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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make the drainage in the area with a high water table - instructions with photos

Forced draining the site of territory held by various methods.But if the ground water level is high enough, it is necessary to conduct a range of activities, and sometimes quite complex, requiring both time and certain material costs.In order to properly organize the drainage in the area, we will understand in this article.

Inexperienced gardeners (owners of small private houses) often express the opinion that if there is a large area of ​​the structure, with a deep foundation that can "swim", then there is nothing to do.It is not taken into account the negative factors associated with the high location of the groundwater level (how to define it, read here), which further complicate the life of the owners.

  • shater_ decay of the root system plants.
  • emergence of water-loving vegetation, which is in the garden area (local area) is absolutely not needed (eg, horsetail, reeds).
  • Soil washing nutrients.
  • Increased risk of corrosion elements of utilities - water, sewerage and so on.
  • flooding of basements, cellars, cesspool or "push" the septic tank from the ground.
  • abundance of insects and moisture lovers such as frogs, snails, snakes.
  • constant sense of smell of rot, dampness.

By the way, not all are clear, and that is it - the ground water?Figure all clearly explained.

Conclusion - do not need to listen to anyone's "smart" tips.In any case, the high level of HS drain should be dealt with on a mandatory basis.

What to consider

  • less labor intensive, surface drainage in this case is absolutely ineffective.
  • drained subject not only to the individual segments of the territory, which are located some objects (a house, a toilet, outbuildings, wells, etc.), but also the entire area.A more extensive system ensures that drainage will be really effective.


is understood that the owner of a plot of land had already spent all the development activities and make sure that the ground water is really shallow located.

tube system

Construction trench

trumpet_ She rummages around the base of an object.The width is selected based on the convenience of it adult, and the depth of the foundation is determined by the level of occurrence.In the corners of the trench must be extended because these places will settle wells.They are also the observation, and technology (in case of need to clean the system on a particular track section).

At the bottom is filled with ASG (or a mixture of fine gravel and sand) and well compacted.This "cushion" is needed to avoid deformation of the drainage system in the shifting of the soil.

Note!In order to ensure the natural flow of water bottom should go with a slope (at least 10 per meter of track).

Pipe laying

trumpet Firstly, what?Drainage systems used for the preform, which radially the entire length of the hole drilled.Through them, water gets inside the line.Such products are on sale.Himself is engaged in porting pipe is hardly advisable, given that their section - round.Pipes with a different profile, as a rule, are not applicable.A rectangular - rather, boxes, and wall thickness is usually small.

  • With self-preparation of conventional pipes can restrict through-drank in their walls.It is much easier to do than to drill.
  • 100 - 110 mm - ample cross-section of pipes.

Secondly, what material?Given the fact that adjoining (garden) area heavy machinery does not move, which means that a large load on the ground is not necessary to choose between plastic and asbestos-cement.

Third, before installing the pipes they need to wrap geotextiles.A feature of this material is that it passes only the liquid and solid fractions delays.Without it, the pipe will keep silt.



  • first layer ASG fit so that he was laying the pipe layer (called overflow) is not less than 10 cm, which is again sealed.
  • Next - land.
  • the top trench is covered with turf removed earlier.

make - drenazh_

By the same procedure laid pipes and territory.All bends tracks installed wells.

Note!Pipes wells only factories, but not joined.Otherwise, the system would be impossible to clean.

last question - where ground water is given?As options: settling basin or drainage pipe output from the territory.Everything is decided on the basis of local conditions.

excess water from the container can be used for household needs.For this purpose, in its upper portion mounted nozzle, through which liquid will flow and when the tank is full.



Another way, although the feasibility of this method is determined by not only the size of the territory, but also the presence in it of free space, as well as the possibility of arrangement of the reservoir.The bottom line is that a small artificial settling tank (how to make a pond here) on the site.His task - to collect, accumulate excess underground water.The principal difference of the hydraulic structure from the traditional suburban pools that the waterproofing layer is not mounted.Pit pond inside obkladyvaetsya rubble mixed with PLG, without laying any protective films and membranes.

a good solution, especially for areas experiencing problems with water supply.Water will always be at hand.And if you put a pit so that the liquid was filtered quality, it is clean and quite suitable for a variety of purposes.