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August 12, 2017 18:05

To connect a private home to the mains - detailed instruction

Build your home - that's half the battle.It must provide all that is necessary for normal living.No building can not be considered in the full sense of the habitable if it lacks water, light, heat.That is why in the course of construction are put various utilities.

But they start to function only after them will be made to connect to an external mains (about autonomous systems such as generators - told here).

And here begins the most unpleasant.For the most part, all these troubles are connected with the fact that people simply do not know where they need to contact, what documents to prepare and submit.Pretty vague concept and the timing of the work, and their cost.In order not to depend on the mood of an official, it is necessary to know what regulations govern the organization and conduct of such activities.

Without going into details, which can be dealt with only specialists, we note the main points that you need to know the average consumer to connect his house to the central power grid.


Everything is determined by Regulation number 861 (the name is long, so we will call briefly - the "Rules"), which have been approved by the Government of December 27, 2007.In them, in particular, all painted in detail the technology of connection of private dwellings to electricity.What we need to know?

energy supplying organization is obliged to conclude a contract with the owner of the dwelling for the supply of electricity.And (attention!), Whether or not there is such a possibility in her at the moment or not.

There is a caveat - this is the case if all the applicant's device power consumption does not exceed 15 kW.This takes into account all those "objects" that have been previously connected to the point of attachment.That is, 15 kW - a total capacity of 1 customer.

If the border area to the connection point (transformer, switchgear, etc.) in a straight line does not exceed:

  • in rural areas - 500 m
  • for cities, townships - 300m,

the power can beincreased to 20 kW.

Where to

in the organization, which has been supplying electricity to this "territory".Information about it can be obtained either in the local administration, or check with your neighbors (if they have already made the connection).

It so happens that the site is located on the border of the "responsibility" of zones 2 different electricity suppliers.In this case, the connection produces, to whose objects (poles, substation, or something else, which will be the connection), the boundary area is closer.



Apply (in writing).What point in it?

  • name and surname.
  • Passport data.It allowed their introduction and another document of identity (for example, right), but it is in agreement with the organization.
  • Place the connection object (the house) - the address.
  • list and the name of the device that will connect with their total capacity in "kW".
  • Dates when the design is complete.In addition, the expected date of entry into operation equipment to be connected.But it needs to be clarified in advance in the design and assembly organizations.

What make (copies)?

  • Passports (or other specified in the application document).
  • Certificate of ownership of the house.
  • INN.
  • list of all units (devices) to be connected, with an indication of the power of each of them.
  • load calculation.
  • site plan showing the locations of connected objects.Thus it is necessary to outline the scheme not only the territory of the house, but also an adjoining site on which the facility where the connection will be made (with a scale).It is necessary to determine the distances from the boundaries of land ownership to energy facility.

If the documents are submitted are not the owner himself, and his representative, the need is also a power of attorney certified in the notary's office.

On the basis of the application issued technical conditions in which the project is developed.



  • On the issue of technical conditions - no more than a month.
  • connection on the basis of submitted application must be made no later than six months from the date of conclusion of the agreement.It is based on the construction of communications (eg cable, if the connection from the substation), extra columns (air connection).
  • directly to carry out the installation of all devices on the accession professionals will need about 2 - 3 days.

Maybe so that the distance between the border and the point of attachment larger than this (between 300 and 500 m).In this case, the laying of the line is given by the Supplier up to 2 years, but the payment for temporary connection will be charged to the individual rate (higher).And can speed up this "construction", but at their own expense.It is decided individually, since each organization - its nuances in the provision of services.


It should not exceed 550 rubles, if the estimated power consumption of no more than 15 kW.

important point!If the specified power up to 15 kW in the application (inclusive), with the property owner no right to demand any additional payments.

can not call it a "rule", but sometimes it happens that the applicant is informed that here "this and that" will have to pay separately.Explanations are different - the complexity of the work, the need for construction of additional "structures" or increase the technological equipment and the like features.All this is illegal.In other words, it is "not our problem" (if the distance from the site to the point do not exceed the limits of the above-mentioned connection and the stated capacity).

Electrical 2

few tips

  • list of documents can be slightly modified.Therefore, prior to the preparation of this issue needs to be clarified in particular supplying organization.The fact is that under the legislation of the all-Russian regional authorities can make some additions, taking into account local conditions.In addition, there are departmental documents, clarifying certain provisions.
  • If the supplying organization does not fit in a timely manner (which is not uncommon), it is necessary to put an official complaint in writing.There are many "subtleties", so it is best to contact an attorney.Suppliers of electricity can cause a variety of reasons (lack of funding, the problem with the staff, and so on).But the owner is not to blame.There is a contract and it is not made through the fault of the other party.By the way, an experienced lawyer also suggest how to recover compensation for moral damages.And it can be quite decent (in monetary terms).
  • connection project better to order from the supplier.All of them are quite jealous of it, and if the documents will be developed by a third party, then it may be difficult.Specialists will always find, if desired, on which "catch" the layman.At least, it will help to save time and nerves at the coordination of the project.After all, it is clear that to "own" the document one quibble would not.

Unauthorized connection is fraught with serious troubles.If this fact is pointed out that the organization concerned, among other things, put up such an account (with and prove its validity), which will have to pay for a long time, by a court decision.