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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to get rid of mold on the walls in the apartment - proven tools

We are all familiar with this situation - in any room of mold appear in due course.Even if it is not visible, it begins as soon as the repairs and removed the old wallpaper or paint, it was right there.And no one is immune from the "visits" of the guest.How to deal with it?Means, not how to remove it, and how to make sure that it never appeared in the apartment.Therefore it is necessary to know why there is mold in the apartment and, therefore, to work on the elimination of these causes, which will be devoted to an article of the blog "The best house", and your permanent author George.

reasons for the appearance of mold in

apartment must be clearly understood that the main condition for the appearance of mold - high humidity, more simply - the dampness in the room.Therefore, before starting a "war" with mold, it is necessary to eliminate all factors that contribute to its occurrence.Otherwise, such a war will last a lifetime.So, the main question - where in the apartment dampness, moisture, because in itself it does not appear.


eliminates the causes

First we need to pay attention to the walls - perhaps they are constantly wet.Especially often it happens in a corner apartment.To reduce the wall moisture well to treat their surface (at least inside) special agents that repel water.Require special attention sills and window frames.It may here be imperceptible eye slits through which the street seeping moisture.With sealants, these places should be carefully handled.

high humidity contributes to the lack of good ventilation in the room.It is necessary to check all exhaust hatches, if necessary - clean the air ducts.And we should not neglect such means as regular airing of rooms.Even in the cold season it should be done on a daily basis, at least for a few minutes - this will benefit not only the walls, but also your health.

Poor circulation of air masses in the apartment can also be caused by improper location of furniture.It should not be placed close to the walls, close to each other.Overcrowding furniture indirectly contributes to the appearance of mold.Corridor, in the first place, should not be unduly made to any things.

Another reason moisture is insufficient heat in the room.If the room is always "cool", then you need to think about additional measures on warming - floor, walls, perhaps the ceiling.In this room are well insulate the floor.There are quite a few methods.Experts recommend to process the surfaces inside the apartment (walls, ceilings) antiseptic.

Such tools are special priming agent that protects the surface from appearing on these various fungi and mold.Before use in places where there is already a mold, it is necessary to conduct a "cleansing" operation - to remove the existing mold and dry well, these parts of the surface.

There are "folk" methods of dealing with mold and fungus.This solution of copper sulphate, and bleaching agents, bleach.However, they all have their "expiration date" and fully, they do not solve the problem.Also, I suggest you consider another important point: it is necessary to monitor the health of the overall home plumbing.Any leakage of water - the source of the dampness in the room.

'll see a video tutorial on the destruction of mold very original way: