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August 12, 2017 18:05

Advantages and disadvantages of frame- panel houses on the reviews of owners

housing problem is still one of the most acute in our country.Depending on their capabilities, mainly of material, people tend to solve it themselves, without relying on the state.Despite the wide range of different building materials, more individual developers sympathies lean toward fabricated houses.Without going into details, what causes it (for example, the continuing rise in inflation), we note that in the selection of a particular method everyone wants to celebrate a housewarming party as soon as possible.

Frame-panel houses at this point - the most appropriate option.But before we consider in more detail, it is necessary to clarify - what is meant by them?Often there is confusion about the concepts, and often their direct substitution.The category of pre-fabricated buildings are built, the construction of which use a variety of materials that are "sewn" in the pre-assembled frame.For example, the various panels.


peculiarity of this construction lies in the fact that all the activities carried out directly on the job site.Even if the "skeleton" at home hiding by shield structures, their assembly is done in the same place.

difference frame-panel buildings - in the division of the stages of installation at the place of assembly operations.The framework itself is home set on a construction site.But he made boards for the enterprise, in accordance with the order made, and already assembled are delivered to the construction site where he made the final "assembly" facilities.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of this technique is best, analyzing the responses of those who already live in the frame-panel houses.One can not categorically say that's "it" - worse (or better) out of "that".It is necessary to take into account many different factors: the availability of space, time, number of assistants, the climate of the region of residence and things like that.

Frame-panel - house

What is a "shield┬╗

It is a frame, which can be made of timber or boards.Inside is placed insulation, vapor barrier and hydro layers, and the upper shell is made of a different material.They can be polished board, of OSV panels, particleboard, gypsum board and so on.And facing the front and back side it can be executed in different ways, according to the customer's request.


features frame-panel houses

Fast erection.As already mentioned, in fact, such construction - is assembling a large "designer" of pre-prepared parts.This complexity is not work, since all the boards are strictly determined dimensions.They are produced in accordance with the order attached to a project of the future house.Therefore, activities such as cutting, cutting, fitting, konopatka completely eliminated.

In addition, panels are numbered in accordance with the same floor plan, so they can not be confused with each other."Serious" Manufactured even applies to its products detailed assembly instructions.On average, you will need no more than 2 - 3 months to basically the building was completed.


minimum amount of garbage.If we imagine any construction site, it is - a mandatory attribute of all kinds of construction and finishing works.And here there are two pitfalls:

  • acquiring materials for the construction and finishing of the house, can not account for everything.And the dimensions of workpieces are often simply do not match the size of the installation site (stacking).Therefore, the generation of waste - an objective reality, but they are, by and large - it's money the builder, piled in a heap of garbage.This should be taken into account to determine the economic feasibility of building frame-panel house.
  • important question - where to take out the trash?After all, you can not throw out anywhere.By the way, are provided and appropriate administrative sanctions, including criminal liability for violations in the field of ecology.Many private developers have to spend time and money to waste to remove and put in the prescribed manner to the dump.This question is especially important for residents of more or less large settlements.

Ability to work in a limited area.It is necessary to take into account that does not have to clutter up the site construction materials (gravel, sand, wood, and so on).By the way, you will still spend money on something that they bring, unload, store.

construction strength.Frame "strays" so tightly that completely excludes any deformation (transverse, longitudinal).Such houses are able to withstand high wind loads, well proven in the regions with high seismic danger.

No shrinkage.It is this "suffering" of construction, in the construction where the wood used.Therefore, it is possible immediately after the construction work to begin to grow roots in the new location while continuing to finish interior trim.


If necessary - easy internal re-planning.

relatively low weight.This gives an opportunity to significantly save on the foundation, when you consider that on average the cost can reach up to 25 - 30% of the total costs for the estimate.Application base melkozaglublennogo type allows reduce construction time.For such buildings can choose any type of foundation, depending on the soil characteristics.This - one measure of versatility in application.

Low heat loss.And this is understandable, given the multi-layered structure of the panels.Therefore in them throughout the year virtually unchanged maintained favorable microclimate.The design has no such flaws as "thermal bridges" loose connection "tongue and groove", and the like.According to numerous reviews owners, their heating costs by about ┬╝ lower than that of neighboring owners - block or brick - houses.

for exterior finish can be used on almost any material.

Convenience "masking" of utilities.One of the problems faced by many developers is that many pipes, fittings, wires and cables, or often simply have nowhere to hide, and it is quite difficult to do.Shielding assembly greatly facilitates this task.


When choosing a project is necessary to consider that any of its "originality" in the form of any architectural innovations significantly complicate the manufacturing process sheets.This leads to a significant appreciation of their value.

When selecting insulation materials should be preferred, though more expensive types, but with a long life.The fact that the panel repair is usually not subject or it is associated with large difficulties.

Many developers do not consider the free space on the construction site, as well as the possibility of a smooth entrance to her art.Therefore, one should choose the size of panels, the final weight which would allow to assemble the house without the use of mechanical means.

Before you enter into a contract for the manufacture of panel boards, it is advisable to pass the addresses on which the house is already built products from this Manufacturer.After talking with the owners will understand whether it makes sense to do it in this order firm.By the way, conscientious companies themselves will offer potential clients an option, as the opinions and feedback of people - the most effective advertising.But if you begin to "twist", it's worth thinking why?

For greater confidence in the quality of products should pay a visit at least a couple of times on the production and see how the order is executed.A conscientious manufacturer will never stand in the way.