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August 12, 2017 18:05

When to sow peppers on the seedlings in 2016 - terms and tips

pepper If you view the sites or directories on the subject of gardening, you can get a variety of answers to this question, sometimes very different.But the time is running out;in some regions for several weeks, as the country houses blossomed tulips.So when should still sow peppers on the seedlings in this (and only) year?That is what we find out.

author is not the first season in the country is engaged in cultivation of various crops, including, and different varieties of peppers, and has long come to the conclusion that we should not rely on someone else's "competent" opinion.Unfortunately, the experience of ancestors on transplanting is no longer relevant.

The explanation is simple - climate change.If earlier it paid attention only to the scientists, and many of the words we were perceived as another "theorizing", but now, as they say, the fact remains.We are facing such weather surprises, which previously could not even dream.

Conclusion - determined by the timing of sowing peppers (and other cultures) seedlings better yourself.The main thing - to understand how they are calculated.This is for any summer resident will be much more useful than listing specific months and dates.Especially that the terms differ depending on the region and local conditions.A general recommendation in such cases clearly inappropriate and meaningless.

What is taken into account when choosing the timing

Age seedlings are planted in open ground

It is taken for 70 days.And now attention!What kind of seeds do you mean?If they are purchased (from the store), the first stirrings of an average hatch after a couple of weeks, sometimes three.But their seedlings seeds give much faster - 7 days, the strength - 10. On this basis, and should calculate when to sow pepper.That is 70 days added during seed maturation.A small error is quite acceptable and is not critical.

The average Russian landing strip in the open ground seedlings produced from mid-May to early June.Everyone plans to "work chalet" days.That's on them and should count obtained calculation result.

All the information you will need for the following items, it is easy to find in the usual tear-off calendar.

Phase night lights

seeds of those plants that bear fruit above the ground, landing on the rise of the moon, that is, in the period from new moon to full moon.One need only consider that these days of the date of ± 1,5 days are "dead zone."At this time, no gardening work related to planting, it is better not to carry out.That's just from the experience of their ancestors, and the relevance of this recommendation is maintained and does not depend on the weather.

pepper -2

Lunar days

They are divided into favorable, inert and "bad" for summer work.This is due to energy flows and their intensity, direction and so on, which in varying degrees affect all living things. best days are 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11 minutes .Again - for the tear-off calendar.More all described here.


The fact that they are classified in the fertile and infertile, known to many.Therefore, only a reminder.The first group includes Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn and Libra in part.If the planned landing on the days when the "goddess of the night" in the sign of infertility, it is best to plant the seedlings on the last day of her stay in it.

time of day

Before sunrise or after sunset.The author recommends to start working in the morning.The fact is that if the deal with this evening, we will have to wait quite a long time.Winter light comes early, but the spring is not too much in a hurry to the horizon.

few comments

  • Too early planting of seedlings lead to the fact that it "will grow."Therefore, expect a high yield will not have to - it is checked.
  • landing time depends on the state and seeds.If they are too dry, the seedlings will be calculated later by 3 - 5 weeks.Therefore, in case the old blowing the seeds, it is advisable to plant the seedlings in advance and "a la carte", that is, at different times, a certain amount of it.In this case, there is a guarantee that anything will sprout not only, but also well accustomed landing in open ground.
  • on bags with seeds of peppers may be presented in different terms - or maturation, or the beginning of fruiting.These are completely different things, and because of this there is often confusion.When transplanting seedlings purchased seeds should be taken into account.
  • author does not advise exactly follow the recommendations of the various calendars for gardeners, as repeatedly convinced that some of the data in them, to put it mildly, questionable.Probably because some unscrupulous publishers, especially not bothering, changing only the title (year), and the rest is left virtually unchanged.This conclusion arises when comparing suburban and tear-off calendar.The difference and the moon phases, and recommended planting dates for seedlings.

Basically, all you need to determine the time of sowing of pepper seedlings, stated.Those who do not want (can not) to perform these calculations, the author gives a clue.The best days in March - 13 (late afternoon), 16 (am) and 17 (in the afternoon).That being said, "burns".Later deadlines is easy to calculate.

wish you success in growing seedlings of pepper!