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August 12, 2017 18:06

To install a water meter with their own hands - advice

Meters withstand Previously, homeowners have installed water meters are mainly from the savings, and some out of curiosity, as a tribute to fashion, now it is "severe" need.All houses and apartments must be equipped with such metering devices the flow, even, if necessary, and then forcibly - this is the government's decision.

The apartments, which provides and centralized hot water supply (from CHP, district boiler) have to immediately put two counters.One of the cold water (cold-water - cold water), the other - on a hot (hot water).Differences in their installation no, because the counters are set the same.They measure water flow, and it is cold or hot, there is no difference.Consider how to install counter CWS with their own hands.


should be noted that the installation of such devices are engaged or specialists of the management company, which serves the house, or a specialized organization, which works with the Criminal Code on the basis of a subcontract.All management companies "painful" to respond to the fact that someone takes their "bread".After all, this service is paid.Therefore, to avoid potential difficulties in sealing the counter of the Criminal Code called a technician to install it so that all the technical standards have been strictly followed.


  • counter acquisition.It is better to buy it from a retailer.It is necessary to make sure that your passport is registered to the device serial number (and conformity №№ on the device and on the passport).The Criminal Code is to ask in advance, no later than the date which must be counter was tested.The passport has a stamp of factory tests, so this date needs to be clarified in the Criminal Code.To then they say, that bought the counter is obsolete;
  • Buying coarse filter (strainer).They come in two versions - "straight" and "oblique".Pre-need to determine which section of the pipe it will be installed as "direct" placed horizontally only."Oblique" sump can be used anywhere;
  • If the metal pipe, then you need to buy a tube of metal and the appropriate adapters (fittings).The fact that the setting of the counter and the filter is much simpler, if not put on a metal pipe, and metal and plastic.Therefore, it is desirable to replace a portion of the aqueduct.And even better - all of that and then again not alter;
  • Shut-off valve, which is placed directly on the pipe entering the apartment (if necessary);
  • insulating material.As a rule, used tape FUM, which is perfectly replaces the traditional tow.

counter account is put on the input water pipe in an apartment.Location selected at random, based on the ease of installation and removal of further evidence.The only condition: All outlets of the inlet pipe (in the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet bowl to a tank) should be only after the counter.Otherwise, the representative of the CC refused to seal the counter.

Priority installation

  1. counter Shut-off valve (if necessary);
  2. filter.It is necessary to count not "crouch" different dirt particles that move through the pipes.It is necessary to pay attention to the correctness of its installation.In the filter housing has an arrow, which should be directed towards a water current;
  3. counter.His body also has an arrow indicating the direction of water movement.

should be borne in mind that some of the Criminal Code and their representatives "cunning", arguing that the sealing of the meter will have to pay.Whether deliberately or because of ignorance, but they warn about the amount of payment. So, according to the law, if the counter is put on the tube for the first time, its sealing is done absolutely FREE! Pay sealing only when re-installing the meter, they have, after verification, repair or replace a new one.