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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to build a playground in the country with their own hands - options and tips

If you someone says that this is not the first necessity - to organize a sort of "playground" at their summer cottage, especially when modest amounts of standard plots of land of about 5 - 6 acres, then ask that person to answer a simple question -what to do with the children when the family arrives at the cottage?And not with platitudes and intelligibly and concretely.

This is the part of many people think that the problem of leisure kids is not no difficulty.But for families with children, especially small, it exists, and it must be solved.

One option - to arrange a special section on the site where malyshnya could mess around during the day, without distracting from their parents urgent cases and not asking to go home, to their favorite toys.If well thought out, it turns out that this is not so difficult in fact.

You can find recommendations for leisure activities in the country for all ages of children.But from the point of view of the author, the greatest attention should be given to the children age 5. More adults still gradually be brought to the dacha work, and in his spare time, they have themselves in a position to decide what they do best.

This article is not specific advice on how to arrange it all, with detailed diagrams or drawings.Cleverly owner need only a hint, and the rest he will think himself.Moreover, all sites are absolutely individual, and taking into account the size and configuration, and features of the territory planning.Bring all to a common denominator simply will not work.

Design - Children

What to consider

Dimensions suburban area and is able to free space allocation.There are practically two main options - or arrange a separate area just for children (for children - at least 8 m2), or more to change the layout of the territory.

As an example - to expand the track (so that children can run or ride a ball or machine), to organize a couple of "snout", between which the children will be able to move.The fact that at the age of 3 - 5 years are unlikely to succeed for a long time to get their attention is to one place - they just need a constant change of scenery.

Age children.The platform for preschoolers wiser placed in close proximity to the country house.All the same, this category of children still requires constant look closely.

Location on the territory .At least half of the area to be shaded during the day.If it is organized in an open space, in hot weather, the baby will not stay there for long.But if there is no other option, then you need to consider the issue of its artificial protection from the sun (light canopy, awning).

scheme If children are still not grown up, it is not necessary to arrange some complicated structures for them.For example, a swing or a carousel.They will only hinder adults themselves as their own kids to take advantage of these attractions will not yet.Therefore, parents have to deal with beds instead of children's activities, and thus lost all sense of playground equipment.Entertain the kids this way you can, and without leaving the city - any city in the courtyard of similar structures is more than enough.

guard site.The best option - a hedge around the children's area.The child will not only have to constantly deal with the developing plantations - he starts to get primary skills of plant care, will feel a degree of responsibility for the state of affairs on "his" territory of the plot.

It turns out that it is a design decision will bring additional benefits.But the height of this fence should be small (0.8 - 1 m), or the children "fall out" of the field of view.

inclinations child .If the site does not cause him any interest, it makes no sense, and in its equipment.

p- h need for 'personal space ».Let it be not a wooden house, a simple hut.But baby submission, it is his house, with all its childish secrets with a full sense of security, safety, comfort.And how to arrange it inside the baby necessarily come up with myself.

Drafts .If the location area periodically "walks" the wind, the ground requires a solid fence with at least 2 sides.For example, sheets of polycarbonate.

condition soil.It is advisable to remove the top layer, remove the remnants of roots and cover the area of ​​river sand.In this case, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.If you allow the financial possibilities, that is more hygienic option - self-leveling floor on the rubber crumb basis (as done here) or soft coil coating.

Colors .The abundance of brightly colored always attracts attention, and not just children.Therefore, processing a playground, this factor should not be overlooked.


minimum set of equipment

  • small house (read, how to build it).
  • Sandbox.
  • benches.
  • if possible - a small inflatable pool.


If the issue is solved with a hedge, the plant "spiky" plants are not recommended (for example, rose, rose, barberry, and the like).The same applies to the poisonous flora - broom, datura, castor, euonymus, and many others.For our climatic conditions we can recommend the gray Spira, shrubby cinquefoil or convolvulaceae (from "perennials"), erecting to them a wire frame like low arches.