the painting comes to "no."Here, perhaps, and all the negative traits.

Working with alkyd enamel

Before applying the enamel is necessary to hold a series of preparatory work .All of them are not difficult but require time off.To get started you need to wash the surface with a damp cloth.All protruding parts must be cut or in extreme cases smooth.

& gt; If you decide to apply enamel on heating, they must be cleaned of rust and previous paint.Alkyd enamel for radiators ideally placed on the ground surface.After the final removal of all rust sweep and clean with a damp cloth.Fatty spots, it is desirable to process the alcohol.

Now is the time painting.Alkyd Enamel Matt loves fast application.To this end, after dilution in strict accordance with the instructions, pour it into the bowl, take roll and start to apply to the surface.Apply the enamel top to bottom.Seams and other irregularities best paint with a brush.

process all the room or area for the first time, wait for drying, as a rule, this happens in 24 hours.Thereafter undertake the second layer.This is done in the same way as in the first case.That's all, your surface is protected and your personal money saved, as all you have done with their own hands.