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August 12, 2017 18:05

Arbour from a bar with your hands

Very nice in the summer heat to dine with his family in the fresh air while enjoying the fresh air and the chirping of birds.For these purposes in the country in just a couple of days, you can build a cozy alcove of timber.This article will cover all issues related to the construction and given step by step instructions milestones to get a decent garden furniture from a bar with your hands.


  1. Drawings gazebo from a bar
  2. main stages of construction
  3. Final work
  4. Video construction of timber pergola with their hands

main thing in this process is to have a positive attitude andcomply with all the tips below.For completeness of information on how to make an arbor made of beams, on our website is a full photo report of construction.

drawings of timber pergola

First we need to choose a suitable location for the gazebo.It must have a flat surface without hillocks.

then proceed to the compilation of the project.Arbour to testify from a bar can have various shapes and dimensions, as well as various design registration.It is advisable to define and filled with an inner space - the location of the table, benches, barbecue and setting other items.

To avoid unpleasant surprises and inconsistencies, it is desirable to outline pergola scheme Dimensioning.By drawing will be much easier to count the number of necessary materials and decide on the order of operations.Construction of timber gazebo will host a lot easier with a well planned instruction and the availability of materials and tools.

main stages of construction

We consider the construction of a square gazebo from a bar with your hands size 4,5h4,5 m. Garden is set on the pier foundation of solid concrete blocks.

First, you must perform a precise object perimeter markings by means of pegs and ropes.To get the correct square shape, it is necessary to check the dimensions of the diagonals.They should be the same.It is also necessary to check the squareness of the corners and only then set the foundation pillars.They must be on the same level from the ground and form a perfect square.

After that, proceed to the construction of the gazebo base.For this we need wooden logs brusy100h100 mm and 50x100 mm floor.In order to ensure sealing between the foundation and beams fit ruberoidnyj material.

Laghi floor frame should be laid every 40 cm to obtain sufficient rigid structure to withstand heavy loads.For their attachment to the wooden frame is better to use special metal brackets and screws.

After that proceed to install the uprights, which will draw the top roof frame and the erection of the walls of the arbor.Variants of registration of the walls can be very different in any form, most importantly via the level control exactly perpendicular to the floor of the gazebo.

pasture After the desired height of the walls begins the most complicated process of construction of the roof frame.To make better use of binding solid bars to get enough solid construction.

roof frame can be set to different options to give the desired shape and height of the custom request.

The roof the roof is performed using wooden planks or large sheets of plywood.The first option is significantly more time-consuming and requires more time.On top of the wooden floor laid with a layer of roofing material, and then to choose or shingles or wood shake.

Final work

After major work on the assembly of the timber pergola, comes the turn of the final design.The turn ustilki floors.It is better to buy a special board for outdoor use, which are resistant to humid conditions.All boards are fixed via screws at both ends.

examine the result of the work done and eliminate all shortcomings, obscuring putty for wood cracks and holes.Then grind all surfaces sandpaper and cover double layer of varnish.

Interior layout gazebos performed by the owners request.Usually it is a wooden table and comfortable benches.

all stages of work and answers to the questions, how to build a gazebo from the beam, shown in the photo and video materials.

Video gazebo construction of the timber with your hands