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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen furniture with their hands

Oddly enough, in spite of the breadth of the proposals in furniture stores, many people can not find the perfect kitchen furniture.Whether it does not suit the design kitchen units, or its cost.


  • Required tools and materials for the manufacture of kitchen units with their own hands
  • Secrets of case furniture
  • basic steps of creating a kitchen unit
    • Creating drawing
    • acquisition of technical and finishing materials
    • Manufacturing
    • details
    • assembly of kitchen units and installation of basic modules
    • mount external facades
    • Accommodation countertops
      • worktop PVC plate
      • worktop chipboard with laminated surface
      • Create countertops with their hands
    • Fixing the rear wall

Moreover, very often, choosing a kitchen set for Khrushchev, the potential buyer is faced with certain inconsistencies of his needs and requests, and the fact that he is offered.Kitchen sets for small kitchens, often become objects of individual orders, the price of which is significantly higher than the cost of finished models.In such cases, the presence of certain skills, knowledge and desire, it is advisable to do a kitchen set with his own hands.


Required tools and materials for the manufacture of kitchen units with their own hands

  1. chipboard sheets.
  2. Accessories (canopies, shelf holders, door handles, hooks, dryers dish, legs).
  3. Roulette.
  4. Simple pencil for marking.
  5. circular saw or a hacksaw with fine teeth for cutting parts.
  6. electric plane (or plane) for edging and trimming details.
  7. Electric drill or screwdriver.
  8. Drills (2 pcs.).
  9. Screws and self-tapping screws.
  10. manual milling machine.
  11. cutter drill nests under the door awnings.
  12. screwdriver.
  13. Sandpaper.

Secrets of case furniture

accuracy measurements to create a drawing.There is not necessarily perfectly know how to make a drawing of kitchen units, draw a simple diagram is enough clear for you.Carefully and accurately measure in millimeters (this is essential) all possible sizes and mark in the sketch.Patience and accuracy when creating components play an important role in the subsequent stages of assembly and fitting of ready-made modules and all kitchen units.

  1. When marking parts on Particleboard lists important to leave an allowance of 1-2 mm from the outer edges, for edge processing.Do not forget to 5-millimeter allowance between the individual parts needed for cutting width of 3 mm.
  2. details mark up only in pencil on the inside.For ease of assembly, and finishing them can be numbered and signed.In this case, the installation you are not confused, wondering which parts where the mount.Do not take to perform all kinds of marking pens and markers, as the risk to damage the part.This mark may be manifested even through the topcoat.
  3. use, if any, power tools that will greatly facilitate your work and will require much less time.
  4. All small horizontal and vertical parts of the kitchen headset is connected with screws with large hats or caps with a standard size.The first, of course stronger and look nicer.To fix the shelves of any width you need at least 2 screws or screws for wooden surfaces.If the shelf is wider than 0.5 m, it is better to equip it with 3 fasteners, and preferably enhance the strength of the metal corners.Combining individual parts cabinet screws with large hats, keep in mind that such a cap may be at the same level in the walls of two adjacent modules.Then the distance between adjacent parts of the headset must be increased to double the height of the cap.However, the easiest way, in such a situation, the use of classical screws, screwing them into the body wall.
  5. gap between the worktop and hanging boxes should be at least 65 cm.

basic steps of creating a kitchen unit

Creating drawing

Actually, it could be a simple schematic plan kitchen units, as long as you itIt was clear.This is the basis of your success, therefore, to carry out this phase come with great responsibility.Drawings of standard kitchen sets are presented below:

1688_large once right - collect - kitchen - furniture

On the same sheet, list the names of all the component design details, check the number and size of lock parts of the kitchen units.Duplicate all the records on the other sheet.Put in a safe place in case the first sheet, in the process, get lost.Here you can describe the basic materials and a plan of action, a kind of algorithm, telling in simple words, how to make kitchen set.

acquisition of technical and finishing materials

Here you are, just, and useful to the previously made entries and calculations.Do not hesitate to consult with managers and sellers of building shops.They, having experience in such matters, often give valuable advice and orient in the variety of the submitted samples.Plywood, veneer, solid array Particleboard - the main material in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.Last most in demand today, given its relatively low cost and ease of operation.

Production of details

At this stage it is important to exercise maximum care and attention.

  1. On a sheet of chipboard make parts counting with allowances.
  2. mark the location of all planned mounts, sheds and pens With cardboard templates.
  3. Drill-holes for the placement of handles.
  4. on the inside of door blanks using cutters make holes for hinges.
  5. Using the circular saw, cut a part of the future of the furniture set.
  6. Ra spilovku produce from the interior of the sheet, then with the visible side edge will remain virtually intact.
  7. trimmed front door, decorated with their three-dimensional shapes.Here you will be hand-milling machine and jigsaw.Although, if you do not have the skills of data handling tools, it is easier to buy ready-made faceplates with curly stamping.

assembly of kitchen units and installation of basic modules

  • For starters, do a trial assembly.In its process you will see all the errors of measurement, errors and cutting inaccuracies.For temporary assembly take a thin black screws that need to be 10mm shorter than those selected for the main installation.The assembly, start with lower cabinets headset by attaching the side walls to the horizontal.To attach the side panels of cabinets holders or screw in the screws.At the height of the drawers to the inner walls of the modules horizontally to attach the guides, considering the height of the boxes.1369408041_boks_vizard20

At this stage, try to insert the drawers in the guide profiles and adjust the angles of joints.Then screw the legs, if any project.Then, similar to gather top boxes. kitchen - set - your - hands - 15

  • Remove and disassemble the structure.Remove the detected defects.Prepare the details to finish.Attach the accessories and decorate the items in accordance with your plan.
  • Perform final assembly, taking into account all the corrections made in the experimental stage.To do this, take the white screws 55-60 mm in length.Insert the drawers.


mount external facades

This operation is performed using conventional furniture hinges or canopies, using self-tapping screws and screws.

kitchen - set - your - hands - 6

Accommodation countertops

This item attach to the sides of the racks inside the cabinet by two angular profile.To facilitate the task, as a countertop, may use ready-made products.But such a decision should be taken in advance to take into account the dimensions of the finished plate in the drawing for the manufacture of kitchen units.

kitchen series - 21356239993-50d69479b81k5

Worktop PVC plate

Standard thickness of the product 20 mm.Plastic plate, however, is very unstable to the effects of high temperatures and under their influence melts.That is not an option for furniture, located near the hob and oven.On it you can not put the red-hot pots and kettles.However, the end part of a countertop needs no additional treatment, it is sufficient to cover the special plugs that sometimes bribes.

worktop laminated chipboard with surface

It can be done in two variations - 28 mm and 38 mm.The edges of a countertop thoroughly abrade using sandpaper and double treat with diluted varnish for furniture or flooring.

Create countertops with their hands

How to make the countertop for the kitchen units on their own, if the purchase of the finished product you think a luxury?

  • Cut the sheet of chipboard detail table top.
  • Cut from the same DSP part equal to the length of the lid, 20-30 mm wide.This rack will hide the joints between the rack and the lid and make countertop visually powerful.This is an important item to be made from the same materials as the bulk of countertops avoid deformation under the influence of various changes in temperature and humidity.
  • P Attach the strap to the bottom of the cover with screws, treating common place joiner's glue.
  • Round the upper front edge of the countertop to make the product more durability and aesthetics.

Fixing the rear wall

Pre-painted rear panel of hardboard nailed with small nails.The presence of the wall will increase the rigidity of the structure, and finally adjust the angles between the design details.It is necessary to take into account the location of pipes and other communications, they drank a hole in the back panel.

We hope that our guide will help you to implement your plans.