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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choosing insulation - foam or polystyrene , which is better and what is the difference ?

or foam - polystyrene - 1 Argued that polystyrene and expanded polystyrene - it is absolutely the same stuff.Some sites on the Internet found information that is generally the same.This is probably due to the fact that these materials have a lot in common, and first of all - their 'parent', polystyrene.And the main area of ​​application is the same - thermal insulation and soundproofing different surfaces.However, if you look closely, there is a difference, and quite palpable.

difference foam and polystyrene

Firstly, a big difference in the production technology of these materials.The foam produced by the method of processing dry steam pellet raw material polystyrene.As a result of thermal expansion, they simply "engage" with each other.This promotes the formation of some voids - micropores.Expanded polystyrene is produced by that known by the term "extrusion".If the production process is characterized in general, it melts the polystyrene beads.Consequently, connections are formed at the molecular level, there is a single structure.

Secondly, there are differences in the physical properties and technical characteristics.This distinction is logically follows from the peculiarities of the technology of production of these materials.We can say with confidence that the expanded polystyrene, in some indicators superior to its "younger brother" - a foam.Let's try to figure out what.

Advantages of Styrofoam

  • strength.As already mentioned, polystyrene - single mass of material, while the foam - a "coupling" of the individual particles.When you change certain environmental conditions can be crumbled foam, expanded polystyrene is - never.In addition, the flexural foam is very easy to break, so you can use it only where the surface will not be disturbed.Based on the characteristics, polystyrene stronger bending is 5 - 6 times;
  • permeability.In view of the fact that the foam is present in a plurality of voids, they can easily be filled under certain conditions, such as moisture.If we take this characteristic as moisture absorption, its polystyrene component at 10 times lower than foam.The same goes for the sound transmission;
  • density.This polystyrene component in a 3 - 5 times higher.Consequently, it is somewhat heavier.But it should be noted that in principle it is a matter of small masses.Although one and other material are sufficiently light weight, but is capable of withstanding some polystyrene load.

can draw the following conclusion - expanded polystyrene (eg brand Penoplex) for use as insulation and insulating material in some cases better, but where you want an inexpensive material, is not experiencing heavy loads, better to use foam.