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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for proper preparation of the wall before pasting wallpaper

No matter what material would get off the wall, the surface must be prepared.Wallpapers are different, from the most simple, paper, to newfangled liquid.Naturally, the walls are prepared taking into account the peculiarities of finish in some kind of wallpaper.But the basic technology training wall before pasting wallpaper is still common.

sequence of works on preparation of wall

Removing the old coating

necessary to completely remove remnants of old wallpaper, when the wall was papered with them.If these pieces are taken ill, these spaces need to be drench with water.For better impregnation in several places on the wall, you can make small incisions.After such cleaning the surface should be thoroughly rinsed with water.The aim is that all the remnants of the glue, paint, whitewash particles were removed from the wall.

parallel with the removal of old wallpaper in places where the plaster keeps bad, it is also deleted.It is desirable with the help of, for example, a chisel and a hammer, obbit a place to stay only a thick layer of plaster.

If the wall has been painted earlier, first chisel slipping all the irregularities.Then sandpaper the entire wall neatly trimmed and clean with warm soapy water.However, if the repair is still heavy, the paint must be removed completely.

processing -the-wall

wall Inspection

  • necessary to identify all the cracks and potholes mark places or bumps that have to clean up;
  • special attention is drawn to the presence of mold traces of mildew, rust.

Processing affected places

If you do not, then over time these spots will appear on the new wallpaper.Funds are selected on the basis of what "struck by" the wall.


This type of work must be conducted.The fact that the wall after its cleaning at least somewhere, but will "bare" places (concrete, brick).Primer (both primed, I wrote) will provide a strong "coupling" wallpaper from the entire wall surface.


Wall, as a rule, will not be smooth, no matter how carefully was not removed the old layer of finish.It is necessary to align.If the finish is carried out with liquid wallpaper, it will reduce the consumption of a mixture of (rather expensive).


done in the case were any irregularities after plastering.


If processed outer wall is, after termination of existing cracks it is advisable to first insulate, and only then hang wallpaper.On the methods of insulation, I also wrote in detail, you can read.

when working with liquid wallpaper wall should be painted white (latex paint with the addition of PVA glue).