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August 12, 2017 18:05

Make a milling machine for wood with his hands - step by step instructions and drawings

work with wood in the home often enough.For the simplest cutting samples from any host is always at hand is a saw.But the owner of a dwelling house, with a backyard, often in the regeneration of outbuildings have to perform more complex than a simple sawing, operations related to the sample material.

Milling machine for wood for the owner who loves (and able) to do everything with your hands, more than ever will be.For information on how to collect it, what to consider when designing and described in this article.

man who collects himself to collect router, to explain basic things - what size you need to pick up the bolts (screws), which Wizard you must enclose not only the goals, but Grover (vibration!), The size (diameter) of pipesand the like - it makes no sense.But note the common features of the assembly, "to arm some ideas" - that is enough to produce milling machine, designed to work with any kind of blanks.


This design - fixed.Her strength and size depend on the possibility of processing samples with different dimensions.


Its linear parameters are selected depending on the specific use of the machine and are determined individually, so give concrete recommendations on the size - is meaningless.The material for it can serve as a metal (for example, a large area, the pipe), wood (sticks of sufficient size).

What to consider when installing

  • In designing the machine, it is desirable to plan the installation of the adjustable feet.This will not only provide additional convenience in the work with a variety of samples, but also allow leveled working surface of any, even the rough basis (for example, the ground).On this basis, it is better to collect base frame made of metal.
  • If it is mounted from the chimney, it is better to use the blank with a rectangular profile.Such a structure to collect, securely connect all of its components get much faster and easier.


fr - 4 It is better to mount in panels (eg chipboard, SALT, and the like) or the board.The metal in this case is not suitable.Plates significantly to weight the entire structure, and thin in the process will vibrate.

Conclusion - each a master in self-constructing collects desktop "for themselves."Therefore, all diagrams, drawings, arranged on thematic sites should only be regarded as a kind of tip, rather than a direct "Guide to action."


Engine Power (kW)

  • 0,5 - this machine allows to perform only the most basic steps: removal of the top layer, grinding, the sample slots, grooves and the like.
  • 1 - 1.5 - possible deep processing of wood, but the duration of the continuous process operations will depend on the species and quality of wood drying.
  • 2 - 2.5 - with the drive machine is considered to be universal, since it is possible to establish any cutter, and the configuration and size.This option is more suitable for people who work with wood at a professional level.To perform simple operations than most and have to deal with in everyday life, it is hardly worth collecting unit such power.

French - 5

number of revolutions (r / min)

The higher the motor score, the more "pure" is processing of the material.If the cutter encounters a problem area (such as a knot), then at high speed it will not lead to a crash.On this basis, and should be selected motor model.

Power (number of phases and voltage)

should focus on 1F / 220 private sector.When selecting a motor on 3 ~ should pay attention to how it incorporated the winding.Modifications to the "star" to "delta" (or vice versa) often causes a reduction in efficiency, sometimes twice.

reference machine

plate It is also called the circuit, since it is attached router.In its manufacture is better to take the sheet metal, glass fiber, getinaks.The thickness of the composite samples selected based on their size - it has to provide the required structural strength (including vibration).

FF - 6

blanks fixing elements

French - 7 Clamping parts are executed differently.Reliable fastening of wood samples can be secured with clamps, placed on the sides of the tabletop.They can be installed as a removable and fixed (welded to the frame).Although the latter option is less convenient to use.

can do in a different way.Put several clamping devices along the countertop, and fixation of different size parts to carry out metal strips, which, in turn, pressed clamps.Variants enough and savvy will tell you exactly how to organize the pieces firmly established on the desktop.

machine Security Features

  • button (switch) emergency engine stop.
  • screen around the working area.


  • backlight.
  • Dust Collector.

The figure shows a diagram of a simple router-based e-mail / drills:

French - 8

Naturally, the power of the machine is small, but it is quite suitable, for example, for the production of shaped samples of thin board, laminated plywood.Who is engaged in artistic cutting of wood, can appreciate the convenience of its processing using a homemade system.