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August 12, 2017 18:05

How nice clean carpet in the home means -tested

It is understood that the reference to the dry cleaners - not the most convenient option.If only because of the size of the carpet and the complexity of its transportation.Call professionals from firms that provide such services, too, not everyone wants to - not everyone likes the appearance in the house of strangers, and even in the time specified by them.

clean - carpet Whatever it was, but the majority of the housewives have to rely only on themselves (knocking out the dust in front of the house - do not count, for this is her husband).Therefore, on some proven methods of carpet cleaning at home will not be superfluous to recall.

fact that heavily advertised funds do not always justify expectations and match the money that paid for them.For example, about nabivshem nauseam "Vanish" the most contradictory opinions.The same can be said for some other types of similar products.But our grandmothers well do without them, and order them in the house has always been.Thus, the "national" means you should never be neglected.

Choosing a carpet cleaning composition, and its method depends on the cause that prompted to do such work.About elementary cleaning speak does not make sense - is now a vacuum cleaner is one of the most common household appliances, and there it is in every house.Therefore, the subject of conversation - removing various stains and dirt removal, and thereby eliminate the odor.The latter is especially true for families in which live our smaller brothers.

Cleaning from dirt


Salt better to take the production of finely ground, "Extra".Incidentally, this is the most common material, but not only for such purposes.With the same success it is possible to take wood chips, pumice (after turning it into a mass of powder), bran.The technique is the same.The tool breaks down on the surface, after which they should be covered with a carpet of land intensively rub the brush.Then she swept all the factions or the broom, but always moistened with water (warm).How do these "visits" to qualitatively to clean the carpet depends on the degree of pollution and the effectiveness of our work.


It not only cleans stains well, but at the same time "rejuvenates" the carpet surface.Applies only fermented, and, if it has not been used cooking vinegar essence.Otherwise, it will have a long time to wash under running water.The product must be released to remove it from all of the brine.Thereafter pomace dredged contaminated area, and begins cleaning, during which the particles to a fraction of cabbage will stick dirt.

treated surface as well - a broom or brush.

Cleaning stains from

fault Fresh spot first step is to "drain".To do this, it imposed any material, absorbs the liquid.After this section is processed, soapy water with a brush.Another way - to use instead of soap mixture.One option - on a liter of warm water and 1 teaspoon of wine vinegar and washing powder (detergent and can be, but not too aggressive).

Spot dried need to soften.Therefore, it is wetted by glycerol which is desirable to rub it.In this state, the carpet is about 24 hours.And after that - treatment by the above procedure (soap solution + brush).

organic stains are washed with cold water, as well as with any other material.Dried land previously covered with a damp cloth, so that it is slightly softened.

stains dirt removed immediately is not necessary.We must give it to dry.Otherwise, it simply smeared on site, and in addition, also penetrate deeper.

paraffin droplets (wax), adhering "chewing gum" are easily separated from the villi, if they cool.It is enough to make the ice from above (from the freezer).There is a second way - to iron the iron through the cloth, which will absorb the melts of substances.But here we must be careful, as with carpets made of synthetics is better not to experiment at all.


Clea The fact that it can be done with cabbage, already mentioned.There are plenty of other simple techniques.Here are some of them.

  • Carpet Cleaning brush with ammonia solution (per liter of water - 2 big spoons).After the procedure, the product should be dried in a draft that weathered all the smell.
  • procedure was the same, but another solution (1 liter of water + 2 teaspoons of citric acid + 1 large salt).
  • Shoe tea brewing.As well as using the cabbage.Tea leaves are scattered on the surface and are swept away.

General rules

To remove stains need to start immediately after its occurrence.After some time, it will make it much more difficult.Troubleshooting "stale" defect will require a lot of time, and not the fact that the result will be as expected.

Not all chemicals are suitable for use with natural fibers.By the way, already mentioned «Vanish" is only suitable for the purification of synthetic .In order not to spoil the carpet desperately, for a start, it is desirable to treat any of its land, which after installation will be located in the corner of the room and will not be evident.Or the part that is hidden bed, if the carpet hanging on the wall.

Even if all of the carpet clean edges, is in one place it especially dirty, and then try the efficacy of the selected agent to remove dirt.At least, it will ensure that after processing the data stains somewhere in the middle of the carpet will not have to throw out or cut at the track, for example, in the loggia on the floor.

is not recommended to clean "the wrong way".The smallest fraction of dirt, accumulated between the fibers will further be exhausted deep structure, making it difficult for only the cleaning process.


What carpets "do not like»

  • Treatment "hard" tools (brushes, or something similar).
  • thermal effects (even hot water).Especially if it is a carpet made of synthetics.

If the carpet cleaning a reason - not the removal of stains, and the appearance of elemental contamination, it is necessary to handle the product over the entire area.Virtually all means several "lighten" the material and selective purification lead to that the carpet will be "variegated" portions that are visually noticeable.

methods listed in this article, by no means the only ones.Depository folk wisdom is inexhaustible.Therefore, if you do not achieve the desired effect, do not despair.On our site a lot of useful information, and probably some kind of recommendation is right for your case, dear reader.