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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating Scheme of two-storey house with forced circulation

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scheme of a country house heating is selected depending on the total area of ​​heated space and the material possibilities of the structure owners.The forced circulation of coolant (in this case - with hot water) implies the presence of a circulating pump system.There is a one-pipe heating circuit and two-pipe.Of course, the first option is more economical in terms of installation and installation of heating equipment.

-pipe heating system

When all pipe heating circuit "radiators" heat (batteries) connected in series tubes in a single chain.The water passing through it, gives the heat radiators.Therefore, the more distant from the radiator heating boiler, the less it will be heated.In this scheme, the room heating uniformity ensures a consistent increase in the number of radiator sections.In other words, the farther the radiator from the boiler, the more sections therein must be warm to the room.

Heating - circuit - two-storey - house - 1

scheme of two-storey house heating can be arranged in either a horizontal or vertical configuration of the system with forced water circulation.When the horizontal pattern (professionals call it "Leningrader") all batteries are connected to the two pipes.The batteries of the first floor - a horizontal pipe laid on the ground floor, a second battery, respectively, to "own".Batteries are connected to the tube sequentially around the floor.

When installing each radiator is necessary to provide a bypass and shutoff valves.This is necessary in order to replace in case of necessity one defective radiator during the heating period is not shutting down the heating system or draining water from it.

Heating - circuit - two-storey - house - 2

heating pipes on each floor are connected in parallel straight pipe and return pipe to form a single loop.The tubes can be laid on a floor, and under its surface.In the latter case, they require some insulation to reduce heat loss.It establishes a special valve that allows you to adjust the temperature of the radiators on this floor on each floor to the "entrance" of the first battery.The radiators are valves for bleed air from the system.Less commonly used scheme is a vertical configuration.It is usually used when there is no forced circulation.Its drawback - the need for a larger pipe diameter and punctuality angles wiring pipes.

Two-pipe heating system at home and its advantages

Two-pipe heating system is more expensive, but more effective.The essence of this system is that each radiator is connected to the individual system.Each radiator from the supply pipe joins its total eyeliner.Similarly, each of the return pipe to the radiator - their removal.The use of such a scheme allows for more quality to adjust the temperature in any room, even if the room is large, and in some of its parts.In a private house, not all premises are residential.In order to save such a scheme allows the temperature in each room.It's pretty convenient and practical.

Heating - circuit - two-storey - house - 4

«Heart» of any of the heating system is a boiler.Boilers are different both in the installation site, and power.The most widely used gas-fired boilers, such as German or Viessmann Protherm.They come in both single- and double-contour.It is necessary when buying a boiler to determine its power correctly.Note that it should not work to the limit, so you need to consider some "reserve" required output.So, choosing a gas boiler or other product, lay in the calculations necessary capacity increase by a third.

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