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August 12, 2017 18:05

The best cut laminate at home - overview of the tools

conventional laminate stacking scheme involves a shift of the samples relative to each other.Consequently, without cutting in the process of finishing the installation of floor covering can not do.Let us examine, with the help of which the laminate can be cut quickly and qualitatively.

What is required to ensure

  • cutting line - smooth, without any distortion.
  • edges of the boards - not deformed.
  • Possibility of cutting a large amount of material without compromising performance.

Once it comes to the home, it does not make sense to deal with a specific machine equipment.As a general rule, anything that can be the host - only hand tools.


That it will provide the best results.The cost of the simplest items (a professional model for home purchase does not make sense - about the choice of the jigsaw here) - 1 600 rubles (350 W).

tool - laminate - 01

Pros use jigsaw:

  • High quality cutting.
  • possibility of cutting the workpiece in any direction, including along a curve and.
  • affordable price.
  • always come in handy in the economy.E / Jigsaw after the installation of the laminate in any case will not remain unclaimed.

recommendation - it is a specific tool, and working with them need some skills.Therefore, before cutting it is advisable to cover the boards a little practice.One spoiled sample - a small loss, but then in the process of laying laminate will be no problems.

Saw hacksaw

This tool is designed to work with wood, definitely not suitable.Samu board with it is easy to cut, but that's what will happen to its protective coating?It is a thin film.If we compare this parameter with the dimensions of the saw teeth, then there is nothing to comment on.It is clear that there will be not only the fringe, but chipped.

Conclusion - only a hacksaw for metal.

nag - laminate

  • Pros - it is in every house.And if not, then the price of the product within a 450 - 500 rubles by the standards of today simply miserable.Where to buy - is not a problem.

  • Cons - to get a clean cut, you should try.Therefore, the speed of the operation in this case can not speak.

Recommendation - hacksaw suitable in cases where the laminate is laid on relatively small areas.For example, in a city apartment.When finishing floors in a private home is better to choose another tool.

What to consider - high speed manually move the fabric can not be achieved in the vertical plane.This means that, even observing very carefully, fringe on the edges of the laminate can not be avoided.To reduce the probability of such defects must be pre-stick adhesive tape on the cut line.Better - Scotch or masking, as they shine, and "track" will be seen.Adhesive can be used, but in this case it is necessary to redo the layout, on top of it.

In principle, suitable, and other tools.For example, "Bulgarian", circular saw, rezak- "guillotine" (it is designed specifically for cutting laminate).Is it advisable to buy them for home use is up to you, dear reader, but some points should be noted.

  • To work with such models require professional skills.It is their common "minus".
  • sufficiently high price: "Bulgarian" - from 3150, a circular saw - from 4090, the cutter - about 7 600 (RUB).


  • Please note that the guillotine can only cut across.Cutting board along the longitudinal axis is excluded, so need a different tool as required.
  • «metal" should be installed when using the above e-mail / Tools.