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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making shelves in the steam room - step by step guide + Video

Standard shelves for steam consists of two parts: the seat support column made of solid boards.The latter consists of two beams arranged along the seat and interconnected.Boards that are stuffed in the framework must be thin, and the distance between them is usually equal to one or two centimeters.

Making shelves in the steam room with his hands

Making shelves in the steam room with his hands

should be given fasteners When making regiments.This is highly undesirable to use screws or nails, because coming into contact with them, people can get burned.

Step 1: Determine the size of the sauna

Shop for steam should be at least 1.5 meters.Regarding the size of the regiment, all of them will depend on the size of the particular bath.However, its upper stage in any case the largest - about 0.9 meters, still others - from 0.4 to 0.6 meters.

The optimum size of a shelf for steam - scheme

optimum shelf sizes for steam - circuit

shelf height is determined by the following criteria: the person should be placed as a comfortable lying and sitting.It turns out that the distance between the ceiling and the upper stage should be at least 1.2 meters.

It should be remembered that the ceiling should be placed as high as possible, so that people have the opportunity to fully enjoy all the pleasures of the heated air.

Step 2. Select the timber to steam

shelves for bath is a very important element, because it is in direct contact with human skin.Therefore, the choice of wood for its production should be given due attention.So, consider the options:

1. Linden ideal for our purpose.It's easy to handle, it does not crack and it smells quite nice.Moreover, lime is known for its healing properties, and is relatively cheap.The only downside we can assume that at high temperature, it eventually loses its original color.

2. Aspen also has medicinal properties.Because of its low cost, as well as the "suck" the ability of a person all the negative, it enjoys great popularity today.There is also a lack of: aspen to rot starts from the inside, so to distinguish quality from poor-quality wood is extremely difficult eye.

Aspen , as a material for a bath

Aspen, as a material for a bath

3. Abasha - a tree native to sunny Africa, which has a number of useful properties.It is resistant to heat, moisture.When using the color of the wood hardly changes.The only negative - the cost of Abasha.

Abasha - the material for finishing baths

Abasha - the material for finishing baths

Step 3 to construct the frame

Manufacturing regiment should start with the construction of a wooden frame, for this we will use the bars, subsequently attach the board.We need five racks and accordingly ten bars.The boards are fastened to each other the same bars as well to racks - special screws, two on each piece.

for flooring, we will use the board (the gap between them should be at least two centimeters).Thus, the bottom shelves requires three boards and the upper - seven boards.Their approximate length of about 2.96 meters (this is due to the fact that we should leave some gap, because you will have to continue to sheathe their clapboard between them and the walls).

The frame for the shelf in the bath - photo

frame for the shelf in the bath - photo

Step 4: Putting the frame

to connect all the parts used oak wedges you want to drive in the pre-make holes.However, many builders avoid such troublesome procedures (meaning mount without the use of nails), resorting instead to the traditional screws, but with a deep drowning.

Connected framework for baths - photo

Connected framework for baths - photo

Step 5: Mount the back

In any case, the lower shelf must be mobile - this simplifies the further care of it.In most cases, it is performed in the form of a triangle, that allows to achieve maximum compactness in the room.

free space that remains between the levels, usually left open, but you can also install it back, preferably from the needles (it has medicinal properties).

Step 6. Protection Regiment

This is the final stage of our work.If you do not treat the wood by chemical means, it will pretty soon become unusable because of constant exposure to moisture.Formed rot or mold, it can be prevented only by the timely prevention.

Linseed oil or varnish not acceptable for this purpose, because in extreme conditions they emit an unpleasant odor and can cause allergies.It is better to use natural impregnation, which is freely available in most stores.It has excellent performance and it should be used to cover all bath surfaces.

Video - How to make the shelves in the steam room