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August 12, 2017 18:06

for the manufacture of wind turbine manual with their hands from the car generator

electricity production from non-traditional, alternative sources become more and more popular today.People are looking for economical ways to produce electricity.In this widely used solar and wind energy as inexhaustible and almost free of natural resources.

idea of ​​using wind power for their household needs a man appeared in ancient times.Suffice it to recall how Don Quixote fighting windmills.Today, wind turbines are increasingly part of everyday life.They can be seen in the agricultural and industrial enterprises, the private sector, where the need to eliminate the dependence on the central line.

Wind turbines are convenient and cost-effective installations, with completely environmentally friendly: they do not emit harmful waste, they do not use gasoline or diesel fuel.

Due to the high cost of industrial wind turbines, many domestic craftsmen are trying to make this instrument with his own hands.Consider the simplest procedure for manufacturing a wind turbine and the necessary materials.


What is needed to build a simple wind turbine?

will need to build a wind turbine rotary power up to 1.5 kW:

  • automotive alternator 12 V;
  • any (acid or gel) battery 12 V;
  • bucket or another piece of plate (eg, large saucepan), stainless steel or aluminum;
  • motor relay control lamp and charge the battery charge;
  • semi-hermetic switch button on 12 V;
  • voltmeter car or from any of the old measuring device;
  • wire;
  • bolts with nuts and washers;
  • two clamps to the generator mast;
  • tools - screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, drill.

procedure of manufacturing

Generator - 1 rotor manufacture and reworking of the generator pulley.With the help of a tape measure and marker dividing the bucket into 4 pieces, spacing of the blade, then cut with scissors for metal, without cutting through.

On the bottom you need to mark and drill the holes for the screws, do the same on a pulley.The holes should be placed strictly symmetrical in order to avoid imbalance during rotation.

blades are folded (not very much), taking into account the generator is rotated in any direction.The bending angle of the blades is set speed.

bucket with ready blade is attached to the pulley with the bolts.

connected wire to the generator.Putting the chain.Strengthens the mast generator is attached to the wire and connect it to its circuit.Connect the load, using a wire with a cross section of 2.5 m2.Additionally, set the inverter (converter) 12 - 220 V 700 - 1500 W Watts.

wind turbine

As a result of the wind generator should work without any problems.In such a windmill with a 1000 W inverter and the battery 75A can operate lighting, including street, burglar alarms, video surveillance and other devices.


Advantages of this wind turbine - is its cost-effectiveness, maintainability, simplicity, reliability and quiet operation.

There are drawbacks - the lack of protection from the strong winds that can disrupt the blade, and a small production capacity.