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August 12, 2017 18:07

Towel for the bathroom - photos and reviews

Towel as a modern design solution.

And now comes the moment when repairs in the bathroom is already finished, plumbing replaced, and there is a feeling of incompleteness.As if something was missing.This happens mainly due to the fact that it is not placed small accents in design.This can help to bathroom accessories, which also carry the meaning of design load and complement it in many ways, and sometimes will melt just an integral part of the interior.

Depending on cocoa style you chose for repair, will take place and a selection of accessories.An important touch will Towel for the bathroom, which can be advantageous to complement the whole image, and sometimes attract all the attention on himself.Good fit in the style of Provence, or country Towel in the form of a ladder or in a ring shape.Long, stretched, made of metal or chrome advisable to complement the high-tech style.But the size of your bathroom will make adjustments to the selection of accessories.

heated towel rail in the bathroom

The most important thing when choosing a towel or hangers for the towels in the bathroom, it is their fusion of practicality and common style.A wide range of materials from which are manufactured Towel, will make it possible to support any style: from metal, plastic, wood, chrome-plated and colorful.In case all mandatory accessories should be of high quality, reliable and safe.The next question is whether you are comfortable reach them?These hangers Towel and must fulfill its primary task, to serve for your comfort, which is located on the wall, on the door or on the heart.

heated towel rail for the bathroom

towels for the bathroom as a decor

are an integral part of the bathroom towels.Many opt for the bath towels on a beautiful coloring, some on the hygroscopic properties of who buys by size.It's all very well, but the best option is, of course, will be a combination of several indicators.Come to this more responsibly, carefully selecting and focusing on environmentally friendly materials, the color of which will fit harmoniously into the overall appearance of the interior, the size of a convenience to you, and, of course, the safety and the perception of touch.

towels in the bathroom

important parameter will be the possibility of storing towels.It does not matter what accessories you pick up for this, most importantly the combination of a style, functional accessories, ease of use, practicality, is not made from toxic materials.An essential factor in storage, will be able to dry them.This all together will affect the overall appearance of the interior and the service life of towels themselves.And it is not dependent on how much you want to be placed directly in the bathroom, you need to follow a few rules:

  • wash towels after 5-7 uses;
  • after each use thoroughly dried;
  • never rub off on fast mode;
  • use better hand washing regime with an increase in temperature and an increase in the number of rinses;
  • if you keep in the bathroom a few sets, then you need to place them correctly, that they are well ventilated, without gaining a vapor;
  • periodically wash kits, even if you did not use them.

Bath Towels

Adhering to these rules is not difficult, you can extend the life of towels, surround yourself with exclusive accessories to give yourself an unforgettable comfort, unique design, and really, to turn your bathroom into a better place to relax.

towels in the bathroom